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Your Turntrad2
My God-Given Right--1
Walls of Jericho / Ride the Sky--1
In The Middle Of The Heartbeattrad1
Sole Survivortrad1
A Tale That Wasn't Righttrad1
Halloween - Bonus Track - Video Edit--1
Sole Survivor (Live)--1
Wake Up The Mountaintrad1
Paint a New Worldtrad1
Intro / Ride the Sky (Live)--1
Just a Little Signtrad1
A Tale That Wasn't Right (live)--1
Crack The Riddletrad1
Victim of Fate '88--0
The King for a 1000 Years (liv--0
Silicon Dreams - Single Version--0
Before the War (Live)--0
I Stole Your Love - Single Version--0
I Stole Your Heart--0
Why? (Live)--0
The Time of the Oath (Live)--0
Perfect Gentleman - Bonus Track--0
Surprise Track--0
Where the Rain Grows (Live)--0
As long as I fall (Album Version)--0
Eagle Fly Free (live)--0
Blue Suede Shoes (Single B-Side)--0
Perfect Gentleman (Live)--0
The Chance (Live)--0
You Run With the Pack (Bonus Track)--0
More Than a Lifetime--0
Mr. Ego (Take Me Down) (Live)--0
I'm Doin' Fine, Crazy Man--0
Occasion Avenue (live)--0
Halloween (live) (Bonus Track)--0
Keeper of the Seven Keys (live)--0
Starlight (Remix) [Bonus Track]--0
Occasion Avenue (live) (Bonus Track)--0
Halloween (Live)--0
Mrs. God (live)--0
The Invisible Man (live)--0
Mr. Torture (live)--0
Dr. Stein (Remix) [Bonus Track]--0
Don't Run for Cover (Single B-Side) [Bonus Track]--0
Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude In Z--0
Wake Up the Mountain (Live)--0
Les Hambourgeois Walkways (Bonus Track)--0
I Don't Care, You Don't Care--0
A Game We Shouldn't Play (Bonus Track)--0
We Burn (Live)--0
If I Could Fly (live)--0
Moshi Moshi - Shiki No Uta (Bonus Track)--0
Do You Feel Good--0
A Little Time (Another version)--0
In the Middle of a Heartbeat (live)--0
Born on Judgment Day--0
Dr. Stein (live)--0
The King For a 1000 Years (live)--0
Victim of Fate (Single B-Side) [Bonus Track]--0
Light the Universe (feat. Candice Night)--0
Halloween (video edit)--0
Blue Suede Shoes (Bonus Track)--0
Shit and Lobster (Bonus Track)--0
I Want Out - Remastered--0
Dr. Stein (remix)--0
Back On the Ground (Bonus Track)--0
Crack the Ridle--0
Do You Know What You're Fighting For?--0
Mr Ego (Take Me Down)--0
Hocus Pocus--0
Why (Bonus Track)--0
Burning Sun (Hammond version)--0
Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude Period in Z--0
Faster We Fall (Bonus Track)--0
Never Surrender--0
Ride The Sky - Remastered: Recorded Live at Sportparadies, Gelsenkirchen, 7 June 1986--0
If I Could Fly (Album Version)--0
Future World (live)--0
Final Forture--0
The Keeper’s Trilogy--0
Time of the Oath--0
The Hellion / Electric Eye--0
Laudate Dominum--0
All My Loving--0
Oernst of Life--0
Starlight (Michael Kiske version)--0
Ride the Sky (remix)--0
Keeper of the Seven Keys (remix)--0
Murderer (remix)--0
Rat Bat Blue--0
Steel Tormentor (Live)--0
Starlight (remix)--0
The Departed--0
A Little Time (Alternative Version) [Bonus Track]--0
Halloween (Video Edit) [Bonus Track]--0
Keeper of the Seven Keys (Remix) [Bonus Track]--0
Livin' Ain't No Crime (ingle B-Side) [Bonus Track]--0
Savage (Single B-Side) [Bonus Track]--0
Hell Was Made In Heaven (live)--0
Soul Survivor (Live)--0
Light the Universe (Andi Deris version)--0
He's a Woman - She's a Man--0
I Want Out (live)--0
Power (Live)--0
Windmill (Demo)--0
Nabataea (Radio Edit)--0
Future World - Remastered--0
Starlight - Remastered: '87 Remix Version--0
Guardians - Remastered: Recorded Live at Sportparadies, Gelsenkirchen, 7 June 1986--0
Judas - Remastered--0
Victim Of Fate - Remastered--0
Cry For Freedom - Remastered--0
A Little Time - Remastered: Alternative Version--0
Savage - Remastered--0
Don't Run For Cover - Remastered--0
Kids Of The Century - Remastered--0
Save Us - Remastered--0
Victim Of Fate '88 - Remastered--0
Livin' Ain't No Crime - Remastered--0
Warrior - Remastered--0
Murderer - Remastered--0
As Long as I Fall (extended radio mix)--0
Phantom of Death--0
Exclusive Helloween Interview--0
I'm Doing Fine, Crazy Man--0
Do You Know What You Are Fighting For--0
Free World - Bonus Track--0
Starlight - Remastered--0
Like Everybody Else (Track Commentary Version)--0
Madness of Crowds--0
Blue Suede Shoes - Remastered--0
Shit And Lobster - Remastered--0
Do You Know What You're Fighti--0
Medley: The Keeper's Trilogy--0
Cold Sweat - Single Version--0
Can't Fight Your Desire - Single Version--0
Livin' Ain't No Crime (Single B-Side) [Bonus Track]--0
Metal Invaders (Bonus Track)--0
Intro: Happy Helloween / A Little Time--0
Going Home--0
Starlight (2006 Remaster)--0
Stairway to Heaven--0
White Christmas / I'll Be Your Santa Claus--0
Initiation: I'm Alive--0
Can't Fight Your Desire (B-Side Version)--0
Longing (Live Version)--0
If I Knew (Live Version)--0
The Time of the Oath (Live Version)--0
You Run With The Pack - Remastered--0
Number One - Remastered--0
Exclusive Helloween Interview - Remastered--0
Still I Don't Know (Bonus Track)--0
Take It to the Limit (Bonus Track)--0
I Stole Your Love (Bonus Track)--0
I Believe (Live Version)--0
Cold Sweat (Bonus Track)--0
Can't Fight Your Desire (Bonus Track)--0
Irritation (Weik Etitude 112 In C)--0
If I Could Fly (live, Sao Paolo, 2006-03)--0
Perfect Gentleman (bootleg live version)--0
White Room--0
Faith Healer--0
from Out of Nowhere--0
Shit and Lobster--0
Oriental Journey--0
Living Ain't No Crime--0
Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001 (In D Doll)--0
Moshi Moshi-Shiki No Uta--0
Ain't Got Nothin' Better--0
Locomotive Breath--0
Beyond the Portal--0
Another Shot of Life (Bonus Track)--0
Dr. Stein (Remastered)--0
The Keeper's Trilogy (medley)--0
If I Could Fly (Live In Sao Paulo)--0
As Long as I Fall (radio mix)--0
If I Could Fly (live From Sao Paulo)--0
Behind the Portal--0
Halloween (edit) (Michael Kiske, Michael Weikath, Roland Grapow Interviews)--0
Power (outro)--0
Introduction (Kai Hansen Interview)--0
Power (feat. Andre Matos)--0
All Over the Nation--0
Mr. Ego--0
Sheer Heart Attack--0
Halloween (edit)--0
Shade in the Shadow--0
If I Could Fly (radio mix)--0
Red Socks and the Smell of Trees--0
Guardians (live)--0
Ride the Sky (live)--0
A Little Time (alternative version)--0
Les Hambourgeois Walkways--0
Starlight (Michael Kiske version remix)--0
Cry for Freedom (live)--0
Victim of Fate (live)--0
Run (The Name of Your Enemy)--0
Electric Eyes--0
Madness of the Crowds--0
Magnetic Fields--0
Invitation / Eagle Fly Free--0
If I Could Fly (extended version)--0
Victim of Fate (Michael Kiske version)--0
A Little Time (live)--0
Moshi Moshi - Shiki No Uta (live)--0
When the Sinner (edit)--0
Perfect Gentleman (bootleg version)--0
I Want Out / Encores--0
How Many Tears (live)--0
Pumpkins United--0
Metal Invaderstrad0
Phantoms Of Deathtrad0
How Many Tearstrad0
Heavy Metal (Is The Law)trad0
Future Worldtrad0
Twilight Of The Godstrad0
Mr. Torturetrad0
A Little Timetrad0
I'm Alivetrad0
Follow The Signtrad0
Ride The Skytrad0
The Bells Of The 7 Hellstrad0
Find My Freedomtrad0
We Unitetrad0
Fallen To Piecestrad0
Cry For Freedomtrad0
Victim Of Fatetrad0
The Madness Of The Crowdstrad0
Deliver Us From Temptationtrad0
King For a 1000 Yearstrad0
Get It Uptrad0
My Life For One More Daytrad0
Silent Raintrad0
Mrs. Godtrad0
Pleasure Dronetrad0
The Shade In The Shadowtrad0
Light The Universetrad0
Eagle Fly Freetrad0
Occasion Avenuetrad0
Born On Judgement Daytrad0
Do You Know What You're Fighting Fortrad0
The Invisible Mantrad0
Come Alivetrad0
Open Your Lifetrad0
Never Be a Startrad0
The Tunetrad0
Nothing To Saytrad0
Fast As a Sharktrad0
Sun 4 The Worldtrad0
Don't Stop Being Crazytrad0
Listen To The Fliestrad0
Back Against The Walltrad0
Hell Was Made In Heaventrad0
Do You Feel Good?trad0
Heaven Tells No Liestrad0
Final Fortunetrad0
Are You Metal?trad0
My Sacrificetrad0
Keeper Of The Seven Keystrad0
The Dark Ridetrad0
World Of Wartrad0
Live Now!trad0
Hold Me In Your Armstrad0
Wanna Be Godtrad0
Waiting For The Thundertrad0
Burning Suntrad0
Far From The Starstrad0
We Damn The Nighttrad0
Kill Ittrad0
Mr Torturetrad0
March Of Timetrad0
I Want Outtrad0
If I Could Flytrad0
All Over The Nationstrad0
Escalation 666trad0
I Live For Your Paintrad0
The Departed Sun Is Going Downtrad0
Mirror Mirrortrad0
Straight Out Of Helltrad0
The Smile Of The Suntrad0
You Stupid Mankindtrad0
Long Live The Kingtrad0
World Of Fantasytrad0
Who Is Mr. Madman?trad0
If a Mountain Could Talktrad0
The Sage, The Fool, The Sinnertrad0
Crack The Riddle (Intro)trad0
Can Do Ittrad0
As Long As I Falltrad0
The Saintstrad0
See The Nighttrad0
Where The Sinners Gotrad0
Faster We Falltrad0
Another Shot Of Lifetrad0
No Eternitytrad0
Church Breaks Downtrad0
Make Fire Catch The Flytrad0
Far Awaytrad0
Rise The Noisetrad0
Aiming Hightrad0
I'm Freetrad0
Far In The Futuretrad0
Not Yet Todaytrad0
Save Ustrad0
You Always Walk Alonetrad0
The Keeper's Trilogytrad0
Cut In The Middletrad0
Don't Run For Covertrad0
Walk Your Waytrad0
Silicon Dreamstrad0
Livin' Ain't No Crimetrad0
Cold Sweattrad0
In the Middle of a Heartbeat--0
Blue Suede Shoestrad0
Closer To Hometrad0
I Don't Care You Don't Caretrad0
Get Me Out Of Heretrad0
I Stole Your Lovetrad0
The Time Of The Oathtrad0
Still I Don't Knowtrad0
If I Knewtrad0
Mission Motherlandtrad0
Kings Will Be Kingstrad0
Take It To The Limittrad0
Light In The Skytrad0
Time Goes Bytrad0
You Run With The Packtrad0
Ain't Got Nothing Bettertrad0
Forever & One--0
Lost In America--0
A Take That Wasn't Right--0
Lay All Your Love On Me--0
Walls of Jericho--0
Metal Invaders (Alternate)--0
Mirror, Mirror--0
The King for a 1000 Years--0
If God Loves Rock 'n' Roll (Track Commentary Version)--0
Eagle Fly Free (Markus Grosskopf, Uli Kusch, Harrie Smits, Jörn Ellerbrock, Andi Deris Interviews)--0
Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001--0
The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)--0
Electric Eye--0
Like Everybody Else--0
I Wish I Were There--0
If God Loves Rock 'n' Roll--0
Living On The Edge--0
Stay Crazy--0
Battle's Won--0
Russian Roulé--0
The Swing Of A Fallen World--0
Wicked Game--0
You, Still Of War--0
Free World--0
Creatures In Heaven--0
Anything My Mama Don't Liketrad0
Forever And One (Neverland)trad0
Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)trad0
Perfect Gentlemantrad0
Where The Rain Growstrad0
Can't Fight Your Desiretrad0
Star Invasiontrad0
The Game Is Ontrad0
Secret Alibitrad0
I Believetrad0
Still We Gotrad0
Take Me Hometrad0
I'm Doin' Fine CRAZY Mantrad0
Kids Of The Centurytrad0
Number Onetrad0
We Got The Righttrad0
Dr. Steintrad0
Rise And Falltrad0
Back On The Streetstrad0
The Chancetrad0
Goin' Hometrad0
Heavy Metal Hamsterstrad0
Pink Bubbles Go Apetrad0
Someone's Cryingtrad0
Step Out Of Helltrad0
Lavdate Dominvmtrad0
Midnight Suntrad0
A Handful Of Paintrad0
A Game We Shouldn't Playtrad0
Falling Highertrad0
Back On The Groundtrad0
We Burntrad0
A Million To Onetrad0
Before The Wartrad0
Steel Tormentortrad0
Hey Lord!trad0
Don't Spit On My Mindtrad0
When The Sinnertrad0
First Timetrad0
Crazy Cattrad0
I Don't Wanna Cry No Moretrad0
Revolution Nowtrad0
In The Nighttrad0
I Cantrad0
Space Oddity--0
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