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Oceans (Where Feet My Fail) [Acoustic Version] (Live)--20
Nothing But The Blood/ Hosanna--11
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Reloaded]--9
Touch the Sky--7
Like An Avalanche--6
Stay and Wait (Acoustic Version)--5
Prince of Peace--5
Age to Age--4
King of Heaven (Acoustic Version) (Live)--4
Mercy Mercy--4
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)--4
Splinters and Stones--3
Heart Like Heaven--3
Me Viniste A Rescatar (Came To My Rescue) (Live)--3
Street Called Mercy--3
Scandal Of Gracetrad3
Freedom Is Here--2
Prince of Peace (Live)--2
You'll Come--2
You Reign (feat. Matt Crocker)--2
No One Like You--2
From God Above--2
Here Now (Madness) [By An Empty Tomb Just Beyond The City Walls] [Live]--2
Mountain - Bonus Track--2
Search My Heart (Solomon Olds Remix)--2
Nothing Like Your Love - Live/Acoustic Version--2
Heart Like Heaven (Falling) [As The Sun Went Down Over Galilee] [Live]--2
Awesome God--2
Relentless - Live/Acoustic Version--2
Love Is War (Acoustic Version) (Live)--2
Desert Songtrad2
Shadow Step--2
Air I Breathetrad2
Arise (Bonus)--2
Relentless - Hillsong UNITED: Live at The Forum--1
Mighty To Savetrad1
No One Like You (Live)--1
Empires (From The Ruins Of Katzrin) [Live]--1
Like an Avalanche (Live)--1
With Everything (Live)--1
Rhythms of Grace (Live)--1
Awesome God (Live)--1
Stay and Wait--1
Lead Me To The Crosstrad1
No Reason To Hidetrad1
Zion (Interlude)--1
Where The Love Lasts Forever (Kiev, Ukraine)--1
Here Now (Madness)--1
Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)--1
Heart Like Heaven (Falling)--1
Solo Cristo--1
Su Jijo Dio (From God Above)--1
Aftermath - Hillsong UNITED: Live at The Forum--1
All I Need Is Youtrad1
Above Alltrad1
His Glory Appearstrad1
King of Heaven--1
You'll Come (Sydney, Australia)--1
Break Free (Live In Miami)--1
Venga Tu Reino (Kingdom Come) (Live)--0
Solo Cristo (None But Jesus) (Live)--0
All About You... (radio mix)--0
Best Friend--0
My God... (radio mix)--0
Your Name High (Live)--0
Aftermath (Live)--0
Nova (Live)--0
You (Live)--0
Take Heart (Live)--0
Fuego de Dios (Fire Fall Down)--0
Saviour King (Live)--0
Prayer to the King--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Album Version]--0
ɑːftəˌmɑːθ (Stacy King Remix)--0
Everyday (Live)--0
Jesus I Long (Live)--0
Shout Unto God (Live)--0
Oceans (Son of God Remix)--0
Aftermath (Stacy King Remix)--0
A : Ftərͺma : Θ (Stacy King Remix)--0
Hear Our Prayer (Live)--0
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble (Live)--0
Forever (Live)--0
My Future Decided (Live)--0
The Time Has Come (Live)--0
Soldier (Live)--0
Where the Love Lasts Forever (Live)--0
Nothing Like Your Love (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
Scandal of Grace (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
Came to My Rescue (Be Lifted High)(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)--0
You Deserve (feat. Matt Crocker & James Dunlop)--0
Mighty to Save (Orlando, USA)--0
All Day (Mexico City, Mexico)--0
Look To You (Johannesburg, South Africa)--0
There Is Nothing Like (London, England)--0
For All Who Are To Come (Instrumental)--0
*(An Introduction) /The Time Has Come--0
Toma Todo o Meu Ser (Take All of Me)--0
Relentless (Live)--0
Su Jijo Dio (From God Above) (Live)--0
Search My Heart - Radio Edit--0
The Enemy Has Been Defeated (Shout Unto God)--0
'Till I see you (Edinburgh, Scotland)--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Album Edit)--0
Aqui Estoy (The Stand) (Live)--0
La Revolucion (Revolution) (Live)--0
Rest In You (Live)--0
Til I See You (Live)--0
Came to My Rescue (Be Lifted High) [Live]--0
Holy, Holy, Holy (Live)--0
Mercy Mercy (Acoustic Version)--0
Take All of Me (Live)--0
None But Jesus (Live)--0
Freedom Is Here / Shout Unto God (Live)--0
Desert Song (Live)--0
Tapestry (Acoustic Version)--0
King of Heaven (Acoustic Version)--0
Everything to Me (Live)--0
With Everything - Hillsong UNITED: Live at The Forum--0
God of All Creation (Live)--0
Tomalo (Take It All) (Live)--0
Saving Grace (Live)--0
Look to You (Live)--0
Love Is War (Darren King Remix)--0
Evermore (Live)--0
Desde Mi Interior (From The Inside Out) (Live)--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Radio Edit)--0
King Of Heaven - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Por Amor (All for Love)--0
All I Need Is You (Cape Town, South Africa)--0
Nadie hay como tú--0
Break Free (Live)--0
Seeking You--0
A Song to Sing...--0
The Stand (Live)--0
I Adore (Live)--0
Open Up the Heavens (Live)--0
Your Spirit (Live)--0
God Is Moving (Live)--0
The Reason I Live (Live)--0
B. E. (Interlude)--0
More Than Life (Live)--0
All Day (Live)--0
Tear Down the Walls (Live)--0
Arms Open Wide (Live)--0
All About You (Live)--0
Solution (Live)--0
You'll Come (Live)--0
Salvation Is Here (Live)--0
Fire Fall Down (Fuego De Dios)--0
With Everything (Live at The Forum)--0
From The Inside Out (Rio De Janiero, Brazil)--0
Second Chance (feat. Braden Lang & Scott Ligertwood)--0
Nothing But The Blood (New Jersey, USA)--0
Take It All (Manila, Philippines)--0
Yours Forever (Live)--0
Hear Our Prayer--0
Up In Arms - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Mercy Mercy - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Toma o meu Coração (I Give You My Heart)--0
The Stand - Hillsong UNITED: Live at The Forum--0
Aleluya (Hallelujah)--0
** (A Reprise) [Live]--0
Heartbeats - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Draw Me Closer (Instrumental)--0
Es Tiempo (The Time Has Come) (Live)--0
Oh You Bring (Live)--0
Father, I (Live)--0
My God (Live)--0
Now That You're Near (Live)--0
Glory (Live)--0
Need You Here (Live)--0
Unify (Live)--0
To the Ends of the Earth (Live)--0
Am I To Believe? (Live)--0
All About You (Radio Remix)--0
Search My Heart (Live)--0
There Is Nothing Like (Live)--0
Cante a Criação (Let Creation Sing)--0
My God (Radio Remix)--0
From the Inside Out (Extended)--0
All About You (Intro) [Live]--0
King of Heaven (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Aftermath (Backing Track)--0
Search My Heart (Backing Track)--0
Es Tiempo (The Time Has Come)--0
Like An Avalanche (Backing Track)--0
Aleluya (Hallelujah) (Live)--0
Introduccion (An Introduction) (Live)--0
Soberano (Sovereign Hands) (Live)--0
Soberano (Sovereign Hands)--0
Aquí Estoy (The Stand)--0
A Million Suns (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Tapestry (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Heartbeats (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Nothing Like Your Love (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Mercy Mercy (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Love Is War (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
[Selah 2]--0
Break Free - Hillsong UNITED: Live In Miami--0
Hosanna - Hillsong UNITED: Live at The Forum--0
Mighty To Save (Live at The Forum)--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong UNITED: Live at The Forum--0
Touch The Sky - Hillsong UNITED: Live at The Forum--0
Fogo de Deus (Consuming Fire)--0
Introduction Selah--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Live at The Forum)--0
Aftermath (Live at The Forum)--0
Up In Arms (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
Heartbeats (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
Relentless (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
More (Live)--0
Relentless (Live at The Forum)--0
Hosanna (Live at The Forum)--0
Introducción (An Introduction)--0
Go (Backing Track)--0
None But Jesus (Toronto, Canada + Buenos Aires, Argentina)--0
Saviour King (Vasteras, Sweden)--0
Salvation Is Here (Budapest, Hungary)--0
Fuego De Dios (Fire Fall Down)(Asuncion, Paraguay)--0
Take All Of Me (Lisbon, Portugal+Paris, France)--0
Hosanna (Berlin, Germany)--0
Solution (Los Angeles, USA)--0
To Know Your Name (feat. Matt Crocker)--0
Fall (Live)--0
Lift (Live)--0
To the Ends of Earth (Live)--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Edit)--0
Break Free (feat. Matt Crocker & Joel Houston & Scott Ligertwood)--0
Search My Heart (Radio Edit- Deluxe version)--0
Soon (Live)--0
King of All Days (Live)--0
Break Free (Oslo, Norway)--0
Forever (Seoul, Korea)--0
Tell The World (Jakarta, Indonesia)--0
The Stand (Shanghai, China + Vancouver, Canada)--0
What The World Will Never Take (Amsterdam, Holland)--0
On the Lord's day--0
The Time Has Come (Sao Paulo, Brazil)--0
My Future Decided (Memphis, USA)--0
Shout Unto God (Buenos Aires, Argentina+Copenhagen, Denmark)--0
Welcome Zion--0
Sovereign Hands (Backing Track)--0
A Million Suns - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Love Enough (feat. Braden Lang & Scott Ligertwood)--0
Love Enough (Sydney, Australia)--0
More Than Life (Orlando, USA)--0
Freedom Is Here / Shout Unto God (Medley) [Live]--0
Search My Heart (Bonus Track)--0
No Reason to Hide (Live)--0
Repeticion (A Reprise) (Live)--0
Nadie Hay Como Tu (No One Like You) (Live)--0
Freedom Is Here (Live)--0
Hallelujah (Live)--0
Revolution (Live)--0
Sovereign Hands (Live)--0
Solo Cristo (None But Jesus)--0
La Revolución (Revolution)--0
Stay and Wait (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
An Introduction--0
Oceans (Where Feet My Fail) [Acoustic Version] (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Scandal of Grace (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Relentless (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
Up In Arms (Acoustic Version) (Live In Sydney, Australia/2013)--0
An Introduction (Live)--0
Mighty To Save - Hillsong UNITED: Live at The Forum--0
Love Enough (Live)--0
Best Friend (Live)--0
Stronger Than (Live)--0
Nothing But the Blood (Live)--0
What the World Will Never Take (Live)--0
Jesus' Blood (Live)--0
Shine for You (Live)--0
I Live For You (Live)--0
Jesus Generation (Live)--0
Kingdom Come (Live)--0
More Than Anything (Live)--0
****Selah (Live)--0
From God Above (Live)--0
I Will Sing (Live)--0
Only One (Live)--0
Sing (Your Love) [Live]--0
Light (Live)--0
From the Inside Out (Backing Track)--0
The Stand (Backing Track)--0
All... (Live)--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Lark Remix Version]--0
Touch the Sky (Live at The Forum)--0
All About You (Intro)--0
On The Lord's Day (Live)--0
Heaven (Live)--0
God Is Great (Live)--0
Perfect King (Live)--0
Most High (Live)--0
Prayer to the King (Live)--0
Seeking You (Live)--0
You Take Me Higher (Live)--0
Deeper (Live)--0
Venga Tu Reino (Kingdom Come)--0
Glimmer in the Dust--0
Relentless (Young & Free Remix)--0
Not Today--0
Am I To Believe?--0
Aqui Estoy--0
Touch the Sky (From The Lowest Place On Earth & The Cliffs Of Arbel) [Live]--0
Heaven Knows--0
You Deserve--0
Like an Avalanche (Eric Owyoung Remix)--0
Salvation Is Here--0
The Time Has Come--0
My God--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Live)--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Radio Version]--0
Love Enough--0
Draw Me Closer--0
Where The Love Lasts Forever--0
More Than Anything--0
All About You--0
Me Viniste a Rescatar--0
Now That You're Near--0
Love Is War (Acoustic Version)--0
To Know Your Name--0
Oceans (Lark Remix)--0
Nothing Like Your Love--0
Fuego de Dios--0
Rest In You--0
Prince of Peace (From Golan Heights Memorial Of War & By The Shining Lights Of The Old City) [Live]--0
All I Need Is You / Came To My Rescue (Medley) (Lark Remix)--0
Saving Grace--0
Tear Down the Walls--0
Arise - Bonus Track--0
Came to the Rescue (Live)--0
Yours Forever--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [From The Sea On Which He Walked] [Live]--0
Me Viniste a Rescatar (Came To My Rescue)--0
Greatest of These--0
More Than Life--0
God Is Moving--0
Freedom Is Here / Shout Unto God--0
Always (Live)--0
Fire Fall Down--0
Point of Difference--0
vengo a adorarte--0
Relentless (Acoustic Version)--0
Su Hijo Dio--0
You Reign--0
Hosanna (Tim Yagolnikov Remix)--0
Arms Open Wide--0
Look To You--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Live at Red Rocks]--0
Up In Arms--0
The Stand--0
With Everything--0
A Million Suns--0
Océanos (Donde Mis Pies Pueden Fallar)--0
Tell The World--0
Consuming Fire--0
When I Lost My Heart To You (Hallelujah)--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Acoustic Version)--0
God Is Great--0
Till I See You--0
Say the Word--0
One Way--0
From The Inside Out--0
All For Love--0
Closer Than You Know--0
None But Jesus--0
Came To My Rescue--0
Break Free--0
Take It All--0
Love Is War--0
Heart of Worship--0
Take Heart--0
Your Name High--0
Rhythms Of Grace--0
Oh You Bring--0
Holy, Holy, Holy--0
So Will I (100 Billion X)--0
Take All Of Me--0
Perfect Love--0
To The Ends Of The Earth--0
Shout Unto God--0
Even When It Hurts (Praise Song) [In The Cold Night Of A Not Too Distant War] [Live]--0
King of All Days--0
Touch the Sky (Live)--0
What The World Will Never Take--0
All I Need Is You - Live--0
You Hold Me Now--0
Saviour King--0
Desde Mi Interior--0
All Day--0
King of Majesty--0
Search My Heart--0
Never Let Me Go--0
'Til I See You--0
Nothing But the Blood--0
My Future Decided--0
With Everything (Tim Yagolnikov Remix)--0
Tapestry (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
Feugo De Dios--0
For All Who Are To Come (Selah) - Instrumental--0
Bones (Live)--0
Venga tu reino--0
Stronger Than--0
King of Majesty (Live)--0
Tell the World (Live)--0
Amor inexplicable--0
Majesty - Live--0
Perfect Love (feat. Dylan Thomas)--0
Scandal of Grace (I'd Be Lost)--0
You Hold Me Now (Live)--0
One Way (Live)--0
Desde Mi Interior (From the Inside Out)--0
Hosanna (Live)--0
Fire Fall Down (Live)--0
Sing (Your Love)--0
Tocar el Cielo--0
From the Inside Out (Black Rodeo Remix)--0
When I Lost My Heart to You (Hallelujah) [By The Fire In The Hills Of Galilee] [Live]--0
Para Exaltarte--0
Perfect King--0
Where Feet May Fail (HXLY KXSS Remix)--0
Your Spirit--0
Jesus Lover of My Soul (Live)--0
To the Ends of Earth--0
A Million Suns (Acoustic Version)--0
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Lark Remix)--0
Consuming Fire (Live)--0
All I Need Is You / Came To My Rescue (Lark Remix)--0
Father, I--0
Came to My Rescue (Be Lifted High)--0
Take It All (Live)--0
One Way (Tokyo, Japan)--0
Tomalo (Take It All)--0
None Like You--0
Jesus Generation--0
You Take Me Higher--0
God of All Creation--0
Tapestry - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Love Is War - Live/Acoustic Version--0
I Live for You--0
Need You Here--0
Jesus I Long--0
B.E. (Instrumental)--0
A Million Suns (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
Mighty to Save (Live)--0
Shine for You--0
A Reprise--0
All for Love (Live)--0
The Stand (Jeremy Edwardson Remix)--0
Rule (From A Stage By The Dead Sea) [Live]--0
Stay And Wait - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Forever Reign (Live)--0
Deside Mi Interior--0
Scandal Of Grace - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Second Chance--0
Future Marches In--0
Mercy Mercy (Reloaded)--0
There Is Nothing Like--0
I Adore--0
I Will Sing--0
Open Up the Heavens--0
I Surrender--0
Shape of Your Heart--0
*** (Selah)--0
Closer Than You Know (From A Quiet Place Beneath An Olive Tree) [Live]--0
Nothing Like Your Love (Acoustic Version)--0
Majesty (Here I Am) [Live]--0
La Revolucion--0
Water to Wine--0
Desperate People--0
Light Will Shine--0
Scandal of Grace (Acoustic Version)--0
I Surrender (By The Ancient Walls Of A Ruined Temple) [Live]--0
Aclame ao Senhor (Shout to the Lord)--0
Say the Word (From The Mount Of Beatitudes) [Live]--0
Rain / Reign--0
Stay and Wait (Reloaded)--0
Kingdom Come--0
Most High--0
Es tiempo--0
Oceans (Where Feet My Fail) - Live/Acoustic Version--0
Draw Me Closer (Selah) - Instrumental--0
Free (Live)--0
Scandal of Grace (Chad Howat Remix)--0
Up In Arms (Acoustic Version)--0
* (Introduccion)--0
Fuego de Dios (Fire Fall Down) [Live]--0
Aftermath (Chislett / Tennikoff Remix)--0
My Best Friend--0
For All Who Are To Come--0
From the Inside Out (Live)--0
Stay and Wait (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
Go (Live)--0
The Reason I Live--0
Jesus Lover of My Soul--0
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?--0
Jesus' Blood--0
Me Rendo a Ti (We Stand)--0
Mercy Mercy (Acoustic Version) (Live)--0
Captain (Adrift On The Sea Of Galiliee) [Live]--0
Heartbeats (Acoustic Version)--0
Sovereign Hands--0
Scandal of Grace (I'd Be Lost) [By An Empty Tomb Not Far From Golgotha] [Live]--0
Street Called Mercy (From Via Dolorosa & A Dead-End Road By The Old Dead Sea Works) [Live]--0
Search My Heart (Radio Version)--0
Only One--0
Everything to Me--0
Mountain (Bonus)--0
A Song to Sing... (Live)--0
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