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Now, everybody who knows me understands I'm a humble guy,
Those who thinking they own me,
Just do me a favor, leave me the fuck alone,
Leave me the fuck alone, leave me the fuck alone,
Leave me the fuck alone, leave me the fuck alone,
Just leave me the fuck alone, leave me the fuck alone,
Leave me the fuck alone, leave me the fuck alone,
Leave me the fuck alone, oooo I regret meeting all of you.

[Verse 1:]
Lately how much psychotic stress have you been through,
Right now I hate every fucking body including you,
I'm on the edge you'll be lucky if you do get through,
If I go crazy then this the song I'm a lose it to.
Please tell my family and my friends this...
I was never happy to begin with, I actually pretended.
To many hands I done lifted, all my life plans got evicted,
I'm mad I existed.
I'm finally dropping all the shit you motherfuckers hand me,
The only girl I ever loved doesn't understand me.
Since I was young I tried to be way more than what I can be
And people still never show respect when I demand it.
Y'all mentality is fuck me but I don't need nobody but me.
Trust me, it don't seem like it but I been living out the
Face it, I'm a lot smarter than you think bitch.


[Verse 2:]
Everyday it's like the same crap,
What if I died and never came back.
You'd hate that wouldn't you.
I'm a put a blade to your neck, push it through.
Quit telling me shit that I shouldn't do. Ooooh...
I been blocking my feelings but now I can't hide em.
Been looking for God how come I can't find him.
Nothing in my fucking world seems to go right,
Even though I hate suicide I need to go try.
I live my life the way I wanna, I ain't pleasing you,
Got a problem I'll fuck you up I got a reason to.
Y'all tried to gain my trust saying we believe in you.
Then you walking on me after all that we been through,
That ain't even cool, now death is what I hope you get,
And just remember that I told you this...
We ain't cool, I don't owe you shit,
Look what you made of me, now I'm... pshhh...
Matter fact just stay away from me.


[Verse 3:]
What if I left this world today in this crucial pain that
I'm In? (I'm In)
Would you be there at my funeral saying 'oh I loved him'
(loved him)
Or maybe, just maybe, you'll be that one [?] that never
showed up. (showed up)
I'm about to lose my mind, why must I have it so rough.
Listen closely as I'm rapping this,
I used to think money brought people happiness,
It does but we never think about what happens after it.
Since I got it, I started to learn hate, everybody turns
Wanting shit like it's there fucking birthday,
And that just adds on the stress I'm already dealing with,
What am I supposed to let it build and sit.
Hell no, since then my fucking balls grew,
I said it once and I'll say it again fuck all you.

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