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Devil Insidetrad3
Mystify (feat. Loane)--2
By My Side--2
Suicide Blondetrad2
To Look At You (Remastered) - Live--1
Devil Inside - Wembley 1991--1
The Stairs--1
Johnson's Aeroplane--1
Just Keep Walking--1
Communication (live)--1
Elegantly Wasted--1
Disappear (Alternative 12")--1
Original Sintrad1
New Sensationtrad1
I Need You Tonighttrad1
Kick (live in California 1988)--0
Listen Like Thieves (live in Melbourne, 1984)--0
Simple Simon (live at the Gold Coast)--0
The One Thing (live in the USA)--0
New Sensation (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Need You Tonight (live at Osaka 1994)--0
Suicide Blonde (Launay 12" version)--0
The Stairs (7" version)--0
Bitter Tears (Lorimer 12" / live version)--0
Don't Change (live)--0
Elegantly Wasted (live at Aspen 1997)--0
Mediate (live at Osaka 1994)--0
Searching (live at Sydney 1996)--0
Please (You Got That) (Full Moon, Dirty Hearts)--0
Time (Full Moon, Dirty Hearts)--0
Perfect Strangers--0
Like It or Not--0
Never Let You Go--0
Remember, Who's Your Man?--0
Hot Girls--0
Disappear (Morales mix)--0
Devil Inside (extended remix)--0
Need You Tonight (remix)--0
Searching (Leadstation radio edit)--0
Searching (Leadstation LP version)--0
Need You Tonight (Liebrand mix)--0
I'm Only Looking (Full Moon, Dirty Hearts)--0
Afterglow (Redanka's Afterdark remix)--0
Need You Tonight (Big Bump mix)--0
I'm Only Looking (Bad Yard club mix)--0
The Strangest Party (Apollo 440 mix)--0
The Strangest Party (LP version)--0
The Strangest Party (These Are the Times) (Apollo 440 mix)--0
Wishing Well (Courier extended mix)--0
Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand mix)--0
Heaven Sent (gliding version)--0
Tight (Randy Nicklaus remix)--0
Tight (Thick Dick vocal)--0
The One Thing (extended mix)--0
What You Need (extended remix)--0
Need You Tonight (Bug Bump mix)--0
Waiting to Be Free--0
Just Keep Walking (1992 Capri Re-recording)--0
What You Need (Coldcut Force mix)--0
Mystify (Live)--0
Disappear (extended 12'' mix)--0
Disappear (LP version)--0
Need You Tonight (Static Avenger mix edit)--0
Pretty Vegas (Johnny Budz edit)--0
Suicide Blonde (7" version)--0
Taste It (live)--0
Barbarian (1992 Capri Re-recording)--0
Burn for You (12" extended mix)--0
What You Need (Coldcut Force mix 13 edit)--0
What You Need (extended version)--0
Disappear (Lorimer 12" version)--0
Need You Tonight (RWL remix)--0
Here Comes II--0
Black and White (extended version)--0
Burn for You (single remix)--0
To Look at You (single edit)--0
We Are the Vegetables--0
Do Wot You Do--0
Simple Simon--0
Different World (7" remix)--0
The Stairs (Live)--0
Suicide Blonde (Milk mix)--0
Please (You've Got That...) (E-Smoove Club Need mix)--0
Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Is Pure mix)--0
Taste It (Youth Accapella mix)--0
Let It Ride--0
Please (You Got That...) (main edit)--0
Face the Change--0
Love Is (What I Say)--0
Show Me (Cherry Baby)--0
We Are Thrown Together--0
One X One--0
Elegantly Wasted (G-Force and Seiji remix)--0
Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic remix)--0
Elegantly Wasted (Shagsonic dub)--0
Shake the Tree--0
She Is Rising--0
Melting in the Sun--0
The Swing--0
Firma Terror (Unavailable On LP)--0
Deepest Red (Unavailable On LP)--0
Not Enough Time (Barcelona LP Fade)--0
Disappear (Red Zone mix)--0
I'm Only Looking (Morales Bad Yard mix)--0
Guns in the Sky (Kick Ass mix)--0
The unloved one--0
Different World--0
Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn Mix)--0
New Sensation (Nick 12" Mix)--0
Move On--0
Suicide Blonde (7" Mix)--0
Suicide Blonde (Earth mix)--0
Jesus Was a Man--0
Mystify (Chicago Demo)--0
Move On (Guitar Version)--0
Heaven Sent (live)--0
Suicide Blonde (Demolition mix)--0
Tight (Dino Lenny mix)--0
Biting Bullets--0
Here Comes--0
Light the Planet--0
Keep the Peace--0
Tight (Dan the Automator remix)--0
Devil Inside (12" mix)--0
Cut Your Roses Down (Sure dub mix)--0
What You Need (Cold cut mix)--0
Baby Don't Cry (Vocal & Orchestra mix)--0
The Answer--0
I Get Up--0
Spy of Love--0
Heaven Sent (Waltz Version - Original Demo)--0
The Indian Song--0
Wishing Well (Version 2)--0
All Around (Version 2)--0
The Trap (Demo)--0
Suicide Blonde (Oakenfold Milk mix)--0
Who Pays the Price (2011 Remaster)--0
Know the Difference (2011 Remaster)--0
The Stairs (2011 Remaster)--0
Disappear (2011 Remaster)--0
Heaven Sent - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
The Messenger - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Bitter Tears (2011 Remaster)--0
Original Sin (Remix '95)--0
This Time (Single)--0
Kick (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
The Gift (Promo)--0
Disappear (Live at the Brixton Academy)--0
What You Need (Live at the Edinburgh Playhouse)--0
Mystify (Live at the Edinburgh Playhouse)--0
Devil Inside - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
New Sensation - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
The Loved One - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Cut Your Roses Down - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
The Gift - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Days of Rust - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Don't Change - Live In Aspen '97--0
Communication - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Taste It - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Need You Tonight - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
All Around - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
What You Need - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
I Send A Message - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Suicide Blonde - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Mediate - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Never Tear Us Apart (Orchestral Instrumental) [Bonus Track]--0
One X One - Includes Sax Intro (Live)--0
Different World (7" Edit)--0
Kick - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
What You Need (Live From Edinburgh Playhouse / 2011)--0
New Sensation (Live At The Edinburgh Playhouse / 2011)--0
Mystify - Live From Edinburgh Playhouse / 2011--0
This Time (Remastered 2011)--0
Time - Live At Barker Hangar, 1993--0
Tight (Dan the Automator Edit Mix)--0
Need You Tonight - Mendelsohn 7" Edit--0
Shine Like It Does - Live--0
Devil Inside - Radio Edit--0
It Ain't Easy--0
Tight (Randy Nicklaus Edit)--0
I Get Up (radio edit)--0
New Sensation (Live From Edinburgh Playhouse / 2011)--0
Devil Inside (7" Edit)--0
This Time (Single/LP Version)--0
Original Sin (Rosario & Craig J Radio)--0
Original Sin (Ralphi's Blanco Y Negro Dub)--0
Hear the Sound--0
Original Sin (Rosario & Craig J Vocal)--0
New Sensation (Nick 7")--0
Different World (7")--0
The Gift (extended mix)--0
Kick (Live)--0
The Gift (Bonus Beat mix)--0
On the Rocks--0
Kick (live From America)--0
Love Is--0
Never Tear Us Apart - Live Version--0
Disappear (Morales 12" mix)--0
Everything (Jaxx club vocal)--0
New Sensation (The Beginerz mix)--0
Bitter Tears (Lorimer 12" mix)--0
Taste It (radio remix)--0
Don't Lose Your Head (Leadstation Solid Gold mix)--0
Searching (Leadstation Radio mix)--0
Need You Tonight (2005 NYT remix)--0
Golden Playpen--0
Jan's Song--0
Black and White--0
Need You Tonight (Static Revenger club mix)--0
Different World (7" mix)--0
Tight (Dino Lenny remix)--0
Bitter Tears (Live)--0
Faith In Each Other (Live)--0
Pretty Vegas (live)--0
Elegantly Wasted (album version)--0
Pretty Vegas (album version)--0
Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand) (Classic Dmc remix)--0
Send a Message--0
Wishing Well (Courrier extended mix)--0
Elegantly Wasted (radio edit)--0
Taste It (Youth 12" mix)--0
Bitter Tears (Instrumental)--0
Send A Message (Live)--0
Bitter Tears (12" Lorimer Remix)--0
Bitter Tears (LP Version)--0
Men and Women--0
Old World New World--0
Good + Bad Times--0
Hear That Sound - Wembley 1991--0
The Loved One - Wembley 1991--0
Disappear - Wembley 1991--0
Know The Difference - Wembley 1991--0
New Sensation - Wembley 1991--0
I Send A Message - Wembley 1991--0
Wildlife - Wembley 1991--0
Suicide Blonde - Wembley 1991--0
Kick (Live From America) - Live From America--0
The Strangest Party (These Are The Times) - These Are The Times--0
Mediate (Live From America) - Live From America--0
Who Pays The Price - Wembley 1991--0
What You Need - Wembley 1991--0
Need You Tonight - Wembley 1991--0
Guns In The Sky - Wembley 1991--0
The Loved One (Remastered) - Live--0
The Swing (Remastered) - Live--0
Soul Mistake (Remastered) - Live--0
Black & White--0
Bitter Tears (Live at Barker Hangar, 1993)--0
Three Sisters--0
Red Red Sun--0
Face The Change (Remastered) - Live--0
The One Thing (Remastered) - Live--0
Black And White (Remastered) - Live--0
Original Sin (Remastered) - Live--0
Just Keep Walking (Remastered) - Live--0
I Send A Message (Remastered) - Live--0
Dancing On The Jetty (Remastered) - Live--0
Tight (The Automator mix)--0
I'm Only Looking--0
Freedom Deep--0
Fair Weather Ahead--0
Deliver Me--0
Beautiful Girl (feat. Pat Monahan)--0
Original Sin (Live)--0
The Strangest Party--0
Dancing On the Jetty--0
All the Voices--0
Building Bridges--0
I'm Just a Man--0
Don't Lose Your Head--0
Mediate (feat. Tricky)--0
New Sensation (extended mix)--0
Kiss the Dirt (Live 1985)--0
Wild Life--0
Good Times (With Jimmy Barnes)--0
What You Need (Single/LP Version)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Mediate (Live)--0
What You Need (Live)--0
New Sensation (Live)--0
Disappear (Live At Brixton 1994)--0
Need You Tonight/Mediate--0
Mystify (Live from Edinburgh Playhouse)--0
What You Need (Live from Edinburgh Playhouse)--0
This Time (Remastered)--0
New Sensation (Live At the Edinburgh Playhouse)--0
Precious Heart Tall Paul vs. Inxs (radio edit)--0
Devil Inside (Re-Mix version)--0
Love Is (What I Say) (feat. J.D. Fortune)--0
Mediate (2011 Remaster)--0
Roller Skating--0
On a Bus (Wanda Beach Double J Concert)--0
Need You Tonight - Single Edit--0
Devil Inside - Australian Single Edit--0
Kick (2011 Remaster)--0
Guns In the Sky (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
By My Side (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Hear That Sound (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Disappear (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Know the Difference (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
I Send a Message (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
The Stairs (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (Live From America) - Live From America--0
Never Tear Us Apart (Soul Version) - Soul Version--0
Original Sin (live in Narara, 1984)--0
Dark of Night (demo)--0
God's Top Ten--0
Good Times--0
Devil's Party--0
Strangest Party--0
Taste It (7" version)--0
Bitter Tears - Wembley 1991--0
Kick - Wembley 1991--0
Mystify - Wembley 1991--0
The Stairs - Wembley 1991--0
Original Sin (Epic Adventure)--0
Never Tear Us Apart - Live and Acoustic (Live at Sonic Studio)--0
Original Sin - Wembley 1991--0
Born to Be Wild--0
The Gift--0
Shining Star--0
Bitter Tears--0
Listen Like Thieves--0
Mystify (live From America)--0
Suicide Blonde (live From America)--0
Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)--0
Tight (The Automator remix)--0
Salvation Jane--0
New Sensation (live From America)--0
I'm So Crazy Par-t-one vs. Inxs (radio edit)--0
Baby Don't Cry--0
Don't Change--0
Deepest Redtrad0
Any Day But Sundaytrad0
Bang The Drumtrad0
Heaven Senttrad0
Soul Mistaketrad0
Learn To Smiletrad0
Not Enough Timetrad0
Girl On Fire--0
What You Need--0
Beautiful Girl--0
Need You Tonight--0
Guns In the Sky--0
The One Thing--0
New Sensation (Nick's Twelve Inch mix)--0
Suicide Blond--0
Never Tear Us Apart (Soul Version)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (KICK album)--0
Calling All Nations--0
By My Side - Wembley 1991--0
Who Pays the Price--0
Wishy Washy--0
Tiny Daggers--0
Kiss The Dirt--0
Suicide Blonde (Devastation mix)--0
The Loved One--0
Burn for You--0
Same Direction--0
Stay Young--0
Need You Tonight / Meditate--0
This Time--0
Pretty Vegas--0
Taste It--0
To Look at You--0
I’m Coming (Home)--0
The Strangest Party (These Are the Times)--0
Hear That Sound--0
Never Tear Us Apart - Wembley 1991--0
Shine Like It Does--0
I Send a Message--0
Original Sin (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
The Loved One (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Disappear (The Morales Remix)--0
Different World (Single Version)--0
Guns In The Sky (Kick Ass Remix)--0
Different World (12" Version)--0
Original Sin (dance version)--0
The Trap--0
Please (You Got That...) (feat. Ray Charles)--0
Original Sin (feat. Rob Thomas & DJ Yaleidys)--0
Kick (feat. Nikka Costa)--0
The Stairs (feat. J.D. Fortune)--0
Just Keep Walking (feat. Dan Sultan)--0
New Sensation (feat. Deborah de Corral)--0
To Look at You (feat. Kav Temperley)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (orchestral instrumental)--0
What You Need (Single Version)--0
Elegantly Wasted (Live)--0
I'm Just a Man (Live)--0
Searching (Live)--0
This Time (Live)--0
I Send a Message (Live)--0
One By One (Live)--0
Hear That Sound (Live)--0
To Look At You (Live)--0
In Vain (Live)--0
By My Side (Live)--0
The Loved One (Live)--0
Black and White (Live)--0
Spy of Love (Live)--0
Just Keep Walking (Live)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (feat. Ben Harper)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (feat. Ben Harper & Mylène Farmer)--0
Make Your Peace--0
Days of Rust--0
Just to Learn Again--0
What Would You Do--0
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts--0
Kill the Pain--0
Wishing Well--0
Back On Line--0
All Around--0
Viking Juice--0
Cut Your Roses Down--0
The Messenger--0
Night of Rebellion--0
Underneath the Colours--0
On a Bus--0
On My Way--0
Know the Difference--0
Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn extended mix)--0
Faith In Each Other--0
Learning to Smile--0
Big Go Go--0
Newsreel Babies--0
Body Language--0
In Vain--0
Guns In the Sky (Live)--0
Burn for You (Live)--0
Wildlife (2011 Remaster)--0
Hear That Sound (2011 Remaster)--0
On My Way (2011 Remaster)--0
The Loved One (2011 Remaster)--0
Need You Tonight (2011 Remaster)--0
Lately (2011 Remaster)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (2011 Remaster)--0
Mystify (2011 Remaster)--0
Wild Life (Live)--0
Jan's Song (Live)--0
Please (You Got That...)--0
Melting In the Sun (Live)--0
Calling All Nations (2011 Remaster)--0
Tiny Daggers (2011 Remaster)--0
Devil Inside (2011 Remaster)--0
By My Side (2011 Remaster)--0
What You Need (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Need You Tonight (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Suicide Blonde (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Bitter Tears (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Wildlife (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Mystify (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Mediate (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Who Pays the Price (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
New Sensation (2011 Remaster)--0
Faith In Each Other (2011 Remaster)--0
Suicide Blonde (2011 Remaster)--0
Guns In the Sky (2011 Remaster)--0
Devil Inside (Live At Wembley 1991)--0
Elegantly Wasted (Live in Aspen 1997)--0
Don't Change (Live in Aspen 1997)--0
Listen Like Thieves (Live 1985)--0
What You Need (Live 1985)--0
Shine Like It Does (Live 1985)--0
This Time (Live 1985)--0
Dancing On the Jetty (Live 1985)--0
The One Thing (Live 1985)--0
One X One (Live 1985)--0
Original Sin (Live 1985)--0
Good and Bad Times--0
Please (You Got That Need)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (Live from America)--0
Mediate (Live from America)--0
Don't Change (Live 1985)--0
Need You Tonight (Mendelson Extended Mix)--0
Burn for You (Live 1985)--0
Here Comes II (new version)--0
Suicide Blonde (Live)--0
Never Tear Us Apart (Live)--0
The One Thing (Live)--0
One X One (Live)--0
Shining Star (Live)--0
Need You Tonight (Live)--0
Don't Change (Andrew Farriss & Kirk Pengilly)--0
New Sensation (Nick's 12" Mix)--0
Calling All Nations (Kids On Bridges Remix)--0
Laying Down the Law--0
Jesus Was a Man (Demo/Outtakes)--0
Need You Tonight (Static Revenger Mix Edit)--0
New Sensation (Nick's 7" Mix)--0
Strange Desire--0
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