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Paroles de Soular Moon (feat. Big Rube)

Interprètes JOHN WILLIAMFlautist

Paroles de la chanson Soular Moon (feat. Big Rube) par JOHN WILLIAM lyrics officiel

Soular Moon (feat. Big Rube) est une chanson en Anglais

""Yeah, never meant to be, you already know what it is, Big Rube, John William, the Flautist. Yeah, The irresistible force and the immovable object can never meet. This the universe cannot allow, its a shame with all the things they seem to have in common. If they were beings like ourselves, we'd likely call it unfair..Like a love not lost, or never meant to exist..but if this notion carried weight, how could love persist, in any form? Is love a thing to be planned or a divine gift meant to uplift beyond the sway of mortal men? What part of span is life's expanse? Other than the heart, what else can stand the test of time? The best of minds cannot explain how love entrances, yet every soul can easily define how love enhances, all there is.""
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