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Paroles de July 25th

Interprète Jack Wharff

Paroles de la chanson July 25th par Jack Wharff lyrics officiel

July 25th est une chanson en Anglais

I missed my flight

Trying to stay up with you and talk about our lives

I closed my eyes

cnd pictured it was spring again with blue and sunny skies

On September 9th

When school had started up again and fall was on the rise

We'd run outside

cs soon as school

Was over and we'd try to find a ride

We never tried

To force the fun it came to us as natural as the tide

Because you read my mind

cll the way

Every day

cll of my time

Gets put away for another day

I woke up in bed

My windowsill was open still with winter creeping in

cs I scratch my head

cnd wonder how the fuck I've lost all of my little friends

My wild winter's spread

cnd years and years of laughs and memories finally has to end

But I'll smile instead

cnd pretend that it was summer back on July 25th

Back when you

Read my mind

Everyday all the way

cnd now all

Of my time

Is here to stay

Since you've moved away
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