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Janis Ian

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Crocodile Song--2
Fly Too High--1
Paris In Your Eyes (Live at the Luxor Theatre)--1
At Seventeentrad1
At Seventeen (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)--0
Cosmopolitan Girl (Live at the Dominion Theatre)--0
Tattoo (Live at Schouwburg Concordia)--0
Honor Them All (Live at the Blue Note Club)--0
Watercolors (Live at the Opera House)--0
Breaking Silence (Live at Staadschouwburg)--0
Take No Prisoners (Live at the Night Eagle Café)--0
Days Like These (Live at the Big Tree Music Series)--0
Boots Like Emmy Lou's (Live at St. John's Cellar Stage)--0
Love is Blind (Live at the Blue Note Club)--0
Society's Child (Live at Club Neptune's)--0
Between the Lines (Live at Club Neptune's)--0
Stars (Live at the University Theater)--0
Berlin (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)--0
Will You Dance? (Live at the Blue Note Club)--0
Take Me Walking In The Rain - Live at London's Royal Festival Hall, Oct 14, 1995--0
Between the Lines (Live from Working Without a Net)--0
She Must Be Beautiful (live)--0
At Seventeen (Alt. Take Live 91) - Live--0
Jesse (Live from Working Without a Net)--0
Silly Habits (Live In 1991)--0
Take Me Walking in the Rain (Live At London's Royal Festival Hall)--0
Fly Too High (Single Version - Remastered)--0
Memories - Live--0
The Other Side of the Sun - Live--0
Honor Them All - Live at Blue Note Club, Fukuoka, Japan, March 21, 1997--0
Ride Me Like a Wave (Live at Debonklelaar)--0
On the Train--0
Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking) - Single Version--0
From Me to You - Live--0
I Would Like to Dance - Live--0
Night Rains - Live--0
Silly Habits (Live at Schouwburg Concordia)--0
Fly Too High (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)--0
Folk Is the New Black--0
Haven't I Got Eyes--0
Party Lights--0
Don't Leave Tonight--0
I Want to Make You Love Me--0
The Other Site of the Sun--0
My Autobiography--0
The Drowning Man--0
One Mississippi--0
Between the Lines (Live)--0
Every Love--0
We Endure--0
Standing In the Shadows of Love--0
Jackie Skates--0
Sunset of Your Life--0
Body Slave--0
Silly Habits (Live)--0
Miracle Row/Maria--0
This Train Still Runs (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)--0
Take Me Walking In the Rain (Live at the Royal Festival Hall)--0
Honor Them All (Live At Blue Note Club, Fukuoka, Japan)--0
Hopper Painting--0
Some People--0
Slow Dance Romance--0
Let Me Be Lonely--0
I'll Cry Tonight--0
Fly Too High (Live)--0
7 Days Like These--0
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye--0
Jesse (Live at the Royal Concert Hall)--0
Berlin (Live)--0
Take to the Sky (Live)--0
Slow Dance Romance (Live)--0
Boy, I Really Tied One On (Live)--0
Bright Lights and Promises (Live)--0
Paris in Your Eyes (Live in Rotterdam)--0
Month of May--0
Society's Child [unplugged]--0
Let Me Be Lonely (Live)--0
Maria (Live)--0
When the Party's Over (Live)--0
Hymn (Live)--0
Applause (Live)--0
Party Lights (Live)--0
Miracle Row (Live)--0
I Want to Make You Love Me (Live)--0
The Man You Are in Me (Live)--0
Tea and Sympathy (Live)--0
Love Is Blind - Remastered--0
From Me to You - Remastered--0
At Seventeen - Remastered--0
Will You Dance? - Remastered--0
Maria - Remastered--0
Searching for America (Live)--0
The Other Side of the Sun - Remastered--0
Jesse - Remastered--0
Dance with Me - Remastered--0
This Must be Wrong (Live)--0
Dance With Me (Live)--0
You've Got Me on a String (Live)--0
Fly Too High (Remastered)--0
Stars - Remastered--0
Society's Child (Live 1981 Harrisonburg PA)--0
17才の頃 (Single Version)--0
The Bridge--0
Marching On Glasgow--0
Cosmopolitan Girl--0
Too Old To Go 'Way Little Girl--0
Then Tangles Of My Mind--0
The Seaside--0
Lonely One--0
Baby's Blue--0
Insanity Comes Quietly to the Structured Mind--0
Cosmopolitan Girl (Live)--0
Black & White--0
When the Silence Falls--0
Play Like a Girl--0
Present Company--0
See My Grammy Ride--0
Hello Jerry--0
My Land--0
The Sunlight--0
The Great Divide--0
Hotels & One-Night Stands--0
He's a Rainbow--0
Here in Spain--0
Weary Lady--0
Nature's at Peace--0
Let It Run Free--0
See the River--0
Marching On Glasgow [Instrumental]--0
New Christ Cardiac Hero--0
Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)--0
Take No Prisoners (Live)--0
Love is Blind (Live)--0
Stars (Live On the OGWT)--0
Love Is Blind (Live from Working Without a Net)--0
Thank You's--0
This Train Still Runs (Live)--0
Jesse (Live)--0
Will You Dance (Live)--0
At Seventeen (Live)--0
Honor Them All (Live)--0
Watercolors (Live)--0
Breaking Silence (Live)--0
Have Mercy Love--0
In the Winter (Live)--0
At Seventeen (album version)--0
At Seventeen (single version)--0
Without You--0
Dance With Me--0
Page Nine--0
You've Got Me on a String--0
Sweet Sympathy--0
The Man You Are in Me--0
Water Colors--0
Bright Lights and Promises--0
The Come On--0
Light a Light--0
Lover's Lullaby--0
Tea & Sympathy--0
Stars (Live)--0
Days Like These (Live)--0
When the Party's Over--0
Fly Too High (12″ version)--0
Take To The Sky--0
From Me to You--0
In the Winter--0
Society's Child--0
Love Is Blind--0
At 17--0
No One Else Like You--0
Through the Years--0
When You Love Someone--0
The Other Side of the Sun--0
Between the Lines--0
Billie's Bones--0
Tea and Sympathy--0
Love Is Blind (Bonus Track - Live!)--0
Fly Too High (Live Bonus Track)--0
Take Me Walking In the Rain (Live)--0
Paris in Your Eyes (Live)--0
Boots Like Emmy Lou's (Live)--0
Ride Me Like a Wave (Live)--0
Silly Habits (live Bonus Track!)--0
Tattoo (Live)--0
Don't Cry, Old Man--0
All Those Promises--0
Can You Reach Me--0
Fly to High--0
Will You Dance? (Live Bonus Track)--0
Boots Like Emmy Lou's--0
I Would Like to Dance--0
Honor Them All--0
Take Me Walking In the Rain--0
Sugar Mountain--0
Silly Habits--0
Paris In Your Eyes--0
Night Rains--0
Between the Line--0
Dear Billy--0
Bigger Than Real--0
Under the Covers--0
Will You Dance?--0
I Remember Yesterday--0
Restless Eyes--0
Down and Away--0
Get Ready To Roll--0
Here Comes the Night--0
Day by Day--0
I Hear You Sing Again--0
Dead Men Walking--0
Mary's Eyes--0
Queen Merka & Me--0
Hair of Spun Gold--0
My Tennessee Hills--0
Getting Over You (w/strings)--0
Save Somebody--0
Lay Low--0
On the Dark Side of Town--0
Searching for America--0
Headlight Taillight--0
When Angels Cry--0
The Last Comeback--0
She Must Be Beautiful--0
Days Like These--0
Murdering Stravinsky--0
Miracle Row--0
Jenny (Iowa Sunrise)--0
Do You Wanna Dance--0
On the Other Side--0
Goodbye to Morning--0
Belle of the Blues--0
Boy, I Really Tied One On--0
This Must Be Wrong--0
God & The FBI--0
I Believe I'm Myself Again--0
Passion Play--0
This Train Still Runs--0
Walking on Sacred Ground--0
This House--0
Some People's Lives--0
Take No Prisoners--0
Breaking Silence--0
His Hands--0
What About the Love--0
Getting Over You--0
This Night--0
All Roads to the River--0
Ride Me Like a Wave--0
Guess You Had to Be There--0
Sunflakes Fall, Snowrays Call--0
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