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paroles officielles ♪ Where Have You Been ♪
Damn how am I gonna say this shit, hey
Hey Dad, yeah it's your boy
Remember me, I wanna talk to you scrap

I remember being kicked out the house, 'cause I looked just
like you
Said I'd be nothing but a crook just like you
The niggaz in the hood was shook where the just like you
'Cause all they said was little whitey look, I'm just like

But dog I can't see it at all, shit, we never kicked it at
We never pitched or kicked at a ball
Dog, you never taught me shit, how to fight, ride a bike,
fix the flat
None of that sorts of shit, nigga you was an abusive pops
Fuck you left me out to dry, stuck
Gotta teach news to box, gotta teach news to block

And that ain't the half of it man, I gotta teach news to
It's about time we have a father to son nigga sit down
Sit down let me tell you 'bout your fatherless sons
How they grew to be men and father they sons
Father they daughters, nigga, you left a fatherless daughter
Never follow your orders

Nigga you make me sick, pussy you could, ooh
How you gonna leave these memories in the back of my mind
I can see it clear as day you smackin' my mom
I 'member that day you showed me that gat, that 9
Put it in my palm when I was young
And said that would be mine, you turned me out
The reason why I hit the block

Reason why I tried to hit them cops
Reason why I started hittin' shots
Reason why I started gettin' licked
And drinkin' syrup and skippin' court
Ginger bread man never think of gettin' caught
Look at your hand man damn you fought, nigga you left my mom

Left us with no goodbye's, you left us out to dry
You left us with no letters, notes, nothing, no replies
No digits numbers was unlisted
You left us with some of my loneliest night
Nigga some of my hungriest nights

Shit, one of the reasons for years, shit embarrasin'
Damn we used to think money was white
Yeah you gave us life like, fruit from a plant
We ain't eat right from them foods from them stamps
And to think you was my pop, man I gotta stop shit

Daddy, where have you been?
And when you come home, you got us here all alone
Mommy, where daddy went?
You always stick up for him
Always said you'd make up for him
Mommy, what happened then?
What was you cheatin' on him?
Why he's always beatin' on you?
Daddy, where have you been?
Nigga, you gonna hear me out

I wanted to walk just like him, remember?
Wanted to talk just like him word, often Momma said I look
too much
And I thought just like him it could happen
Wanted to drink miller nips and smoke new ports just like
But you left me, now I'm goin' to court just like you

I would say, "My Daddy loves me and he'll never go away"
Bullshit, do you even remember December's my birthday?
Do you even remember the tender boy
You turned into a cold young man with one goal and one plan
Get Mommy out of some jam, she was always in one

Always short with the income, always late with the rent
You said that you was comin' through
I would stay in the hallway, waitin'
Always playin' the bench, waitin'
And that day came and went

Fuck You! Very much you showed me the worst kind of pain
But I'm stronger and trust me I will never hurt again
Will never ask mommy "Why Daddy don't love me?
Why is we so poor, why is life so ugly?
Mommy why is your eyes puffy?
Please don't cry everything'll be alright

I know it's dark now, but we gon' see the light
It's us against the world, we don't need him, right? Right"
Mommy drivin' 6's now yeah, I got riches now yeah
I bought I nice home for both of my sisters now
We doin' real good, we don't miss you now
See how life twists around, fucker?

Daddy, where have you been?
And when you come home, you got us here all alone
Mommy, where daddy went?
You always stick up for him
Always said you'd make up for him
Mommy, what happened then?
What was you cheatin' on him?
Why he's always beatin' on you?
Daddy, where have you been?
Nigga, you gonna hear me out
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Jay-Z - Where Have You Been paroles
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