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paroles officielles ♪ Chocolate ♪
Don't don't, don't, don't don't try to blow out the sun for
Baby I'm not hoping for what I know and can't be
All That I ask is for a smile each day
And i'll give you love that will never go away
Yes i will X2
Little babe i wouldn't ask you to lift up this great big
Litle baby X2
I know you're not that kind of girl
All that I ask is for a kiss or two
And nothing in this world would be too good for you
Coz nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody knows, nobody
How deep for you my love really goes
But girl I want you to know
I wouldn't ask you to hold back the door, babe the door
Thats just a little too much to ask of anyone
All that I ask
Is for your love, love, loving ways
And i'm gonna stand by you for the rest of your natural born
Do you hear me talking to you
I'll keep you happy
I'll keep you happy for the rest of your days momma
Coz nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody knows
How deep my love for you really goes
(moves to Kangaroo music)
I first saw you
You had on blue jeans
Your eyes couldn't hide anything
I saw you breathing oh
I saw you staring out in space
I next saw you
You were at his party
Thought you was a queen
Oh so flirty
I oh came against
Didn't say excuse
Knew what I was doing
We looked very fine
As we were leaving
As we were leaving as we were making love,
As we were making love, we we making love, babe
Like St Joan
Doing a cool jerk
Oh I want you, yes I want you, yes I want you
Lord, oh lord, oh I want you
Like a Kangaroo, oh yes yes, oh, oh, ohah
Love, love, love, turn me
Love, love, love, love, love, yeah
Love turn me on
Turn you all over
With my thumb on your tongue
Rest your pretty heels on my shoulder
You got me shaking like a bed
On a a hardwood floor
In a lovers room
Your love is like sweet dark chocolate yeah
Melting in my pocket
You got me shaking like a lovers bed on a hardwood floor oh
There you stare, the finger twisting your red hair, oh
Your accusations flying from you oh
You call me a liar, a cheater, you call me a whore, oh well
You call me a liar, call me a liar, call me a liar, cheater,
cheater, and a
You call me a liar, call me a cheater and a motherfucking
Call oh
Oh baby you call me a liar, a cheater, thief, beggar and a
whore oh
Baby I'm all of what you say and so much more
Ah yeah
Why do you
Why do you come back to me time after time after time after
time why do you
Come back to me
Why do you come back to me
I'll tell you
Why do you come back to this poor little cheap ?
You said i was bullshit woman
You said my love was fucking bullshit
You said I was bullshit but then you
You call me a liar, a cheater and a whore
And you shut your mouth if I showed you what your hole was
Yeah I tell you why, its all because all because
All because, all bacause your love all because your love
All because your love sweet love, secret love, flowing love
Hot love secret love flowing love is just like chocolate
Coz your love oh yeah
All because your love is sweet chocolate
Melting on my back pocket
Melting on the tongue of God
Everybodys got to fuck
Every man has to be the devil
Every womans has to feel like she's been slapped around
Everybodys got to live with their own demons in the same
Everybodys got to feel like they're the only one
Everybody wants to be loved X3
Dont you want my love X5
Dont you
Dont you want my love X2
Dont you like what you see
Dont you love all I could be for you
I could be your
I could be your brother
I could be your brother
I could be your sister
I could be your slave
I could be your fucking dog oh babe
I love you
Some day I wish I could know what its like to be you and
have me inside
Some day I'd like to become you and to know what its like to
feel with me in
Yeah X9
Oh you oh you treat me like a devil
But your kisses are just like heaven
Oh you look so beautiful
When you're walking out on me love
Oh with nothing as tender
As when I wake up in your hair
When I wake up in your arms
I swear upon my blood I understand you
I swear on my ? grave I understand you
Sometimes a man must be
All his woman feels he could be
Thats me X3
And I'm not afraid to know you
You gave me your all you gave me your best
Your cigarettes smell like the fear inside my chest
Oh shit
And your love feels like sweet black chocolate
Melting in the part of her
Melting in around my skin
Oh your so
Baby your love is like sweet chocolate
Melting on the tonge of god
Oh yes yes yes
Go on do it X4
Go on do it, go on say it, go on say it, go on be it
Only be it
Come on let me take it, come on let me do it, come on let me
be it
I swear I'm the only one yeah
You're the only one
You're the, thats why I want you
Like a
Thats why I want you
Like a kangaroo
Thats why I want you
Like a
Thats why I want you like a kangaroo yeah
Thats why I want you for ever and ever and everyman
I cross my heart
And anything you want
You can call me a liar, you can call me a cheater
You can call me a thief and a motherfucking whore
I'm all you say I am and so much more
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