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Wings of Desire--3
If You're Ever Gonna Lose My Love (Guitar mix)--2
The Power Of Lovetrad2
Now Is the Hour--2
Si Tu Eres Mi Hombre--2
Power of Love--2
I Come Undonetrad1
Vida de mi vida (You're My One and Only)--1
Echoes Love--1
If You're Ever Gonna Lose My Love (album version)--1
Si tu eres mi hombre y yo tu mujer (The Power of Love)--1
Higher Ground--1
Farbenspiel Des Winds--1
Ring of Ice--1
Come Give Me Your Hand--1
Tears In the Rain--1
The Power of Love (extended remix)--1
Madonna's Eyes (extended version)--0
Heart Over Mind (extended version)--0
Wings of Desire (extended version)--0
Flames of Paradise (Duet With Elton John)--0
Ring of Ice (extended UK remix)--0
Ring of Ice (album version)--0
I Come Undone (Dave Kurtis remix 2007)--0
I Come Undone (album version)--0
Love Get Ready--0
Heart Over Mind (album version)--0
Solitaria Mujer (Keep All the Fires Burning Bright)--0
Heart Over Mind (single mix)--0
Heart Wars--0
Down to You--0
Ring of Ice (extended mix)--0
When I Look in Your Eyes--0
Same Heart (Duet With Michael Bolton)--0
Destiny (extended version)--0
You'll Never Catch Me Dreaming--0
I'm in It for Love--0
Wherever You Are--0
Heart Over Mind--0
The Last Day of Summer--0
Walk Away--0
Where Can You Run--0
All I Want Is You--0
Unwanted Child--0
Who I Am--0
You're My One and Only--0
Destiny (album version)--0
You're My One and Only (extended version)--0
You and I--0
The Power of Love (Re-Recording)--0
Waiting for the Heartache--0
I Can'T Say No--0
Rain Coming Down on Me--0
Call My Name--0
Head Above Water--0
You Don't Know What You've Got (Until It's Gone)--0
Flames of Paradise (with Elton John)--0
Das Farbenspiel Des Winds--0
Keep All the Fires Burning Bright--0
Remind My Heart--0
Search the Sky--0
Solitaria mujer (Keep All Fires Burning Bright)--0
Same Heart--0
Flames of Paradise (Duet With Elton John) [Extended Version]--0
Ring Of Ice - Special Edit Version--0
Destiny - Special Edit Version--0
The End Of A Journey - Special Edit Version--0
Piano In The Dark - Single Edit--0
Betcha Never--0
Hero of a Fool (US Album Mix)--0
Till I Loved You (feat. Plácido Domingo)--0
Till I Loved You (Duet With Placido Domingo)--0
The Power of Love (remix)--0
Now That It's Over--0
Down On My Knees--0
If You Ever Gonna Lose My Love--0
Solitaria mujer--0
Love of a Stranger--0
My Heart Is Still Young--0
I Never Asked for an Angel--0
I'm Not Dreaming Anymore--0
Tears in the Rain (radio edit)--0
Who Wants to Live Forever (feat. Brian May)--0
Ain't Loved You Long Enough--0
Just This Way--0
Like I Would for You--0
Before the Dawn--0
Eyes of a Woman--0
Falling in Love--0
Crazy 'bout You--0
Credo (Single Version)--0
The Power of Love (Radio Edit) [Remastered]--0
Out of My Hands (edit version)--0
Out of My Hands (Single Edit)--0
The Power of Love (Radio Edit) (2007 Digital Remaster)--0
Betcha Neva--0
The End of a Journey--0
Whereever You Are--0
Sweet Thing (Single Edit)--0
The Power of Love (version 1998) (special edit version)--0
A Broken Heart (Guitar Version)--0
Credo (edit version)--0
Sweet Thing (edit version)--0
Piano In the Dark (London Mix)--0
I Come Undone (version 1998)--0
Ring of Ice (version 1998) (special edit version)--0
Destiny (version 1998) (special edit version)--0
Heart Over Mind (version 1998)--0
Dream Awake--0
The Power of Love (album version)--0
Flames of Paradise--0
Si Tu Eres Mi Homre Y Yo Tu Mujer (The Power Of Love) - "El Poder Del Amor" Version Espanola--0
The Power of Love (Special Edit Version)--0
No me canso de pensar en ti (If You're Ever Gonna Lose My Love)--0
The Power of Love (radio edit)--0
The Power of Love (Edit)--0
If You're Ever Gonna Lose My Love--0
The Flame--0
Madonna's Eyes--0
Never Gonna Turn Back Again--0
Never Say Never--0
Timeless Love--0
I Come Undone (extended version)--0
Ave Maria--0
Vision of You--0
Hero of a Fool--0
In the Arms of Love--0
Who Wants To Live Forever--0
Who Wants to Live Forever (Solo Version)--0
Credo (Spanish Version)--0
Out of My Hands--0
The Right Time Has Come Now--0
Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yesterday--0
Ave Maria (Survivors of a Different Kind)--0
Testify With My Heart--0
Only Heaven Knows--0
Love Is a Wild Thing--0
For All That--0
Midnight Mirage--0
Cry, Baby...--0
Nights In White Satin--0
A Broken Heart--0
Silent Killer--0
Live Wire--0
Vida de Mi Vida--0
Love Is a Stranger--0
I See a Shadow (Not a Fantasy)--0
25 Lovers--0
Nobody Move--0
Into My Dreams--0
Now That I Found You--0
Sweet Thing--0
A Touch of Paradise--0
The Places You Find Love--0
All in Love Is Fair--0
More Than Words--0
Deeper Within--0
Healing Power--0
Piano In the Dark--0
Love Is the Language (Of the Heart)--0
parole traduction visites
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