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Jesper Kyd lyrics
Fiche de Jesper Kyd

Jesper Kyd

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Dreams of Venice23
Echoes of the Roman Ruins22
Ezio’s Family11
City of Jerusalem7
Flight Through Jerusalem4
Freedom Fighters: Main Title4
Acre Underworld2
Hitman: Blood Money - Ave Maria2
Borgia Occupation2
Damascus-Fight or Flight: Red in the Face2
Venice Rooftops1
City of Rome1
The Crossroads of the World1
The Noose Tightens1
Invasion of the Empire1
Hitman: Contracts - Slaughterhouse Dance Club1
Borgia: The Rulers of Rome1
Hitman 2 - 47 Makes A Decision1
Flight Over Venice 11
Sanctuary Can Fly1
White Room & Main Title1
Phantasm (Trailer Music)1
Cesare Borgia1
Dreams of Istanbul1
Into the Void1
Spirit of Damascus1
Hitman 2 Main Title0
The Brotherhood Escapes0
Master Assassin0
Welcome to Kostantiniyye0
Meditation of the Assassin0
Welcome to the Bunker0
End Fight (Assassin's Creed 2)0
Tour of Venice0
Trash the Bandits0
Snow Battle0
Meditation Begins0
Damascus-Horse Ride0
Approaching Target 20
The Fridge0
Galilean Moons0
Apple Chamber0
The Plague0
Main Menu0
Interlude Ambient0
Aphelion (underscore)0
Brotherhood of the Assassins0
Infiltrating the Borgia Castle0
March of the Empire0
Altair Escapes0
The Madam0
Jerusalem Horse Ride0
The Dead Plains0
The Battle for Freedom0
Death Brings Hope0
Plains of Death0
Jungle Crash0
Lee Hong's Basement0
Hotel Pool0
Florence Tarantella0
Ship Dock0
Lee Hong0
Home in Florence0
Wang Fu Restaurant0
Venice Fight0
Mission in India0
Florence Escape0
Golden Globe0
Access the Animus, Part 3: On High Alert0
Return to Masyaf, Part 2: Something Is Rotten in Denmark0
Return to Masyaf, Part 10
Return to Masyaf, Part 30
Welcome To The Wastelands0
Return to Masyaf, Part 4: Have at You, Snake0
Pablo's Camp0
Access the Animus, Part 1: Red in the Face0
Robert de Sable0
Venice Industry0
Access the Animus, Part 2: Yellow Belly0
Back in Venice0
Sanitarium Basement0
Venice Combat0
Night Mission in Venice0
Chariot Chase0
Welcome To Fyrestone0
The Animus 2.00
Wetlands Combat0
Waiting for Action0
Wetlands Escape0
Ending Credits0
47 in St. Petersburg0
Ezio in Florence0
Darkness Falls in Florence0
Home of the Brotherhood0
Streets of India0
Hitman Main Theme0
Bring Your Guns0
Nuke Ship0
Arabian Dance0
The Junkyard Vista0
Venice Combat Low0
Venice Escape0
Desert Sun0
Strip Club0
Japanese Snow Castle0
Sanitarium Fight0
The Invid Attacks0
Trouble In Vegas0
Day Light In New Orleans0
Rocky Mountains0
Invasion On the Mississippi River0
Club Heaven0
Night Time In New Orleans0
Amb Zone0
Istanbul Cafe0
Red Room0
.59 remix0
Stealth Beats0
Wide Planes0
The Invid Hive0
Approaching Invid Hive0
Hymn of the Wasteland0
Final Moments0
Action In Paris0
47 Attacks0
Hospital Themes0
Harbor Themes0
Hotel Themes0
Dark Jungle0
Jungle Exploration0
Hong Kong Themes0
Main Title (extended version)0
Hotel Music (early demo)0
Rainforest (early demo)0
Atmosphere Demo0
Before the Storm0
Secret Invasion0
H2 Exploration0
Trouble in Russia0
Japanese Mansion0
The Penthouse0
Action Begins0
Main Title (original slow version)0
Boss Attack0
Juban Al Hakim0
Acre-Fight or Flight: Red in the Face0
Acre-Fight or Flight: Yellow Belly0
Dirty Deeds-Acre0
Damascus-Fight or Flight: Yellow Belly0
Dirty Deeds-Damascus0
Good Job0
Garn'er de Napouse0
Acre Horse Ride0
Majd Addin0
Abul Nuqoud0
Jerusalem-Fight or Flight: Red in the Face0
Jerusalem-Fight or Flight: Yellow Belly0
Dirty Deeds-Jerusalem0
Assassin's HQ0
Knives Out0
The Creed0
Spill the Beans0
Solomon's Temple0
DNA Select Screen0
Opening Select Screen0
Beneath The Surface (Inspired by Alone in the Dark)0
Night Time in the Forest0
Masyaf -Fight or Flight: Yellow Belly0
Masyaf-Fight or Flight: Red in the Face0
Masyaf-Horse Ride0
Kingdom 20
Kingdom 10
Office Space0
Masyaf-Under Siege, Part 40
Masyaf-Under Siege, Part 30
Masyaf-Under Siege, Part 20
Masyaf-Under Siege, Part 10
Time Out0
The Red Moon Inn0
Fortress of Karak Azgaraz0
Vermintide Theme0
Red Moon - Elegy 20
Immediate Loss0
The Horde 20
Tunnels & Dynamite0
The Courtyard0
Glimmer of Hope0
Red Moon - Goliard0
Castle Drachenfels0
Drachenfels Ballroom0
Invasion of Karak Azgaraz0
Vermintide End Boss0
Realm of the Skaven0
The Skaven Come Out to Play0
Red Moon - Saracena0
The Horde Gathers0
Snowy Mountains0
Mountains of Karak Azgaraz0
Dungeons of Drachenfels0
Sneaking Around the Skaven0
Red Moon - The Dancing Donkey0
Jerusalem Hanging0
Masyaf Village0
End Fight0
Under Vatican City0
Ezio & Caterina0
Leonardo's Inventions (Extended)0
Florence Rooftops0
The Threat at Overlook0
Exploring Overlook0
Damascus Underworld0
Vermintide End Times0
Skaven Camp Located0
The Horde0
Skaven on the Move0
Vermintide Theme Reprise 20
To the Forest0
Red Moon - Dread0
Rat Ogre0
Wizard's Tower0
Red Moon - Elegy0
The Old New Haven0
Norsca Chaos0
The Sewers0
Last Stand0
Norsca Attacks0
Arcane Sorcery0
The Skaven Bell0
The Grey Seers0
Welcome Dark Forest0
The Farmlands0
Ground Zero0
Skaven Ritual0
Norsca Fight0
The Horde (Chaos Remix)0
Heroic Escape0
Order of the Grey Seers0
The Temple0
The Sorcerer0
Escape and Panic0
Troll Cave0
Troll Boss0
Through the Portal0
War Camp Showdown0
Leaning to Climb0
The Forest0
Tension in the Nest0
Dino Birth0
Robinson: The Journey Main Theme0
Robinson Theme (Extended)0
Top of the Forest0
The Journey0
Flight of the Arora0
Entering the War Camp0
Ussingen Destroyed0
The Elven Ruins0
Sneaking Inside the Skaven Camp0
The Gate0
Vermintide 2 Main Theme (Chaos Version)0
From Far Above (remix by YoungD)0
Launch Trailer (Bonus Track)0
Robinson Early Test (Bonus Track)0
Zombie Menace0
Pirates: Tides of Fortune0
Stormfall: Age of War0
Looking to the Future0
Denkai District0
Defeat the Onslaught0
Welcome to Electropolis0
Combat Carnival0
Barrier Zone0
The Menagerie0
The Conquistadors0
Outer Limits0
Total Domination0
Trumbull Valley0
Remembering Spencer's Mill0
Marshall by Night0
Soldiers Inc.0
Barbarians & Dragons0
Sparta: War of Empires0
Zheng Shi Rising0
Mystery on the Ocean Floor0
Desolate Barrens0
Necris Attacks0
Robo Mall0
To the Death0
Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Reconstruction)0
H2 Action0
Fast Ambience0
Slow Ambience0
The Setup0
Necris Attacks (extended version)0
Outpost (extended version)0
Warden Duel0
Qurada Colony0
Desert Traversal0
The Bureau0
Masyaf in Danger0
Dunes of Death0
Access the Animus0
Trouble in Jerusalem0
World of Liandri0
47 Makes a Decision0
Removing the Bandit Threat0
Fighting off the Skags0
Enter Skag Gully0
Beneath the Surface0
Vorago Solitude Combat0
Vorago Solitude Ambient0
Veins of Helios0
Jack's Office0
Hyperion Hub of Heroism0
Traversing the Deep0
Fighting Sledge's Minions0
Smoking out the Bunker0
Destroying the Destroyer0
Traveling to the Vault0
Trash the Bandits Some More0
Fighting Krom and His Gun0
Battling Krom's Minions0
Assaulting Krom's Canyon0
The Rakkhive Emerges0
Welcome to the Trash Coast0
Burning Rubber and Shooting Bullets0
Research and Development Combat0
Research and Development Ambient0
Lifeline: Army Zombie0
Lifeline: Basecamp Secure0
New Residents of Trumbull Valley0
Disturbing the Peace0
Friendly Neighbors0
Gun Runner0
The Undead Approaching0
Bite Wound0
Ride Along In Trumbull Valley0
Lifeline: Greyhound One Under Seige0
Lifeline: Knockout0
Lifeline: Panic0
Abandoned Training Facility0
Fenrir Robotic Facility0
Fenrir Industrial Facility Combat0
Fenrir Industrial Facility Ambient0
Pity's Fall0
Crisis Scar Combat0
Crisis Scar Ambient0
Dreams of Istanbul (Bonus Track)0
Lair of Infinite Agony Ambience Ambience0
The Growfather0
Freefall (Trailer Music)0
Rainmaker (Trailer Music)0
Hatred's Shadow Ambience Ambience0
Evermore (Trailer Music)0
Hereafter (Trailer Music)0
Eidolon (Trailer Music)0
Divinity (Trailer Music)0
Tempest (Trailer Music)0
Evolver (Trailer Music)0
Empyrean (Trailer Music)0
Junkyard Geisha0
Transformer Love0
Electric Trance0
Van Alien0
Exploring the Mine0
End Credits0
Time Eternal v10
The Pledge of a Child0
The Mission0
The Pledge0
Tropical Convoy0
In the Beginning0
Undercover Mission0
Ice Station0
Tessla Search0
Desert Intrigue0
Military Exercises0
Civilization Falls0
Leonardo's Inventions, Pt. 10
Fighting the Sorceror0
Lair of Infinite Agony Combat0
Lair of Infinite Agony Ambience0
Hatred's Shadow Combat0
Hatred's Shadow Ambience0
The Forest Combat0
The Forest Ambience0
Leonardo's Inventions, Pt. 20
Kane’s Family Portrait0
Armageddon Rides to Town0
State of Decay Main Theme0
Welcome to Decay0
Training Ambience0
Mall Fight0
Lynch Breaks Down0
Subway Fight0
RetoMoto Death Squad0
Fighting Piston0
Return to the Arena Combat0
Return to the Arena Ambience0
47 Main Theme0
End Boss0
Weapon Select0
White Room and Main Title0
Zero Hour (Bonus Track)0
Flag of Freedom (Alternate Version)0
Isabella, Leader of the Resistance0
Dead Plains (reprise)0
Pandora Pack0
Hyperious the Invincible0
The Leviathan0
Introducing the Arena0
Absolute Magnitude0
Event Horizon0
Chaos Debris0
Lair of Infinite Agony Combat Combat0
Alien Encounter0
The Murphy Gang Rides0
The Card Game0
Diamond Heist & Prison0
Lana's Dream0
The Giant EndoMorph0
Climbing to Freedom0
UMA 61 Fights Back0
Dynamite Ignition0
Big Joe in Trouble0
A Plan Forms0
Dropping the Cargo0
Dark Side of Totem0
The Healing Touch0
The Doctor0
Whiskey In a Jar0
Bar Heavy0
Second Chances0
Pirate Ship Located0
The Journey Continues0
Mecha Morph Part 20
Endo Morph0
System Interference0
Celestial Spaceport0
Lunar Surface0
Beyond the Biodome0
Persistent Impulse0
Full State Feedback0
Mecha Morph0
Outside Bunker0
Gas Guns Bunker0
Uprising on UMA 610
Lunar Surface (Extended Mix)0
Beyond the Biodome (Pleasure Dome Mix)0
Eridian Traps0
Prison Escape0
Guillam's Dream0
The Tournament0
The Dust Rat Race0
The Highlands Combat0
The Highlands Ambience0
Wildlife Exploitation Preserve Ambience0
Wildlife Exploitation Bloodwing Encounter0
Fyrestone Combat0
Castle Dinner0
Brain Implant0
Escape Plan0
RED Prison0
Shelter Me0
Cold Hard Facts (Extended)0
Scar Arrives0
Space Pirates0
The Prediction of Death0
Death of Cole & Time Eternal v20
Sanctuary Pit0
Corrosive Caverns Combat0
Three Horns Valley Boom Boom Fight0
Castle of Secrets0
Holgarth's Cure0
The Loyal Khondor0
Death Traps0
Fight in the Elevator0
Throne Room0
Doc Saves Sheriff0
Saloon Shoot Out0
Deceit & Flashbacks0
Dual Between Brothers0
Approaching Target 10
Three Horns Valley Ambience0
Windshear Waste Ambience0
Three Horns Valey Boom Boom Fight0
Wildlife Exlpoitation Bloodwing Encounter0
Leonardo’s Inventions, Part 20
Leonardo’s Inventions, Part 10
Flight Over Venice 20
Approaching Target 30
The Sheriff's Warning0
We Fight Back0
Fast Beat0
VR Room0
Desmond Miles0
Fight of the Assassins0
Battle in Spain0
Legacy of the Borgia Family0
Ezio Confronts Lucrezia0
Roman Underworld0
Flags of Rome0
Fight I0
Percussion II0
Fight III0
Fight II0
Percussion I0
Intense Fight0
Midtempo Fight0
Borgia Tower0
Rome Countryside0
Villa Under Attack0
Rebuilding the Brotherhood0
Forum of Ox0
Die By the Blade0
Galata Tower0
Fight or Flight0
Yerebatan Cistern0
Greek Fire0
The Pantheon0
Darkness Falls0
Flight Over Venice0
The Library0
Crossed Swords0
Street Fight0
On the Attack0
Forest Hymn (Ambient mix)0
Dance of the Pimmons0
The Amazons0
Forest Spirit0
Forest Hymn (Bombastic mix)0
Budapest Bath Hotel0
47 Detected0
Weapon Select Beats0
Last Dance0
Fantasy World0
Mission Won0
Title Screen0
Game Over0
Ambient Fantasy0
Work Hymn0
Big Forest0
Winter Night0
Double Ballers0
Streets of Hong Kong0
Rebel Base0
Choir of Liberty0
Freedom Fighters0
Flag of Freedom0
Betrayal at Rebel Base0
Main Title0
The Future Is Bright0
Apossibly (Instrumental)0
Governor's Island0
Hong Kong Underground0
SWAT Team0
Slaughter Club0
Flag of Freedom (original version)0
Zero Hour0
Final Battle0
Percussion III0
Templar Occupation0
Into the Shadows0
Crystal Spire0
The Floating City0
The Makers Fight Back0
The Makers Overworld0
The Corruption0
Story of the Makers0
Makers in the Outlands0
Into Eternity0
Trouble in Eden0
Stains of Heresy0
The Abyssal Plains0
Demon Realm0
The Crypt0
City of the Dead0
The Eternal Throne0
Supernatural Desert0
The Plains Await0
The Crowfather0
The Rod of Arafel0
The Makers Theme0
Pandora Park0
Interlude Combat0
Sunset of the Undead0
Zombie Decay0
Imminent Attack0
After Dark0
Hope Prevails0
Funeral for Friends0
Blaze of Glory0
Flesh Eating Zombies0
Bad News0
Chance Encounter0
Dam Top0
Broken World0
Zombie Truckin'0
Invasion of the Zombie Hoarder0
Nova Roma0
Precession (version 2) (main)0
Galilean Moons (version 2) (main)0
Event Horizon (version 2) (main)0
Limb (30 second)0
Antimatter (30 second)0
Opposition (30 second)0
Absolute Magnitude (30 second)0
Van Alien (30 second)0
Aphelion (version 2) (main)0
Absolute Magnitude (version 2) (main)0
Numinous (version 2) (main)0
The Traitor0
No Mistakes0
The Wounded Eagle0
Animus Island0
Unreal Tournament 3: Lockdown0
Opposition (version 2) (main)0
Galilean Moons (30 second)0
Chaos Debris (30 second)0
Event Horizon (30 second)0
Absolute Magnitude (main)0
Van Alien (main)0
Galilean Moons (main)0
Chaos Debris (main)0
Event Horizon (main)0
Aphelion (main)0
Precession (main)0
47 Main Title0
Opposition (main)0
Numinous (main)0
Antimatter (main)0
Aphelion (30 second)0
Precession (30 second)0
Numinous (underscore)0
Absolute Magnitude (underscore)0
Galilean Moons (underscore)0
Event Horizon (underscore)0
Precession (underscore)0
Limb (main)0
Lord of the Black Stone0
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