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Joe Cocker

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Unchain My Hearttrad38
Ain't No Sunshine--15
You're So Beautiful to Me--14
You Are So Beautifultrad11
You Can Leave Your Hat Ontrad10
I Put a Spell On Youtrad7
With a Little Help from My Friends (Live At Woodstock 1969)--6
My Father's Sontrad6
High Time We Wenttrad6
A Whiter Shade Of Paletrad4
Feeling Alright--4
When a Man Loves a Woman--4
N'oubliez Jamaistrad4
Feelin' Alrighttrad3
Let's Go Get Stonedtrad3
Up Where We Belongtrad3
I Come In Peace--2
Come Togethertrad2
Cry Me a Rivertrad2
You Love Me Back--2
With A Little Help From My Friends - Edit--2
Something's Coming On - Live At Woodstock 1969--2
Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing)--2
When The Night Comestrad1
Chain Of Foolstrad1
Respect Yourselftrad1
I (Who Have Nothing)trad1
Never Tear Us Aparttrad1
It's a Sin When You Love Somebody--1
Stay The Sametrad1
Shelter Metrad1
Many Rivers To Crosstrad1
I Heard It Through The Grapevinetrad1
Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)trad1
I Stand In Wondertrad1
Could You Be Loved (Catania radio remix)--1
Trust In Metrad1
That's the Way Her Love Is--1
Unchain My Heart (Live)--1
You Don't Need a Million Dollars--1
You Don't Know What You're Doing to Me--1
You Can Leave Your Head On (live)--1
Feeling Allright--1
Guilty (Live)--1
With a Little Help from Friends--1
Now That You're Gone--1
Take Me Home (feat. Bekka Bramlett)--1
Inner City Blues--1
Heart Full Of Raintrad1
High Lonesome Bluetrad1
She Is My Lady--1
Cry Me a River (3/28/70 - Set 1 Live At The Fillmore East)--1
Something's Coming On--1
(My Heart Is A) Ghost Town--1
Summer In The Citytrad1
I Will Live For Youtrad1
Night Callstrad1
The Lettertrad1
With a Little Help For My Friendstrad1
Summer In the City (Live)--0
You Don't Know What You're Doing To Me (Live)--0
River's Rising--0
Let's Go Get Stoned (Live)--0
When the Night Comes (extended version)--0
N'oubliez Jamais (Live)--0
Darling Be Home Soon (Live)--0
Honky Tonk Women (Live (1970 Fillmore East))--0
High Time We Went (Live)--0
When the Night Comes (Live-Memorial Auditorium)--0
Shelter Me (Live)--0
Fire It Up (Live)--0
Younger (Live)--0
I Can Stand Little Rain--0
She's So Good to Me--0
Cry Me a River (1970 / Live At The Fillmore East)--0
Don’t Drink the Water--0
When the Night Comes (Radio Edit)--0
You Love Me Back (Live)--0
You Don't Need a Million Dollars (Live)--0
Honky Tonk Women (Live)--0
Eye On the Prize (Live)--0
Come Together (Live)--0
With a Little Help From My Friends (Edit;Live)--0
Something (Live)--0
Let the Healing Begin (Radio Edit)--0
Delta Lady (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
The Letter (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
Space Captain (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
She Came In Thru the Bathroom Window (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
That's All I Need to Know (Live Version)--0
When the Night Comes (Edit)--0
Ruby Lee (live at the Ritz, New York)--0
Sweet Little Woman (12" mix)--0
Summer In the City (Radio Edit)--0
The Letter (1970 / Live At The Fillmore East)--0
Could You Be Loved (Full Version)--0
Give Peace a Chance (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
Girl from the North Country (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
Space Captain (Live)--0
Give Peace a Chance (Live)--0
Let's Go Get Stoned (1970 Live At The Fillmore East)--0
Further On Up the Road (Live)--0
Cry Me a River (Live Version)--0
Girl from the North Country (Live)--0
Honky Tonk Women (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
Let's Go Get Stoned (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
Bird On the Wire (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
Cry Me a River (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
Sticks and Stones (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
Feeling Alright (Live)--0
The Letter (Live Edit) [1970 - Fillmore East]--0
You Haven’t Done Nothin’--0
Don’t Give Up on Me--0
Living Without Your Love--0
Look What You’ve Done--0
I Can't Say No (LP Version)--0
Rivers Invitation--0
What's Goin On--0
Highway Highway--0
Ain't Gonna Cry Again--0
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away--0
You Know It’s Gonna Hurt--0
Love Don't Live Here Anymore--0
It's All Over but the Shouting--0
Where Am I Now?--0
Just Pass It On (Radio Edit)--0
Have a Little Faith in Me (Radio Edit)--0
Tonight (Radio Edit)--0
The Simple Things - LIVE--0
You Are So Beautiful (Acoustic Version)--0
One (Live in Antwerp, Belgium)--0
With A Little Help From My Friends - Edit Version--0
Don’t Forget Me--0
Do I Still Figure in Your Life--0
You Can Leave Your Hat On - Edit--0
One - 2004/Live In Antwerp, Belgium--0
I Can't Say No (Live)--0
Whiter Shade of Pale (Live)--0
Feelin' Alright (Live At Woodstock 1969)--0
Just Like a Woman (Live At Woodstock 1969)--0
Dear Landlord (Live At Woodstock 1969)--0
With a Little Help from My Friends (Live At the Fillmore East / 1970)--0
Further On Up the Road (Live At Fillmore East / 1970)--0
I Shall Be Released (Live At Woodstock 1969)--0
Hitchcock Railway (Live At Woodstock 1969)--0
The Letter (Live 1970 at the Fillmore East) [Edit]--0
I Come In Peace (Live @ WDR 2)--0
Cry Me a River (Set 1) [Live At the Fillmore East]--0
She Don’t Mind--0
Something to Say (Live At Woodstock 1969)--0
Something (Set 1 / Live At the Fillmore East /3/28/70)--0
The Weight (Live At the Fillmore East/1970)--0
You Are So Beautiful (Live At Woodstock)--0
Hitchcock Railway (Live)--0
You Are So Beautiful (Live at Lanxess Arena/2013)--0
I Can Hear the River (Edit)--0
Whiter Shade of Pale--0
I Can Hear The River - Edit--0
Can’t Find My Way Home--0
Blue Medley--0
Dangerous Mood--0
Moon Dew--0
Civilised Man--0
The Letter (Live Version)--0
Fire It Up (Live @ WDR 2)--0
Cry Me a River (Live)--0
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Live)--0
Honky Tonk Woman--0
Hello, Little Friend--0
Give Peace a Chance--0
Heart of the Matter--0
Seven Days (Live)--0
Jealous Kind--0
Watching the River Flow (Live)--0
I Can Stand a Little Rain--0
Hitckock Railway--0
With a Little Help From My Friends (live/edit)--0
N'Oubilez Jamais--0
Up Where We Belong (live at Dortmund)--0
Love Is For Me--0
Let the Healing Begin (single edit)--0
The Weight--0
One (live)--0
You Know We're Gonna Hurt--0
You Can Leave Your Hat On (extended Dressed mix)--0
Talkin Back to the Night--0
I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Live)--0
With a Little Help From My Friends (Live Woodstock Version With Additional Stage Dialogue, Rainstorm, Crowd Sounds, Stage Announ--0
Trust in Me (feat. Sass Jordan)--0
Boogie Baby--0
Shocked (Live)--0
Honky Tonk Women - 3/28/70 / With Intro Set 1 / Live At The Fillmore East--0
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window - Live w/outro (1970/Fillmore East)--0
The Letter - Live At The Fillmore East/1970/Edit--0
The Letter - 1970/Live At The Fillmore East/Edit--0
Sweet Little Woman (Live)--0
Look What You've Done (Live)--0
Darling Be Home Soon - Live At Fillmore East/1970--0
Give Peace A Chance - Live w/outro (1970/Fillmore East)--0
With A Little Help From My Friends - Live At Fillmore East/1970--0
Delta Lady - 3/27/70 / Set 2 / Live At The Fillmore East--0
Let's Go Get Stoned - Live w/intro (1970/Fillmore East)--0
Put out the Light (Live)--0
Fire It Up - Live at WDR 2--0
Just Like Always (Live)--0
Bird On a Wire (Live)--0
Delta Lady (Live)--0
I've Got to Use My Imagination--0
Do Right Woman--0
I Know (You Don't Want Me No More)--0
Inner City Blues (single edit)--0
(All I Know) Feels Like Forever--0
I Come In Peace - Live at WDR 2--0
Let It Be - Original Take--0
Hell and Highwater--0
Edge of a Dream--0
Love the One You're With--0
Wasted Years--0
There’s a Storm Coming--0
That’s Your Business--0
Darlin’ Be Home Soon--0
I'll Cry Instead--0
I Think It’s Going to Rain--0
What’s Going On--0
I Can’t Say No--0
Hard Knocks (Live)--0
Get On (Live)--0
Could You Be Loved (single version)--0
Delta Lady (’96 version)--0
Sweet Lil' Woman--0
I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today--0
Unchain My Heart ('92 remix)--0
The Letting Go--0
Eye On the Prize--0
Love Lives On--0
I'll Be Your Doctor (Live @ WDR 2)--0
Let's Go Get Stoned - Live At Woodstock 1969--0
I'll Walk in the Sunshine Again--0
N'Oubliez Jamais (album version)--0
Walk Through the World With Me--0
The Last Road--0
Weight of the World--0
Unforgiven (Live)--0
You Are So Beautiful (Live)--0
Moon Is a Harsh Mistress--0
Wake Up Little Susie--0
Threw It Away--0
That's All I Need To Know/Difendero. (Live)--0
Simple Things--0
With a Little Help From My Friends (Live At Deutschlandhalle, Berlin / 1989)--0
Lady Put the Light Out--0
What You Did to Me Last Night--0
With a Little Help From My Friends (Live Woodstock Version)--0
Southern Lady--0
Please Give Peace a Chance (live)--0
Hymn 4 My Soul (Instrumental)--0
Living in the Promiseland (Live)--0
Living in the Promiseland--0
Darling Be Home Soon (Live At the Fillmore East / 1970)--0
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (live)--0
Sticks and Stones (Live)--0
Lie To Me--0
Summer in the City (single edit)--0
Love the One You're With (live)--0
What Are You Doing with a Fool Like Me (Live)--0
That's Your Business Now--0
Please Give Peace a Chance--0
Further on Up the Road--0
Five Women--0
Without Your Lovetrad0
The River's Risingtrad0
Don't You Love Me Anymoretrad0
Love Is On a Fadetrad0
Even a Fool Would Let Gotrad0
All Our Tomorrowstrad0
Get Ontrad0
Hard Knockstrad0
The Onetrad0
A Woman Loves a Mantrad0
Crazy In Lovetrad0
Long Drag Off a Cigarettetrad0
Ruby Leetrad0
So Good, So Righttrad0
Seven Daystrad0
Sweet Little Womantrad0
Talking Back To The Nighttrad0
Just Like Alwaystrad0
Come On Intrad0
There Goes My Babytrad0
Civilized Mantrad0
The Falltrad0
So It Goestrad0
Love Don't Live Here Any Moretrad0
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonighttrad0
Every Kind Of Peopletrad0
I Keep Forgettingtrad0
Maybe I'm Amazedtrad0
Jealous Guytrad0
Everybody Hurtstrad0
Leave a Light Ontrad0
It's Only Lovetrad0
I'm Listening Nowtrad0
This Is Your Lifetrad0
You Took It So Hardtrad0
What's Going Ontrad0
Hymn 4 My Soultrad0
You Haven't Done Nothin'trad0
One Word (Peace)trad0
I Hopetrad0
Runaway Traintrad0
Don't Give Up On Metrad0
Long As I Can See The Lighttrad0
Ring Them Bellstrad0
River's Invitationtrad0
Just Pass It Ontrad0
Beware Of Darknesstrad0
Look What You've Donetrad0
I Can't Say Notrad0
She Came In Through The Bathroom Windowtrad0
Hitchcock Railwaytrad0
Lawdy Miss Clawdytrad0
Bird On The Wiretrad0
Dear Landlordtrad0
Darling Be Home Soontrad0
Sticks And Stonestrad0
Honky Tonk Womentrad0
Girl From The North Countrytrad0
Space Captaintrad0
I Shall Be Releasedtrad0
A Little Help From My Friendstrad0
Delta Ladytrad0
Bye Bye Blackbirdtrad0
Love Not Wartrad0
You Can't Have My Hearttrad0
What Becomes Of The Brokenheartedtrad0
Change In Louisetrad0
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstoodtrad0
Sandpaper Cadillactrad0
Do I Still Figure In Your Life?trad0
Just Like a Womantrad0
Pardon Me Sirtrad0
Black-Eyed Bluestrad0
Oh Mamatrad0
Forgive Me Nowtrad0
I Think It's Going To Rain Todaytrad0
Where Am I Nowtrad0
If I Love Youtrad0
Jamaica Say You Willtrad0
Watching The River Flowtrad0
Fun Timetrad0
It's All Over But The Shoutin'trad0
(That's What I Like) In My Womantrad0
A Song For Youtrad0
St. James Infirmarytrad0
Put Out The Lighttrad0
Woman To Womantrad0
Midnight Ridertrad0
Something To Saytrad0
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistresstrad0
Don't Forget Metrad0
The Man In Metrad0
The Jealous Kindtrad0
Every Time It Rainstrad0
Midnight Without Youtrad0
Unchain Myheart (90s version)--0
Thankful (Live)--0
Maybe I’m Amazed--0
You Can Leave Your Heat On--0
The Letter (Live)--0
Lean on Me--0
The Weight (Live)--0
Feelin' Alright (Live At The Fillmore East/1970)--0
N'Oubliez Jamais (Edit)--0
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely--0
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today--0
Wiith a Little Help From My Friends--0
Can't Find My Way Home (Edit)--0
With a Little Help From My Friends--0
Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word--0
Naked Without Youtrad0
Soul Risingtrad0
I Ain't Gonna Cry Againtrad0
Fire It Up--0
With a Little Help From My Friends (live)--0
Feelin' Alright (Live)--0
Come Together - From "Across The Universe" Soundtrack--0
19. You Are So Beautiful--0
Up Where We Belong (An Officer and a Gentleman/Soundtrack version)--0
I'll Be Your Doctor--0
She Came in Thru the Bathroom Window--0
You Cant Leave Your Hat On--0
(Please) Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood--0
You Are So Beautiful (live version)--0
The Last One to Know--0
Two Wrongs--0
You Can Leave Your Hat On (live)--0
Feelin' Allright--0
Shelter Me (Single Edit)--0
It's a Sin When Your Love Somebody--0
Up Where We Belong (with Maxine Green) [Live]--0
A Girl Like You--0
Human Touch--0
Let It Be--0
Up Where We Belong (Love Theme from "An Officer and a Gentleman")--0
Edge of a Dream (Theme from "Teachers")--0
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted--0
Jealous Kind (Live)--0
Bird on a Wire--0
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest World--0
I Who Have Nothing--0
I Come In Peace (Live)--0
What Are You Doing With a Fool Like Me--0
Up Where We Belong (live)--0
When The Night Comes (Live)--0
I'll Be Your Doctor (Live)--0
No Ordinary Worldtrad0
She Believes In Metrad0
Can't Find My Way Hometrad0
Now That The Magic Has Gonetrad0
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Metrad0
Love Is Alivetrad0
5 Womentrad0
I Can Hear The Rivertrad0
Feels Like Forevertrad0
The Great Dividetrad0
Highway, Highwaytrad0
The Simple Thingstrad0
Have a Little Faith In Metrad0
Let The Healing Begintrad0
Please No Moretrad0
Out Of The Raintrad0
Another Mind Gonetrad0
Just To Keep From Drowningtrad0
Letting Gotrad0
Got To Use My Imaginationtrad0
You Know It's Gonna Hurttrad0
Bad Bad Signtrad0
You've Got To Hide Your Love Awaytrad0
When a Woman Criestrad0
One Night Of Sintrad0
I'm Your Mantrad0
Too Cooltrad0
Soul Timetrad0
Need Your Love So Badtrad0
First We Take Manhattantrad0
What Do You Say?trad0
Across From Midnighttrad0
Loving You Tonighttrad0
Love Made a Promisetrad0
Where Would I Be Nowtrad0
Love To Lean Ontrad0
While You See a Chancetrad0
Different Roadstrad0
On My Way Hometrad0
Wayward Soultrad0
What Do I Tell My Heart?trad0
Take Me Hometrad0
Standing Knee Deep In a Rivertrad0
Out Of The Bluetrad0
You And Itrad0
Sail Awaytrad0
That's All I Need To Knowtrad0
Could You Be Lovedtrad0
Into The Mystictrad0
Anybody Seen My Girltrad0
Song For You--0
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