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Joe Purdy

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Blue in the Sky--2
School Teacher's Blues--1
New Year's Eve--1
Miss Me--1
Broken Town Blues--0
John Henry and the Old North Wind--0
Something to Look For--0
The Pretenders--0
Santa Rosa in the Snow--0
Isabel And The King--0
Canyon Joe--0
Two Left Feet--0
New York--0
The Sun--0
Make It Up--0
Brand New Set of Wings--0
Only Four Seasons--0
Only the Songs That We Knew--0
Paris In the Morning--0
Shy Town Tonight--0
Cinderella and the "A" Train--0
Look at You Now--0
Why Do I--0
Goodnight to the Westside--0
Lady Lonesome--0
California Girl--0
Why You--0
I'm Not What You Need--0
Laughing Man--0
Worn Out Shoes--0
Sad Clown--0
Walking Down--0
You Can Tell Georgia--0
Meteor City--0
Falling Down--0
I've Been to Holland--0
Too Young--0
Who Will Be Next--0
Homesick Blues--0
You Don't Like Me Anymore--0
Hard Times--0
Children of Privilege--0
On the Wind--0
Oh Suzanna (Instrumental)--0
My Country--0
Rainy Day Lament + Like You--0
Oh! Susanna (Instrumental)--0
Pretty Saro (Instrumental)--0
4th of July--0
Dead End Kids (vinyl edition)--0
The City - Soundtrack--0
Resolution #1 (Bonus Track)--0
Wood Box--0
You Should--0
Brooklyn I'm Calling--0
Days of Old--0
White Picket Fence--0
Sinkin' Low--0
You Don't Like Me Anyway--0
Let Me Sing to You--0
Brown Suits and Cadillacs--0
Death of a Maiden--0
Eagle Rock Fire--0
Ode To Sad Clown--0
Dress Is Too Long--0
Dead End Kids--0
Last Clock On the Wall--0
Been Up So Long--0
Take My Blanket and Go--0
Waiting for Loretta Too Long--0
Meet Me in N.Y.--0
Ba Girl--0
That Diamond Ring--0
Miss Me (Bonus Track)--0
San Jose--0
Sorry You're Blue--0
Swan Swan H--0
Ride Off On a Cloud--0
Lover's Side of Town--0
Dust Bowl--0
Waiting On Something Good--0
Wash Away (Reprise)--0
Abbie's Song--0
Rainy Day Lament--0
Can't Get It Right Tofaytrad0
Wash Away--0
The City--0
Good Days--0
Come Back Down Joe--0
Balcony/Green Eyes--0
Cowboy Song--0
Movin' On--0
Ah-La Song--0
Can't Get It Right Today--0
Isn't Love--0
Oregon Trail--0
The Little One--0
Just Another Old Love Song--0
Some Things Don't Work Out--0
Woman Go--0
This Morning Blue--0
He Said She Said--0
This Town--0
I Love The Rain The Mosttrad0
It's a Wonder--0
Runaway Children--0
Put Me in My Place--0
Mary May & Bobby--0
Leave Me Be--0
Julie Blue--0
Whiskey and Fish--0
It's All the Same--0
Admiral's Daughter--0
Lead Me Back to Home--0
If I Had You--0
St. Lawrence Spits--0
Far Away Blues--0
Riverboat Captain--0
Skinny Dippin' Girl--0
Down to the Water--0
Over It--0
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