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John Cale

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Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed--1
Honi Soit (La première leçon de Français)--1
Caribbean Sunset (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--1
Paris 1919--1
Antarctica Starts Here--1
Gravel Drive--0
Caribbean Sunset--0
Praetorian Underground--0
Model Beirut Recital--0
Hungry for Love--0
Frozen Warning--0
The Hunt--0
Where There's a Will--0
Turn the Lights On--0
For a Ride--0
In a Flood--0
Macbeth (instrumental)--0
Experiment Number 1--0
Faces and Names--0
Trouble With Classicists--0
Villa Albani--0
Antartida Starts Here--0
I'm Waiting for the Man--0
Antartica Starts Here--0
One Word--0
Strange Times in Casablanca--0
Andalucia (alternate version)--0
Child's Christmas in Wales (alternate version)--0
Fear (Is a Man's Best Friend) (live)--0
Antarctica Starts Here (rehearsal)--0
John Milton--0
Dead or Alive--0
Dirty Ass Rock and Roll--0
Venus in Furs--0
Mailman (The Lying Song)--0
Memphis (instrumental)--0
Reading My Mind--0
E Is Missing--0
Look Horizon--0
Waiting for Blonde--0
Style It Takes--0
The Man Who Couldn't Afford to Orgy--0
You Know More Than I Know--0
Wilson Joliet--0
Momamma Scuba--0
Twilight Zone--0
Letter From Abroad--0
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues--0
Sylvia Said--0
Satellite Walk--0
Magic and Lies--0
Streets of Laredo--0
The Academy in Peril--0
Legs Larry at Television Centre--0
The Philosopher--0
Black Rose--0
Fadeaway Tomorrow--0
Close Watch--0
Over Her Head--0
Things X--0
Everytime the Dogs Bark--0
The Sleeper--0
Song of the Valley--0
Vigilante Lover--0
King Harry--0
The Moon--0
Paris s'éveille--0
Summer Heat--0
Sun Blindness Music--0
Animals At Night--0
The Cowboy Laughs At the Round-Up--0
Turin At Night--0
Drone - Into Amsterdam Suite--0
Chinese Takeaway (Hong Kong 1997) [Medley]--0
Everytime the Dog Barks--0
The Pianos Part II: Gold and Crimson--0
Sanctus: Four Etudes for Electronic Orchestra--0
There Was a Saviour / Interlude I--0
The String Quartets: Madonna's Blues--0
Bamboo Floor--0
All I Want Is You--0
The Seine At Night--0
On The Road To Germany--0
Hallelujah (Fragments)--0
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Fragments)--0
Big Apple Express--0
Guts (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Hush - Live--0
(I Keep A) Close Watch (Fragments)--0
Gun - Live--0
After the Locust--0
Terry's Cha-Cha--0
Part 1--0
Memories Of Paris: My Piano Thanks You For Visiting--0
Memories Of Paris: B. Calls--0
Part 2--0
Part 4--0
Part 8--0
Part 7--0
Part 5--0
The Pianos Part II: Last Train to Bosnia--0
The Pianos Part I: Martyrs and Madmen--0
Thoughtless Kind (Music For a New Society)--0
Taking Your Life In Your Hands (Music For a New Society)--0
Broken Hearts (Reprise) [Live] - Live Music Hall, Köln 1992--0
Sanctus (Sanities) [Music For a New Society]--0
If You Were Still Around (Music For a New Society)--0
Chinese Envoy (Music For a New Society)--0
Broken Bird (Music For a New Society)--0
Close Watch (Music For a New Society)--0
Leaving It up to You (Live) - Zeche Bochum, 1984--0
Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night (Live) - Live Music Hall, Köln 1992--0
Magic & Lies--0
Russian Roulette--0
Fighter Pilot--0
Buffalo Ballet--0
Broken Hearts (Live) - Live Music Hall, Köln 1992--0
Mercenaries (Ready for War) [Live] - Zeche Bochum, 1984--0
I'm Waiting for the Man (Live) - Zeche Bochum, 1984--0
Paris 1919 (Live) - Live Zeche Bochum, 1984--0
Changes Made (Music For a New Society)--0
Damn Life (Music For a New Society)--0
Broken Hearts (reprise)--0
Broken Hearts--0
Outro Drone - Live--0
Memories Of Paris: What Mrs Ives Said To Mr Ives--0
The Pianos Part I: Welcome to Europe--0
The Pianos Part I: First Train to Heaven--0
The Pianos Part I: A Snake In China?--0
The Pianos Part I: Every Body's Cold Sometimes--0
Zen - Live--0
Ghost Story (Live)--0
If You Were Still Around (M:FANS)--0
Library of Force (Music For a New Society)--0
Risé, Sam and Rimsky Korsakov (Music For a New Society)--0
Changes Made (M:FANS)--0
Paris 1919 (Live)--0
2 Jumbo (Instrumental)--0
Spinning Away--0
Bicycle (original version)--0
The Soul of Carmen Miranda--0
OuttaTheBag (Live)--0
Buffalo Ballet (Live)--0
Woman (Live)--0
Set Me Free (Live)--0
Look Horizon (Live)--0
Hanky Panky Nohow (Live)--0
Dirty Ass Rock and Roll (Live)--0
Magritte (Live)--0
Helen of Troy (Live)--0
Save Us (Live)--0
Heartbreak Hotel (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Dead or Alive (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Cable Hogue (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Chorale (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Fear Is a Man's Best Friend (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Venus In Furs (Live)--0
Streets of Laredo (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Close Watch (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Style It Takes (Live)--0
Heartbreak Hotel (Live)--0
Sandman (Flying Dutchman)--0
Midnight Feast--0
Living With You--0
Living With You (Organic Mix)--0
Face to the Sky--0
The Ballad of Cable Hogue (Live)--0
I Wanna Talk 2 U--0
Vampire Cafe--0
You Know Me More Than I Know--0
Fairweather Friend (Previously Unreleased Alternate Version)--0
Mercenaries (Ready for War) (Live)--0
Scotland Yard--0
December Rains--0
Nookie Wood--0
Only Time Will Tell (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Thoughtless Kind (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Stainless Steel Gamelan--0
Fear (Is a Man's Best Friend)--0
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night--0
Hallelujah - Fragments [Single Version]--0
Evidence (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Streets of Laredo (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Model Beirut Recital (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Magazines (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Ghost Story--0
Graham Greene--0
Child's Christmas In Wales--0
Hallelujah (Fragments Version)--0
Half Past France--0
Hanky Panky Nohow--0
The Endless Plain of Fortune--0
Dr. Mudd (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Leaving It Up to You (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Buffalo Ballet (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
A Child's Christmas in Wales (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Amsterdam (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Antarctica Starts Here (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Taking It All Away (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Chinese Envoy (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Paris 1919 (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Riverbank (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Leaving It Up to You (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Ship of Fools (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Heartbreak Hotel (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Fear Is a Man's Best Friend (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
The Hunt (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Paris 1919 (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Mercenaries (Ready for War) [Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19]--0
Ghost Story (Live, Zeche Bochum 06.03.1983)--0
Close Watch (Live, Grugahalle Essen 14.10.19)--0
Baby, What You Want Me to Do?--0
Chums of Dumpty--0
Big White Cloud--0
Fairweather Friend--0
Bring It on Up--0
Gideon's Bible--0
Hello, There--0
Save Us--0
China Sea--0
Helen of Troy--0
Cable Hogue--0
Pablo Picasso--0
Leaving It Up to You--0
Sudden Death--0
Coral Moon--0
Fairweather Friend (alternate version)--0
On a Wedding Anniversary--0
Heartbreak Hotel--0
Songs Without Words I--0
Songs Without Words II--0
Ship of Fools--0
Dying on the Vine--0
A Child's Christmas in Wales--0
Darling I Need You--0
The Jeweller--0
I'm Not the Loving Kind--0
Ski Patrol--0
Mary Lou--0
Mr. Wilson--0
Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll--0
Taking It All Away--0
My Maria--0
Only Time Will Tell--0
Captain Hook--0
Hedda Gabler--0
Thoughtless Kind--0
Taking Your Life in Your Hands--0
Rosegarden Funeral of Sores--0
Walkin' the Dog--0
Dr. Mudd--0
Only the Time Will Tell--0
Burned Out Affair--0
Wilderness Approaching--0
Dr. Mudo--0
On the Dark Side--0
Baby You Know--0
Mercenaries (Ready for War)--0
If You Were Still Around--0
So Much for Love--0
Crazy Egypt--0
So What--0
Tell Me Why--0
Indistinct Notion of Cool--0
Entre nous--0
Some Friends--0
Secret Corrida--0
Set Me Free--0
Dancing Undercover--0
Chinese Envoy--0
Broken Bird--0
(I Keep A) Close Watch--0
Changes Made--0
Damn Life--0
In the Library of Force--0
Rise, Sam and Rimsky-Korsakov--0
The Ballad of Cable Hogue--0
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