Vanity Slaves Pt. 2 (Feat. Gucci Mane) lyrics officiel
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parole Vanity Slaves Pt. 2 (Feat. Gucci Mane) - Kendrick Lamar lyrics
paroles officielles ♪ Vanity Slaves Pt. 2 (Feat. Gucci Mane) ♪
I swear you people don't know Kendrick, you don't know him
But you say you want some more Kendrick, I'm bout to show
everything inside this human being, I'm still growing
I'm a premature, baby in this crazy life that we adore
Doors on the Lamborghini, I want 'em
Can't afford 'em so I tell the swap meet to clone 'em
I guess I really am a vanity slave
I guess my ancestors turning in they graves
Burning money when I get it, fuck a life savings
Overdraft bank statements just to make a statement
When I put this fashion on, I'm a fashion junkie
Picking cotton in the country, I bought this out the country
Whips and chains, whips and chains, Jacob know my name
He call me Kunta, you my brother, we come from the same
modern world, that's your girl? I see she rocking Fendi
Try this on, if it ain't upscale then you may offend me
Copping everything in sight, ignoring they sacrifice
Amnesia if I see the Black Visa in my hand tonight
I show my dick and then I swipe, that's a punchline
They was hot and I wore ice, that's ironic huh?
Word around town that I'm all about the bitches
Word around town that I love my twenty-sixes
Word around town that I gotta stay paid
Lord please forgive me, I'm a vanity slave
(It's the Guc', cock and shoot
Found my swag but lost my roof, BURR! BURR!)
Lord please forgive me, I'm a vanity slave
(See my Audemar tick as my Audemar tock)
Lord please forgive me, I'm a vanity slave (BURR!)
Aw man, videos got me wanting hoes
Appetite for flashing lights, all I can do is pose
A black male, on Melrose
I should get blackmailed, buy my people hell Rose
Niggas that ain't had shit for four-hundred years
overcompensate by over-accessorising with gear
Many of y'all don't see my vision
I do it for the love of Hip Hop and the love of bitches
Am I a hypocrite cause everyday I'm contradicting?
I think of how I'm living, then I watch "How I'm Livin'"
I know this can't be right, my conscience tell me to stay
It's unlikely to see what I like and say I don't like it
Biggest dilemma, my priorities ignoring me
I wanna move accordingly, but baby steps are premature
I'm flying to the south and I'll be gone till November
to see my family tree, but this a shame I'm yelling out
Cold, oh so cold
How ironic? He bought it, then sold his soul
Is it masonic for your vice to take it's toll?
The remote control is taking control
Lift up the doors
That Lamborghini I wanted come with a dumb-ass model that in
I like 'em both, I'll wife 'em both
Take these motherfucking Jordans off, put on my Loafs
Cause nothing goes bad every time I wear (Gucci!)
I'm getting more ass every time I wear (Gucci!)
They tell me it's a fad every time I wear (Gucci!)
But should I give a fuck when it bring me more coochie?
This a young nigga's pedigree, I pray the Lord can better me
If not he bout to strike me down like this my third felony
Them voices keep on telling me, Kendrick don't forget about
I burned my wardrobe, hoping that I could live without it
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parole Kendrick Lamar - Vanity Slaves Pt. 2 (Feat. Gucci Mane) officiel
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