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Bruk Off Mi Cock--12
Bruck Off Yuh Back--12
Bruk Off Yuh Back--12
To Her With Love (They Say)--8
Love You Forever (Drunk Confession)--7
Gal a Bubble (Instrumental)--6
Gal Dem Sugar--6
Weed on Me--5
Gal a Bubble--5
Only You Know--4
Bruck Off Mi Cock--4
Show Yourself--4
U Better Miss Me--3
Pretty Devil--3
Gal Dem a Talk--3
Jah Love Mi--3
Gun Shot a Fire--3
I'm Coming--3
Gal from All Bout Riddim (Instrumental)--3
My Own--3
Addikt Riddim - Instrumental Version--2
Jamaican Dance--2
This Life (Glory) [Success and Strive Riddim]--2
Thank God Fi Di Gal Dem--2
Walk n Wine (Gal a Bubble, Pt. 3)--2
Good Girl Gone Badtrad2
It's Gonna Be Okay--2
No Hesitation (I'm Coming)--1
A So Mi Tan--1
Need a Wife--1
Bad Gal (Clean)--1
Bad Gal (Raw)--1
Anyweh (Party Version)--1
Sort out Yourself--1
The Realest Song--1
Bad Girl--1
Jah Never Leave My Side--1
Ready Fi Dem--1
You Can Dweet--1
I've Got to Go (Instrumental)--1
Dem Gal Deh (Clean)--1
No Power--1
Care Zero (Radio)--1
Realest Songtrad1
Stop Sign (Clean)--1
Gal a Bubble (Radio Version)--1
You Make Me--1
Leave Your Side--1
No Hesitation--1
The Journey--1
Original Daddy--1
Never Leave God--1
Gal Ting--1
Couple Up--1
Buss a Blanktrad1
Walk and Wine (Gal a Bubble 3)--1
Gal Tan Up--1
Gyal Siddung--1
Mad Mi--1
Bring Back Love Making--1
Bad Gal--1
Gyal Get That Money--0
Watch Your Back--0
This Life (Glory)--0
Gyal a Whine (Radio)--0
When Ish Get Real--0
Can't Wait Any Longer Riddim (Instrumental)--0
Winning (Radio)--0
Do Things--0
Morning Meds (Radio)--0
Gun Shot a Fire (Radio Edit)--0
Do Anything--0
Independent Lady--0
Gal from All Bout--0
How We Living--0
Big People Ting (Remastered)--0
Gyal Siddung (Edit)--0
From Yuh See Me (Edit)--0
Hard Fi Love--0
Save Something--0
Mama Proud--0
Sorry Haters--0
Independent Lady Riddim (Instrumental)--0
Gun Shot a Fire (Clean)--0
God a Mi Don (Radio)--0
Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down--0
Come Get This--0
Ruff a Road (Battlefield)--0
Rasta Imposter--0
Don't Diss Mama--0
A So Me Tan--0
So Mi Tan--0
A So Me Tan (Explicit)--0
Jiggle (Clean)--0
Kuffin Kuffin Kuffin--0
Clean Money--0
Only Jah--0
Rasta Imposter (remix)--0
Gyal a Bubble (Shashamane Dubplate)--0
On Your Face (Radio)--0
Serious Problems--0
Gal A Bubble (clean)--0
Jamaican Dance (MC Mario 8 Barz)--0
Care Zero--0
Not Going Home--0
Day One--0
From Yuh See Me--0
Straight Forward--0
On Your Face (Radio Edit)--0
Money Talk--0
Dem Nuh Real (Raw)--0
Hustle Everyday--0
From Mi Born--0
Hot Patty (Raw)--0
Gyal a Whine--0
Simple Song--0
Stop Sign (Raw)--0
On Your Face--0
Trust No One--0
Jus Dance Yah Gyal--0
Big People Ting--0
On Your Face (Raw)--0
Naah Run Lef Mi Fren--0
Bring It Come--0
Walk and Wine (Gal a Bubble, Pt. 2)--0
No Retreat--0
Happy Time--0
Gal A Bubble (raw)--0
Get It On (Intoxxicated Riddim)--0
Gyal a Bubble--0
Do Sum'n--0
Turn Me On--0
Bad Man Heart--0
Live It Up--0
Money a the Topic--0
Caribbean Party--0
We a Hustle--0
Do Sumn (Shashamane Dubplate)--0
Stop Sign--0
Am Coming--0
Natural Leader--0
Badman Settinz (Edit)--0
Fight the Ban--0
Sum'n Deh--0
All About You--0
The Realest Medz--0
Morning Meds--0
Depend on You--0
Mek It Boom--0
F**k Me--0
Protect Me--0
I'm That Nigga--0
Do Sumn! - Raw--0
World Citizen--0
Step U Money Up--0
Gun Shot a Fire (Edit)--0
Can't Wait Any Longer--0
From Yuh See Me (Raw)--0
Don't Worry--0
Anyweh (Gun Version)--0
Touch You--0
Money Up--0
Tan Up an Fuck--0
Me Inna Yuh--0
From Mi Born (Gal Mi Sey)--0
Wid Easy--0
Let Me Go (Reloaded)--0
She's Happy--0
Hot Patty (Edit)--0
Gun Shot a Fire (Raw)--0
Missing You--0
parole traduction visites
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