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Your Touch - Kutless Album Version--1
Strong Tower--1
Take Me In--1
Promise Of a Lifetimetrad1
More Than It Seems - Narnia Album Version--0
All Alone - Sea Of Faces Album Version--0
Your Great Name--0
Carry Me to the Cross (Medium Key Performance Track With Background Vocals)--0
Saved - Kutless Album Version--0
Savior and My God--0
Promise You--0
Overcoming Me--0
I Do Not Belong--0
The Disease & the Cure--0
Pride Away - Kutless Album Version--0
Promise of a Lifetime (Hearts of the Innocent Album Version)--0
Dying To Become--0
Beautiful Blood--0
O Holy Night--0
Breath of Heaven--0
The Rescue--0
Run - Kutless Album Version--0
We Exalt Thee--0
Million Dollar Man--0
To Know That You're Alive--0
I Lift My Eyes--0
Chance of a Lifetime--0
Somewhere in the Sky--0
It's Like Me--0
This Time--0
You Alone (Demo Version)--0
Somewhere in the Sky (acoustic)--0
Changing World (acoustic)--0
Promise of a Lifetime (Medium Key Performance Without Background Vocals)--0
My Savior and My God--0
Shut Me Out (acoustic)--0
Let You In--0
Your Touch--0
Pride Away--0
Strong Tower (live)--0
Changing World - 2006 Digital Remaster--0
Treason - Live--0
Troubled Heart - Live--0
Sea Of Faces - Live--0
Somewhere In The Sky - 2006 Digital Remaster--0
Smile - 2006 Digital Remaster--0
Sea Of Faces - Medium Key Performance Track With Background Vocals--0
Sea Of Faces - Low Key Performance Track--0
Sea Of Faces - High Key Performance Track--0
Shut Me Out - 2006 Digital Remaster--0
Run - Live--0
Pride Away - Live--0
Great Are You Lord--0
Strong Tower (Reprise)--0
No Wonder (Roar of the Rugged Cross)--0
Shepherd of My Soul--0
Your Touch - Live--0
Beyond the Surface - Live--0
Tonight - Live--0
Let You In - Live--0
Somewhere in the Sky - Live--0
Not What You See - Live--0
Carry Me to the Cross - Medium Key Performance Track Without Background Vocals--0
It Is Well (Edit 2)--0
Carry Me to the Cross (High Key Performance Track Without Background Vocals)--0
Carry Me to the Cross (Low Key Performance Track Without Background Vocals)--0
Remember Me (Acoustic Version)--0
Carry Me to the Cross (Acoustic Version)--0
Carry Me to the Cross (Acoustic)--0
Gave It All (I Surrender All)--0
Shut Me Out - Live--0
In Me--0
You Are Love--0
Your Love Awakens Me--0
Promise of a Lifetime (Medium Key Performance Plus With Background Vocals)--0
Promise of a Lifetime (High Key Performance)--0
Treason (Kutless Album Version)--0
Remember Me (Live)--0
Sleeping City--0
The Disease and The Cure--0
Changing World (Acoustic) [2006 Remaster]--0
Somewhere In the Sky (Acoustic) [2006 Remaster]--0
Better Is One Day (Live)--0
Shut Me Out (Acoustic) [2006 Remaster]--0
Smile (Acoustic) [2006 Remaster]--0
Hearts of the Innocent - Live--0
We Lift You Up--0
All the Words--0
Come Back Home--0
Arms of Love--0
I'm With You--0
It Is Well--0
Carry On--0
Finding Who We Are--0
This Is Love--0
God Rest My Soul--0
My Heart Is a Ghost--0
You Save Me--0
Tear It Up--0
I Will Go--0
One Thing Remains--0
If It Ends Today--0
You Alone--0
This Is Christmas--0
Carry Me to the Cross--0
King of My Heart--0
Ready for You--0
Give Us Clean Hands--0
All Alonetrad0
Not What You Seetrad0
Sea of Faces--0
Everything I Need--0
Even If--0
Better Is One Day--0
Grace and Love--0
God of Wonders--0
All Who Are Thirsty--0
In Jesus' Name--0
Draw Me Close--0
All Yours--0
Bring It On--0
We Fall Down--0
I'm Still Yours--0
All of the Words--0
Word of God Speak--0
At the Cross--0
Beautiful the Blood--0
Troubled Heart--0
Passion - Sea Of Faces Album Version--0
Shut Me Out--0
Beyond the Surface--0
Push Me Away--0
Smile (acoustic)--0
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear--0
Changing World--0
Unto You--0
What Faith Can Dotrad0
Give Us Clean Hands (Live)--0
What Faith Can Do (Live)--0
Children of God--0
Restore Me--0
The Feeling--0
All The Words - Sea Of Faces Album Version--0
Not Too Far--0
Hearts of the Innocent--0
Jesus Lord of Heaven--0
Mary Did You Know--0
Remember Me--0
In the City--0
I Lift My Eyes Up--0
More Than It Seems--0
Never Too Late--0
Winds of Change--0
All To You--0
We Will Worship--0
Better For You--0
Stand (The Way)--0
Guiding Me Home--0
Taken By Love--0
Love Come Crashing Down--0
Take Me In (Live)--0
parole traduction visites
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