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You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You--6
My Demons--1
Un Fantasma Tra Mui--1
Blood, Tears, Dust--1
End of Time--1
Losing My Religiontrad1
Broken Things--1
Aeon (Live Radio Waaf Acoustic)--0
Swamped (Wacken 2007)--0
Soul Inmate--0
Swamped (Studdio Acoustic Version)--0
Dark Adrenaline--0
Senzafine (Live Radio Waaf Acoustic)--0
Unspoken (Studio Acoustic Version)--0
In Visible Light (Wacken 2007)--0
Swamped (Radiomix - Edit)--0
Heaven's a Lie (Studio Acoustic Version)--0
Swamped (Studio Acoustic Version)--0
Senzafine (Studio Acoustic Version)--0
I Like It (Interface Mix)--0
I Like It (Das Basslaster Mix)--0
The Human Box--0
Soul Inmate (Bonus Track)--0
To Myself I Turn--0
Chapter V: All You Can Eat--0
Chapter VI: The Sane Madness--0
Spellbound (On WBYR Second Visit)--0
I Won’t Tell You (live on KXFX)--0
I Like It (Dan Peace Mix)--0
I Like It (Interface Mix) [Edit]--0
Closer (live on WCC)--0
Within Me (live on WCC)--0
Heaven's a Lie (Radiomix and Edit)--0
Lost Lullaby (Bonus Track)--0
I Won't Tell You (instrumental version)--0
Fragile (live)--0
Heaven's a Lie (live on WCC)--0
Swamped (Live)--0
In Visible Light (Live)--0
Last Goodbye--0
What I See (Wacken 2007)--0
Closer (acoustic live To-Air on the Mancow Show)--0
Spellbound (acoustic version)--0
Within Me (Acoustic, Recorded for Broadcast On the Mancow Show, Chicago, IL, April 10, 2006)--0
Virtual Environment (non Album Track)--0
Closer (Live)--0
Senzafine (Live)--0
Trip the Darkness (Ben Weinman remix)--0
Fragments of Faith (live In St. Petersburg, FL, March 20, 2006)--0
The Game (Live In St. Petersburg, Fl, March 20, 2006)--0
I Like It (Interface remix)--0
Closer (Radio/Video Mix and Edit)--0
Tightrope (Live In St. Petersburg, Fl, March 20, 2006)--0
I Won't Tell You (Live At the House of Blues Hollywood for Westwood One, July 22, 2009)--0
What I see (Live)--0
Closer (Acoustic, Recorded for Broadcast On the Mancow Show, Chicago, Il, April 10, 2006)--0
Survive (Live At the House of Blues Hollywood for Westwood One, July 22, 2009)--0
Heaven's a Lie (radio edit)--0
Spellbound (acoustic live To-Air on Wbyr)--0
Virtual Environment (bonus song from the Enjoy the Silence single)--0
Heaven's a Lie (acoustic)--0
Senzafine (Halflife EP version)--0
Unspoken (acoustic)--0
Senzafine (acoustic)--0
Senzafine (live acoustic on WAAF)--0
Heaven's a Lie (live acoustic on WAAF)--0
The Game (live)--0
Fragments of Faith (live)--0
Within Me (acoustic)--0
Closer (acoustic)--0
Survive (live)--0
I'm Not Afraid (live)--0
I Won't Tell You (live)--0
Aeon (live acoustic on WAAF)--0
Un fantasma tra noi--0
Chapter I: The Injected--0
The Sane Madness--0
Chapter II: While You Sleep--0
Chapter IV: The Human Box--0
I Won't Tell You (acoustic version)--0
Fragments of Faith (Wacken 2007)--0
While You Sleep--0
Intro (Live)--0
Swamped (Radiomix and Edit)--0
Die and Rise--0
Lost Lullaby (bonus)--0
Fragments of Faith (live in St. Petersburg, FL, 2006)--0
The Game (live in St. Petersburg, FL, 2006)--0
Spellbound (acoustic)--0
To the Edge (live 2007)--0
Enjoy the Silence (album version)--0
I Like It (Dan Peace remix)--0
Aeon (instrumental)--0
Daylight Dancer (radio edit)--0
Swamped (acoustic)--0
Swamped (radio edit)--0
I Like It (Das Basslaster remix)--0
I Like It (Interface remix edit)--0
Closer (Wacken 2007)--0
Heaven's a Lie (Live Radio Waaf Acoustic)--0
Enjoy the Silence (Wacken 2007)--0
Closer (Promotional Video)--0
Within Me (Promotional Video)--0
Daylight Dancer (edit)--0
Our Truth (radio edit)--0
Our Truth (live)--0
Closer (radio mix)--0
Heaven's a Lie (live)--0
Closer (radio edit)--0
Shallow End--0
Closer (album version)--0
Enjoy the Silence (live)--0
Our Truth (Jack Dangers mix)--0
Swamped (radio mix)--0
To the Edge (live)--0
Tightrope (live)--0
When a Dead Man Walks (live)--0
Without a Reason (bonus song from the Our Truth single)--0
I Survive--0
Soul Into Hadestrad0
This Is My Dreamtrad0
Un Fantasma Tra Noi (A Ghost Between Us)--0
Trance Awake--0
The Secret...trad0
No Need To Explaintrad0
My Wingstrad0
Honeymoon Suitetrad0
Veins Of Glasstrad0
Wave Of Anguishtrad0
A Current Obsessiontrad0
Lost Lullabytrad0
To The Edgetrad0
Distant Suntrad0
Cold Heritagetrad0
To Live Is To Hidetrad0
Heir Of a Dying Daytrad0
When a Dead Man Walkstrad0
Stately Lovertrad0
Daylight Dancertrad0
Self Deceptiontrad0
Tight Ropetrad0
Heaven's a Lietrad0
Angel's Punishmenttrad0
Falling Againtrad0
To Myself I Turnedtrad0
Enjoy The Silencetrad0
The Prophet Saidtrad0
Wide Awaketrad0
Shallow Lifetrad0
The Gametrad0
I'm Not Afraidtrad0
Not Enoughtrad0
The Ghost Woman And The Huntertrad0
Our Truthtrad0
I Won't Tell Youtrad0
Within Metrad0
Bleed the Pain--0
Take Me Home--0
Ultima Ratio--0
I Burn In You--0
In the End I Feel Alive--0
Live to Tell--0
Ghost in the Mist--0
Against You--0
Die & Rise--0
The Army Inside--0
Naughty Christmas--0
Our Truth (Wacken 2007)--0
Heaven's a Lie (Wacken 2007)--0
Closer (acoustic version)--0
Within Me (acoustic live To-Air on the Mancow Show)--0
Senzafine (Wacken 2007)--0
Tight Rope (live in St. Petersburg, FL, 2006)--0
I Don't Believe in Tomorrow--0
Trip the Darkness - Single--0
Enjoy the Silence (Originally By Depeche Mode)--0
Nothing Stands In Our Way--0
The Paintrad0
The Mazetrad0
The Last Goodbyetrad0
I Like Ittrad0
Without a Reasontrad0
What I Seetrad0
You Createtrad0
Fragments Of Faithtrad0
In Visible Lighttrad0
Without Feartrad0
Leaving Alonetrad0
Virtual Environmenttrad0
The House of Shame--0
My Spirit--0
One Cold Day--0
Hostage to the Light--0
Trip The Darknesstrad0
Kill The Lighttrad0
Give Me Something Moretrad0
I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)--0
I'm Not Afraid (Live At the House of Blues Hollywood for Westwood One, July 22, 2009)--0
parole traduction visites
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