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Little Boss est une chanson en Anglais

Imma Show you how a real boss do it! Huh!
Little Boss Yup!
Watch this!
I’m bouta flex on tik Tok
Cop my momma that big watch
I’m on the playground tik tok
Hits in Hits yall kidz bop
You got receipts to back those
Yall Fake and yall, Hasbros
She mad , These are Facts Tho
Here I’m the queen of the castle
Watch! Gimme that trust fund
Beef! They don’t want none
Your money weak need a lump sum
momma eating since day one
I been fly, ask my teachers
I been sly, baby genius
Stay 10 toes, check my sneakers
Running things in adidas
Yall be like whats the price
Papi gon cop, don’t ask twice
Stirring the pot like cooked rice
Flow got you full, its dinner time
take a pic, a Kodak
Diamonds canary, they bodak
I need my nuggets, don’t hold back
I need respect, don’t hold back. YUP!

Little Boss, Imma Little boss (yup)
Watch me floss , watch me watch me floss (yup)
Little Boss, imma Little Boss (yup)
Got the sauce,
You ain’t got the sauce (yup)

Now lets get back to me!
Want it i got it, i play for keeps
They begging me, But I’m take mom on a shopping spree
You gotta pay the Fee, give me the cheddar I need the green
Sis you know the tea, you cant shade me
I don’t eat lunchables
I put family on, the Huxtables
And I’m so loveable
Now I make rappers uncomfortable
I need that money, that advance
I hit the stage and they’re waving hands
I got the juice, I make them dance.
Run it back, while I count the bands (Yup)


And thats just what it is!
Period.. (giggles)
Little Boss...
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