Loreena McKennitt lyrics
Fiche de Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt

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Tango To Evora--28
The Mask and Mirror--11
The Two Trees--6
The Seven Rejoices Of Marytrad5
The Bonny Swanstrad4
Between the Shadows (Persian Shadows)--4
Marco Polo (album version)--4
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance (Encore)--3
As I Roved Out--2
The Star of the County Down (Live)--2
Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle--2
The Wexford Caroltrad2
The Wind That Shakes the Barley--2
Good King Wenceslastrad1
La Serenissima--1
Dickens' Dublin (The Place)--1
Marco Polo (edit)--1
Dickens's Dublin (The Palace)--1
Bonny Portmore (NFTA Live)--1
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance--1
Caravanserai (Radio Edit)--1
Breaking The Silencetrad1
The Mystic's Dreamtrad1
Marco Polo--1
Full Circletrad1
The Star of the County Down--1
The Lady of Shalott (Live)--1
Penelope's Songtrad1
Skellig (Live At Salle Pleyel, Paris/1998)--1
The Mystic's Dream (Live At The Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain/2006)--1
Prospero's Speechtrad1
She Moved Through The Fairtrad1
The Parting Glass--1
Between The Shadows--1
Bonny Portmoretrad1
All Souls Nighttrad1
Night Ride Across The Caucasustrad1
Let Us The Infant Greettrad1
Penelope's Song (Radio Edit)--1
Stolen Child (NFTA Live)--0
She Moved Through the Fair (NFTA Live)--0
The Mystic's Dream (NFTA Live)--0
Dark Night Of The Soul (Live Mediterranean Tour/2009)--0
The Mummer's Dance (NFTA Live)--0
Beneath A Phrygian Sky (Live Mediterranean Tour/2009)--0
Caravanserai (Live Mediterranean Tour/2009)--0
Penelope's Song (Live Edit) [Spanish Special Edition - Nights from the Alhambra]--0
Dante's Prayer (NFTA Live)--0
Caravanserai (NFTA Live)--0
Santiago (NFTA Live)--0
The Bonny Swans (Live In San Francisco)--0
Beneath a Phrygian Sky (Live)--0
The Lady of Shalott (Live In San Francisco)--0
All Souls Night (Live At Massey Hall, Toronto/1998)--0
The Mystic's Dream (From "The Mask and Mirror")--0
As I Roved Out (Live)--0
The Lady of Shalott (Edit)--0
Caravanserai (Live In Germany/2012)--0
All Souls Night (Live In Germany/2012)--0
Cymbeline (Live At Massey Hall, Toronto/1998)--0
The Old Ways (Live At Salle Pleyel, Paris/1998)--0
Skellig (Live)--0
The Bonny Swans (Live At Salle Pleyel, Paris/1998)--0
The Lady of Shalott (Live At Salle Pleyel, Paris/1998)--0
Bonny Portmore (Live At Massey Hall, Toronto/1998)--0
Santiago (Live At Salle Pleyel, Paris/1998)--0
The Mystic's Dream (Live At Salle Pleyel, Paris/1998)--0
Dante's Prayer (Live At Massey Hall, Toronto/1998)--0
Prologue (Live)--0
Night Ride Across the Caucasus (Live)--0
She Moved Through the Fair (Live In San Francisco)--0
Seeds of Love (Remastered)--0
Santiago (Live In San Francisco)--0
The Mystic's Dream (Live In San Francisco)--0
Full Circle (Live)--0
The Old Ways (NFTA Live)--0
Santiago - Live--0
Dark Night of the Soul (Live)--0
Cymbeline (Live)--0
Dante's Prayer (Live)--0
The Old Ways (Live)--0
Coventry Carol (Remastered)--0
Good King Wenceslas (Remastered)--0
Bonny Portmore (Live)--0
The Mystic's Dream (Live)--0
The Mummers' Dance (Single Version from "The Book of Secrets")--0
The Lady of Shalott (NFTA Live)--0
The Mystic's Dream (From "Die Nebel von Avalon")--0
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Remastered)--0
Raglan Road (NFTA)--0
Marrakesh Night Market (V-Sag remix)--0
Lark in the Clear Air--0
Good King Wenceslas - Digitally Remastered 2008--0
Coventry Carol - Digitally Remastered 2008--0
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Digitally Remastered 2008--0
Seeds Of Love - Digitally Remastered 2008--0
Caravanserai - Live Edit - Spanish Special Edition - Nights From The Alhambra--0
Dickens' Dublin (The Palace) (live)--0
Annachie Gordon (live)--0
Searching For Lambs (As I Went Out One May Morning)--0
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance (Live)--0
Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance - Live At The Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain/2006--0
The Highway Man (Live At Salle Pleyel, Paris/1998)--0
The Bonny Swans (Album Edit)--0
Breton Carol--0
Stolen Child - Live--0
Snow - Digitally Remastered 2008--0
The Bonny Swans - Album Version/Edit--0
The Lady Of Shalott - Album Version/Edit--0
Marrakesh Night Market (Med Comp Edit)--0
Santiago (Med Comp Edit)--0
Snow (Remastered)--0
Penelope's Song (Live Mediterranean Tour/2009)--0
Marrakesh Night Market (From "The Mask and Mirror")--0
The Gates of Istanbul (Radio Edit)--0
Dark Night of the Soul (Radio Edit)--0
The Dark Night of the Soul (Mediterranean Tour 2009) [Live]--0
Penelope's Song (Mediterranean Tour 2009) [Live]--0
Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas--0
To the Fairies They Draw Near--0
Dante's Prayer (Spanish version)--0
Mystic Dream--0
The Dark Night of the Soul (live)--0
To the Fairies They Draw Near, Pt. 2--0
Marrakesh Night Market (live version)--0
The Dark Night of the Soul (live version)--0
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Instrumental)--0
Good King Wenceslas (Instrumental)--0
Snow (Instrumental)--0
Seeds of Love (Instrumental)--0
Dante's Prayer (edit)--0
The Gates Of Istanbul (Live Mediterranean Tour/2009)--0
The Mummers' Dance (Live At Massey Hall, Toronto/1998)--0
The Mummers' Dance (album version)--0
Marrakesh Night Market (live)--0
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentelmen--0
Penelope's Song (live)--0
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Abdelli version)--0
The Mummers' Dance (edit)--0
Between The Shadows (Live)--0
The Stolen Child (live)--0
The Mummers' Dance (single)--0
The Stolen Child--0
The Bells of Christmas--0
Sacred Shabbat--0
She Moves Through the Fair--0
The Mummers' Dance (Live)--0
Caravanserai - Live--0
The Bonny Swans (live)--0
The Highwayman (live)--0
Night Ride Across the Caucasus (Live At Massey Hall, Toronto/1998)--0
Caravanserai (Live 2009 Mediterranean Tour)--0
Prologue (Live At Salle Pleyel, Paris/1998)--0
Noël Nouvelet!--0
The Dark Night Of The Soultrad0
Cé Hé Mise Le Ulaingt? / The Two Treestrad0
The Mummers' Dancetrad0
The Highwaymantrad0
Dante's Prayertrad0
The Gates Of Istanbultrad0
The English Ladye And The Knighttrad0
Beneath a Phrygian Skytrad0
Never-ending Road (Amhrán Duit)trad0
The Holly & The Ivytrad0
Gloucestershire Wassailtrad0
Standing Stonestrad0
Down By the Sally Gardens--0
Raglan Road--0
Ancient Pines--0
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen--0
The Mystic Dream--0
The Mummers' Dance (Single Remix)--0
Dark Night of the Soul--0
The Highway Man (Live/2007)--0
In the Bleak Midwinter--0
Dickens' Dublin (The Palace)trad0
Annachie Gordontrad0
Santiago (Live In Germany/2012)--0
Courtyard Lullabytrad0
The Lady Of Shalotttrad0
In Praise Of Christmastrad0
The Seasonstrad0
The Kingtrad0
Banquet Hall--0
The Stockford Carol--0
Let All That Are To Mirth Inclinedtrad0
The Lady Of Shalott.trad0
The Greensleevestrad0
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