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Marc Almond

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Tenderness Is a Weakness2
A Lover Spurned1
Tears Run Rings0
Out of the Sky0
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart0
What Makes a Man0
A Lover Spurned (Full Length Version)0
The Days of Pearly Spencer0
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart (Solo Vocal version)0
Almost Diamonds0
Only the Moment0
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart (feat. Gene Pitney)0
Tears Run Rings (La Magia Dance mix)0
Waifs and Strays0
The River0
She Took My Soul in Istanbul0
Days of Pearly Spencer0
Stories of Johnny0
The Stars We Are (Full Length Mix)0
The House Is Haunted0
The Ballad of Sad Young Men (feat. Antony Hegarty)0
The Desperate Hours0
Kept Boy0
Tainted Love0
Carnival of Life0
The Sea Still Sings0
Deaths Diary0
Tears Run Ring0
Madame De La Luna0
A Kind of Love0
Orpheus in Red Velvet0
A Lover Spurned (12" version)0
The Stars We Are0
Brilliant Creatures0
Paint It Black0
Tears Run Rings (The Justin Strauss Remix)0
Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places)0
Joey Demento0
Your Aura0
Once Was0
Christmas in Vegas0
Black Mountain Blues0
Adored and Explored (Beatmasters 12" take 1 mix)0
Stardom Road0
Split Lip0
Pink Shack Blues0
Empty Eyes (version 2)0
Empty Eyes (version 1)0
For Only You0
My Guardian Angel0
Lie (Beatmasters 12" version)0
What Makes a Man a Man0
The Curtain Falls0
Redeem Me (Beauty Will Redeem the World)0
Undress me (Déshabillez-moi)0
The Devil (Okay)0
Happy Heart0
Dream Lover0
Backstage (I'm Lonely) (feat. Jools Holland)0
Soho So Long0
The Exhibitionist0
Torch (live)0
The Sensualist (Ultimate Ecstasy Mix)0
Night and Dark0
The Bulls0
Never to Be Next0
City of Nights0
Waifs and Strays (The Grid mix)0
The Libertine's Dream0
Only the Moment (All the Time In the World Mix)0
Bitter Sweet (The Big Beat mix)0
She Took My Soul in Istanbul (Blue Mosque mix)0
Toreador In the Rain (Demo Version)0
Death's Diary (Demo Version)0
Stars We Are (live)0
What Makes a Man a Man (live studio version)0
Tainted Love (live)0
Vision (live)0
Only the Moment (live)0
Real Evil0
Old Jack's Charm0
These My Dreams Are Yours (Through the Night Mix)0
The Sea Still Sings (Demo Version)0
Madame De La Luna (Demo Version)0
Tears Run Rings (12" mix)0
The Days of Pearly Spencer (album version)0
One Big Soul0
The City0
Money for Love (Ennio mix)0
Deadly Serenade0
I Have Lived0
I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten (feat. Sarah Cracknell)0
Bedsitter Images0
The London Boys0
Tainted Love (feat. The Cure) (Rare extended remix)0
The Glance of Your Dark Eyes (feat. Mikhail Aptekman Piano) (version 2. 0)0
Litany for a Return0
Adored and Explored (7' Edit)0
Adored and Explored (Andy Meecham's Big Long Club Mix)0
Adored and Explored (X Press 2 Extremexcess Mix)0
My Death0
So Long the Path (So Wide the Field)0
Gosudaryunia (feat. Aquarium Group)0
Always and Everywhere (I Will Follow You)0
Two Guitars (feat. Loiko Group)0
The Glance of Your Dark Eyes (feat. Mikhail Aptekman Piano)0
Strangers in the Night0
Nijinsky Heart0
Glorious - Radio Edit0
If You Go Away (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Jacky (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
The Desperate Hours (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Waifs and Strays (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
What Makes a Man (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Tainted Love (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Bedsitter (Live)0
Youth (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
There Is a Bed (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Zipped Black Leather Jacket0
The Velvet Trail0
Burn Bright0
Black Kiss (edited version)0
A Lover Spurned (Radio edit)0
Tears Run Rings (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Champagne (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Bedsitter (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Mr. Sad (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)0
Jacky (Live)0
How Can I Be Sure0
Still I'm Sad0
Ruby Red (Special Re-Recorded extended dance mix instrumental)0
Tenderness Is a Weakness (with instrumental overture)0
Blood Tide0
Trois Chansons de Bilitis - Extract0
Act One (Instrumental)0
Act Two (Instrumental)0
Act Three (Instrumental)0
Finale (Instrumental)0
Where the Heart Is (Live)0
Where the Heart Is0
Tears Run Rings (Live)0
Champagne (Live)0
There Is a Bed (Live)0
Desperate Hours (Live)0
I Feel Love (Johnny Remember M)0
Nuit De Noel0
Masculine Women, Feminine Men0
Love Amongst The Ruined0
So Wild is the Field0
Trials of Eyeliner0
Waifs and Strays (Live)0
Waifs & Strays (Grid Twilight mix)0
Fun City0
In My Room0
The Glance of Your Dark Eyes (feat. Mikhail Aptekman)0
The Glance of Your Dark Eyes (version 2) (feat. Mikhail Aptekman)0
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Live) (Cover Version)0
My Madness and I0
But Not Today0
Cabaret Clown0
Sin Song0
It's All Going On0
Bread & Circus0
Swan Song0
The Pain of Never0
Winter Sun0
Tower of Strength0
Orpheus In Red Velvet (Live)0
Kept Boy (Live)0
A Man (Live)0
What Makes A Man - Live0
Always - Edit0
Vision - Live At The Royal Albert Hall / 19920
Tenderness Is A Weakness - Edit0
Ruby Red - Edit0
Melancholy Rose - Edit0
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart (Live)0
In My Room (Live)0
When Youth Becomes a Memory0
When I Was Young Man0
A Kind of Love (Radio Edit)0
Fun City (Live)0
Stories of Johnny (Live)0
A Woman's Story (Live)0
If You Go Away (Live)0
Youth (Live)0
Toreador In the Rain (Live)0
What Makes A Man - Live At The Royal Albert Hall, UK / 19930
Open All Night0
Little White Cloud That Cried0
For One Moment0
Just Good Friends0
Oily Black Limousine0
Healthy As Hate0
Things You Love Me For0
Body Unknown0
Unborn Stillborn0
Toreador in the Rain0
The Plague0
Salty Dog0
Threat of Love0
Bad People Kiss0
Midnight Soul0
Satan's Child0
Beautiful Losers0
Indigo Blue0
A Woman's Story0
The Heel0
Widow Weeds0
My Hand Over My Heart0
The Idol (Idolised)0
The Idol (Tin Tin Out Mix)0
The Idol (Teenage Dream Mix)0
Gyp the Blood0
A World Full of People0
Black Lullabye0
Pirate Jenny0
Surabaya Johnny0
What Is Love?0
Vaudeville and Burlesque0
Mr. Sad0
There Is a Bed0
If You Go Away0
Desperate Hours0
Say Hello Wave Goodbye0
Meet Me in My Dream0
Beautiful Brutal Thing0
I've Never Seen Your Face0
Two Sailors on the Beach0
Worship Me Now (Starcluster Remix)0
Bedsitter (live at radio One)0
The Town Fell Asleep (La Ville s'endormait)0
Love for Sale0
The Idol0
Medley (Unchain My Heart / Black Heart / Take My Heart)0
She Took My Soul in Istanbul (The Blue Mosque mix)0
Black Lullaby0
A Man (Un Homme)0
Waifs and Strays (12" Grid mix)0
Adored and Explored (live at radio One)0
Law of the Night0
Worship Me Now (Spatial Awareness Remix)0
Without a Word0
Lavender (Live At Wilton's Hall)0
Black Kiss (Live At The Almeida Theatre, 1999)0
Worship Me Now0
Lonely Go Go Dancer0
Out There (Live From Abbey Road)0
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Live)0
Black Kiss (live at the Almeida)0
Deep Night0
Tears Run Rings (Disconet remix)0
Dancing in a Golden Cage0
Night & Dark0
Bedroom Shrine0
Tragedy (Take a Look and See)0
Black Kiss0
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart (Solo Version)0
Scarlet Bedroom0
My Love0
A Love Outgrown0
Deep Night (12" version)0
I'm Sick of You Tasting of Somebody Else0
Out There (edit)0
These My Dreams Are Yours0
Bitter Sweet0
Your Kisses Burn0
The Very Last Pearl0
The Sensualist0
The Frost Comes Tomorrow0
Heart in Velvet0
You Have0
Moonbathe Skin0
When It's Your Time0
End in Tears0
Love in a Time of Science0
Blond Boy0
Broken Bracelets0
Cara a Cara0
Tantalise Me0
Crime Sublime0
Gutter Hearts0
Ugly Head0
The Boy Who Came Back0
Solo Adultos0
Born to Cry0
Come Out0
Under Your Wing0
Out There0
Bitter Sweet (12" version)0
King of the Fools0
Everything I Wanted Love to Be0
Tears Run Rings (7" version)0
The Desperate Hours (Extended Flamenco mix)0
The Gambler0
Exotica Rose0
Deep Night (12" Mix)0
Night and No Morning0
Shining Brightly0
Come in Sweet Assassin0
We Need Jealousy0
The Idol (Parts 1 & 2)0
Baby Night Eyes0
Adored and Explored0
Child Star0
The Edge of Heartbreak0
Love to Die For0
On the Prowl0
What Makes a Man a Man (live)0
Jackal Jackal0
In Your Bed0
Yesterday When I Was Young0
The Devil (Okay) (Le Diable)0
If You Need (S'il te faut)0
The Lockman (L'Éclusier)0
We Must Look (Il nous faut regarder)0
Alone (Seul)0
I'm Coming (J'arrive)0
Litany for a Return (Litanie pour un retour)0
My Little Lovers0
A Man0
Broken Hearted and Beautiful0
Undress Me0
Abel and Cain0
Lost Paradise0
Secret Child0
Rue Des Blancs-Manteaux0
The Slave0
Remorse of the Dead0
Incestuous Love0
The Town Fall Asleep (La Ville s'endormait)0
The Bulls (Les Toros)0
Traumas, Traumas, Traumas0
Love Letter0
The Flesh Is Willing0
I Who Never0
My Candle Burns0
Love and Little White Lies0
Shining Sinners0
Ruby Red0
Never to Be Next (Au suivant)0
My Death (La Mort)0
Mother Fist0
Saint Judy0
The Room Below0
Angel in Her Kiss0
The Hustler0
Melancholy Rose0
The Sea Says0
Hell Was a City0
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