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Paroles de I'm in Love With You

Interprète Marvin Gaye

Paroles de la chanson I'm in Love With You par Marvin Gaye lyrics officiel

I'm in Love With You est une chanson en Anglais

I don't know why you went away, girl
But I hope you won't be gone too long
No, no, no
I can't sleep, my hair's turning gray
See her in everything I do
But I found just the other day
My love for you went just too long
Yes it is, yes it is

Though you walked out on me
I can't set you free
I'm in love with you, baby
I'm in love with you, darling oh, baby
Honey, you walked out and broke
My heart in two
You never gave a backward glance
No, no, no, no
I didn't know what you'd planned to do
You didn't give a warning in advance
No, no, darling
You didn't even take your clothes with you
You never gave sweet love a chance
No, no, no

Though you hurt me before
Please don't hurt me no more
I'm in love with you, baby
I'm in love with you, darling oh lord, baby

I can't wait for you to come back home
Girl, I think I'm coming after you
Oh, yes I am, 'cause I love you
'Cause I need you so bad
Girl, it's driving me mad i'm in love
I'm in love with you
Darling, please don't leave me here to cry
Hail a cab come on by
Come on and end this misery
Come on, baby
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