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Fiche de Cold World lyrics MellowHigh feat. Remy Banks & Earl Sweatshirt
parole Cold World - MellowHigh feat. Remy Banks & Earl Sweatshirt lyrics
paroles officielles ♪ Cold World ♪
Swerving in a hoopty, but a nigga not drunk
I'm high off of life, with a pinch of skunk
Maybe high off of determination, but I'm low on luck
Because we've been putting on for years, and people still be
counting sheep on us
But its cool, I be that offspring that's dressed in all wolf
With a mallet and a bell, just to await a rude awakening
Out here yellin "World's Fair" until the name rings
Hailing from a place where every nigga wanna be king
Plus this world is too cold, so I keep myself a small
Puff of chronic with my dogs, chilly, but we hold down the
in my burrow, feelin unstoppable like Tetsuo
Akira in the membrane Queens get the money
And I'm broke and going insane, stressed out my brain
Til it left on a train to Connecticut for the weekend
Might extended stay until I'm diving in the deep end
Of a pool full of euros, pounds, and yen, let's get this
money, man

I said it's cold in this world, sometimes it's hard for me
to crack a smile
That real shit is going out of style
These young niggas out here acting buck wild
We just need that real shit right now
Al said it's cold in this world, somehow it's hard for me to
crack a smile

This real shit is going out of style

These young niggas out here acting buck wild

They just need that real shit right now

For what it's worth, a nigga made his way from the dirt
All the times I went berserk, all ideas that didn't work
But we cherish when we hurt, we finished dinner and dessert
For every thought that hurt for the piece that I deserve, on
the search
Many times a nigga thought that he would give in
Every dream that I would witness with previous premonitions
I knew that I would be this
It's never been a secret tooka genius to believe it or an
elitist to achieve it

I'm runnin overheated, but practice what I'm preachin
Never sleep and we catch you slippin and throw you in the
deep end

I know some niggas died over pride, high

I know some fake niggas claim they ride, that's a lie

I know some hatting niggas that when I rhyme, they despise
Wish I could share these visions through eyes

High like a fucking revolutionary

I'm droppin knowledge, and its only knowledge you should
Bitch, I'm the truth and everybody know the truth is scary

Looking for shit to scratch up off his bucket list
Found a tug of war between my mother and my fucking friends
Fucking bucket, bumping nothing in the summer
Trying to chug a fifth of Jack in case you wondering where
the ruckus went
I kept in the baggie of Oregano
Fronting like I'm selling dope, stunting with my enfelo
Let the records show these niggas why they bitches neck is
It's OFM to the death of us, pigs, try to hem us up
The best wrestler's back guzzling seconds up
Using label checks to fuck around in the Cressida
And I'm advocating aggression
To any man who would test us, an avid fan of the presence of
This drink is like my first time hearing Flocka
Hope is what the weed can't offer
Cheapass, coughing, C-class method-acting young nigga
Dressing like I'm geriatric, said it's very active
Strong arm, steady swearing I could tear a mattress
Track-slapping 'em silly as Tom and Jerry tactics
Why you started? I fire harder than every rapper
Gassing these fairies, dare I say that he carry matches?
(You think its a Goddamn joke don't ya
well let me tell you something boy
its life around here and in life you don't have
to go to school)
No confusion apparent, I know who I am
Responsibility enables me to move through life with agility
Home donors pressured in the endzone
But I breeze by skillfully
Practice makes perfect says the wiseman
or so his whole life plan
they said a man was part of the sea
by hand, what can he divide? Land
Coast west like I took a Vyvande, im
just a bystander and what you capture in my stanzas
Is a crossbreed O.G and banana
A jealous man I envy, cause a jealous man is friendly
Award him like a Grammy, Or rather Emmy
Television all science, and music is just enough to ear a
Where the proof sits, that smells like bull shits
ain't it a shame when a nigga can't be honest
ain't it what's-her-name that can't keep a promise
mind is with my comcast
watching what I do before it's on them dot-coms and
Hashtags, Nigga
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parole MellowHigh feat. Remy Banks & Earl Sweatshirt - Cold World officiel
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