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Paroles de Tell Me a Story

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Tell Me a Story est une chanson en Anglais

Tell me a story about the Prophets past
And how their teachings last today
Tell me a tale of how the good will prevail
And how their lessons paved our way
Ooh, tell me a story

Many years went by as Prophet Nooh would cry
O my people won't you follow the way?
Just know Allah is One and when my ship is done
Oh won't you join me as we sail away?
Before the skies swell up and the raindrops drop
We'll gather animals two by two
And when the Earth is cleansed and the showers end
We'll start all over just me and you!
Ooh, tell me a story

A long time ago people worshiped the stars
Prayed to the moon and their idols of stone
He showed a better way, never to go astray
And that Allah will never leave them alone
They said: Ibrahim, oh what do you mean?
How could an idol of stone have his way?!
He smiled back and said: Oh, Allah is my friend
And so their fire couldn't burn him away
Ooh, tell me a story

Have you heard of a man who rode a river
Through the land of the Pharaoh and was meant to lead
His people to truth and the power of proof
And to a land where they'd be free
But Pharaoh followed in rage
And with his soldiers he staged a plan to destroy them all
But Musa parted the sea for his people to flee
And Pharaoh's own ego was his fall
Ooh, tell me a story

The virgin birth of a baby by his mother Mary
His very voice was a sign to hear
He was given the power to heal the blind
And a hope for those who lived in fear
O Isa you're dead! his evil enemies said
As they tried to end him once and for all
But Allah's love is strong and it sure won't be long
Till he returns to save us all!
Ooh, tell me a story

"Read in the name of your Lord!" he was told
Cast out of his town, he would not fit their mold
With open arms and and an open heart
Medina's welcome was a start
"Peace be upon him" the angels said,
His name was Muhammad
Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam
A cure for this world of greed
Salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam
He shed tears for you and me
The final message to mankind
To free yourself, your heart and your mind
Words of Allah he would recite
For a world in need of light
Tell me a story about the Prophets past
And how their teachings last today
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