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Loving You--4
Baby, This Love I Have--4
Les Fleurtrad3
Lovin' You (From "OSS 117 : Rio ne répond plus")--2
Every Time He Comes Around--2
Inside My Love--1
Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down--1
Only When I'm Dreamingtrad1
Perfect Angel - Digitally Remastered 93--1
I Am the Black Gold of the Sun--1
Return to Forever--0
Here We Go (feat. Peabo Bryson)--0
Strange Affair--0
The Song of Life--0
Memory Ban--0
This Love I Have--0
Gettin' Ready For Your Love--0
Give Me Time--0
Island in the Sun--0
Tales of Brave Ulysses--0
Getting Ready for Your Love--0
Wouldn't Matter Where You Are--0
Oh Darling Life Goes On--0
Could It Be I'm in Love--0
Alone in Brewster Bay--0
Simple Things--0
How Could I Love You More--0
Stay in Love--0
Memory Lane (Single Version)--0
The Burning of the Midnight Lamp--0
Happy New Love--0
Lonely Girl--0
Feelin' That Your Feelin's Right--0
Les Fleur (Original)--0
Stick Together - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Lovin' You (Remastered 2001)--0
Inside My Love - 2000 Remaster--0
Wherever We Are--0
Feelin' That the Feeling's Good--0
Feelin' That Feeling's Good--0
Wherever, Whenever--0
Advertures In Paradise--0
Seeing You This Way (Acoustic Version)--0
Lovin' You (Remaster)--0
Rainy Day in Centreville--0
Les Fleur (Fug Re-Edit)--0
Can You Fell What I'm Saying?--0
Lovin' You - 2001 Remastered Version--0
Minnie's Lament--0
Wouldn't Matter Where You Are - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Can You Feel What I'm Saying? - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Memory Lane - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Lover And Friend - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Stay In Love - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Here We Go - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Light My Fire - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Inside My Love - 2000 Remastered Version--0
Adventures In Paradise - Digitally Remastered 93--0
You Take My Breath Away - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Give Me Time - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Give Me Time (Single Version)--0
Take a Little Trip--0
Lover and Friend--0
Lover and Friend (Single Version)--0
Here We Go--0
Lovin’ You (live)--0
Dancin' and Actin' Crazy--0
Inside My Love - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Lovin' You (1993 Digital Remaster)--0
When It Comes Down to It--0
Light My Fire--0
The Edge of a Dream--0
Can You Feel What I'm Saying?--0
Young, Willing and Able--0
Memory Bandtrad0
Come To My Gardentrad0
Close Your Eyes And Remembertrad0
Oh, By The Waytrad0
Rainy Day In Centervilletrad0
I'm a Woman--0
Memory Lane--0
I'm In Love Againtrad0
Whenever, Wherevertrad0
Love and It's Glory--0
Adventures in Paradise--0
Stick Together--0
You Take My Breath Away--0
Young Willing and Able (live version)--0
Woman of Heart and Mind--0
Love Hurts--0
Lovin' Youtrad0
Close Your Eyes & Remember--0
Our Lives--0
Seeing You This Way--0
It's So Nice (To See Old Friends)--0
Lover and Friend (live version)--0
Can You Feel What I'm Saying? (live version)--0
Light My Fire (feat. José Feliciano)--0
Oh Darlin'... Life Goes On--0
Simple Things - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Woman Of Heart And Mind - Digitally Remastered 93--0
Never Existed Before--0
Inside My Love (Remastered 2000)--0
Lovin' You - 2001 Digital Remaster--0
Perfect Angel--0
A Moment With Minnie--0
Lovin' You (Remastered)--0
Loving You (live)--0
Les Fleurs--0
parole traduction visites
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