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I Cantrad9
You're da Man--4
You Owe Me (feat Ginuwine)trad4
The Messagetrad3
Hate Me Now (feat Puff Daddy)trad3
Watch Dem Niggas (feat Foxy Brown)trad2
If I Ruled The World (feat Lauryn Hill)trad2
Life Is What You Make It (feat DMX)trad2
Street Dreamstrad2
The Crosstrad1
We Will Survivetrad1
Poppa Was a Playatrad1
Bridging The Gaptrad1
Don't Hate Me Now (clean)--1
You Can't Stop Us Now--1
Understanding (Harry Queens mix)--1
Less Than an Hour (Theme from Rush Hour 3)--1
2nd Childhood (Cookin Soul remix)--1
Queens Get the Money--1
Nigger Hatred--1
Street Dreams (R. Kelly Remix)--1
Black President--1
The Don (Don Dada Remix (Explicit Version))--1
I Can (Instrumental Version)--1
Just a Moment (feat Quan)trad1
Black Zombie (instrumental)--1
Take It In Bloodtrad1
N.Y. State Of Mindtrad1
You Gotta Love It--0
Hate Me Now (instrumental)--0
War (remix)--0
Virgo (Freshfest remix)--0
Wanna Play Rough (Advanced Promo)--0
Thief's Theme (clean album version)--0
Nasty N.--0
Bridging the Gap (instrumental)--0
Gotta Luv It--0
Just Another Day in the Projects--0
K.I.S.S.I.N.G. (remix)--0
Doo Rags (remix)--0
Virgo (Fresh Fest remix) (beat)--0
Got Yourself a Gun (remix)--0
Nas' Angels...The Flyest--0
We Will Survive - The Message--0
Where Y'all At (B-Boy mix)--0
The Foulness ('96 Throwback)--0
We March as Millions--0
Don't Hate Me Now--0
Death Anniversary--0
Talk of New York (Hard to Earn mix)--0
Don't Hate Me Now (instrumental)--0
The N...--0
Too Hot--0
You Can't Kill Me--0
Natures Shines--0
Where Are They Now--0
U Gotta Love It (instrumental)--0
Wanna Play--0
Where Y'all At--0
What Goes Around (Poison)--0
Poppa Was a Player--0
No Idea's Original (instrumental)--0
No Idea's Original (clean a cappella)--0
Purple (clean)--0
No Idea's Original (clean)--0
One Love (One L instrumental)--0
One Love (LG instrumental)--0
One Love (One L radio edit)--0
Purple (instrumental)--0
Choir Song--0
Hip Hop Is Dead (clean)--0
Hip Hop Is Dead (instrumental)--0
Life's a Bitch (Arsenal instrumental)--0
One Love (instrumental)--0
Made U Look--0
Surviving the Times (Promo Only clean edit)--0
One Love (LG radio edit)--0
One Love (a cappella)--0
Belly Button Window--0
New York (Instrumental)--0
The World Is Yours (Q Tip mix)--0
Good Life--0
Stay Dreamin' Stay Schemin'--0
Tales From the Hood--0
Sometimes I Wonder--0
Thief's Theme (clean a cappella)--0
Thief's Theme (explicit album version)--0
One Love (radio edit)--0
One Love (album instrumental)--0
One Love (album version)--0
Thief's Theme (explicit a cappella)--0
Talk of New York--0
Life's Gone Low (instrumental)--0
My Way (snippet)--0
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) [Instrumental Version]--0
Street Dreams (Instrumental Version)--0
One Mic (Instrumental Version)--0
Hip Hop Is Dead (Instrumental Version)--0
Y'all My Ni**as--0
Dr. Knockboot (Instrumental)--0
Last Real Nigga Alive (Last Real N***** Alive)--0
Flyest Angels--0
Nature’s Shine--0
It Ain’t Hard to Tell (The Laidback remix)--0
It Ain’t Hard to Tell (The Laidback instrumental remix)--0
It Ain’t Hard to Tell (The Stink instrumental mix)--0
It Ain’t Hard to Tell (The Stink mix)--0
Life’s a Bitch (radio)--0
Life’s a Bitch (instrumental)--0
Nas is Like (Instrumental)--0
Street's Disciple--0
One Mic (Remix Clean)--0
One Mic (iTunes Originals Version)--0
I Can (iTunes Originals Version)--0
Affirmative Action (Remix Edited Version)--0
Warrior Song--0
I Can (Live)--0
Bridging the Gap (Live)--0
Nastradamus (Instrumental)--0
You Owe Me (Instrumental)--0
If I Ruled the World (main mix)--0
If I Ruled the World (instrumental)--0
Shine On--0
Find Ya Wealth--0
I Can (The Juliano Creator Remix)--0
I Can (Instrumental)--0
It Ain’t Hard to Tell (instrumental)--0
It Ain’t Hard to Tell (a cappella)--0
Never Gonna Give It Up--0
Good Morning (remix)--0
Sinful Living--0
Worst Enemy--0
Represent (Premos original demo)--0
Where Are They Now (1980s remix)--0
Where Are They Now (1990s remix)--0
One Love (Skipless remix)--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell (with Nas Is Like beat)--0
U Gotta Love It (snippet)--0
Foul Breeze--0
Life's a Bitch (Arsenal remix)--0
Halftime (explicit album version)--0
Got Ur Self a... (clean version)--0
Hope (unreleased studio version)--0
I Can (a cappella)--0
One More Day--0
Halftime (radio edit)--0
Less Than An Hour--0
It Ain’t Hard to Tell (remix instrumental)--0
Life’s a Bitch (remix)--0
Halftime (LP version)--0
Halftime (LP version instrumental)--0
We're Not Alone--0
NY State of Mind, Part 3--0
Project Roach--0
Make the World Go Round--0
Halftime (Butcher remix)--0
Halftime (Butcher instrumental)--0
Doo Rags (snippet)--0
My State of Mind--0
One Mic (iTunes Originals Live Version)--0
One Love (iTunes Originals Version)--0
Blood Diamonds Are Forever--0
I Can (iTunes Originals Live Version)--0
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) (iTunes Originals Live Version)--0
Made You Look (Live)--0
If I Ruled the World (Live)--0
Ku Tak Layak Padamu--0
No Idea's Original (Edit)--0
Second Childhood (9th Wonder remix)--0
You're the Man (extra verse)--0
Hope (Original Version)--0
Life’s a Bitch (dirty)--0
Gangster Tears--0
Hope (Acappella)--0
It Ain't Hard To Tell (Outro) (Live)--0
It Ain't Hard To Tell (Live)--0
One Love - LG Main Mix--0
Rule (Radio Edit)--0
Made Nas Proud--0
U Wanna Be Me - Soundtrack Version--0
Bye Baby - Album Version (Edited)--0
Getting Married - Explicit Album Version--0
No Introduction - Album Version (Edited)--0
Intro (Illmatic Release Party)--0
The Genesis (Live)--0
Represent (Live)--0
It Ain't Hard To Tell (Intro) (Live)--0
One Time 4 Your Mind (Live)--0
Memory Lane (Live)--0
N.Y. State of Mind (Live)--0
Halftime (Live)--0
Sekou Story, Part 1 (World Premiere)--0
Halftime - Instrumental--0
The Don - Don Dada Remix (Edited Version)--0
Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) - Explicit Album Version--0
A Queens Story - Album Version (Edited)--0
Affirmative Action - Remix Edited Version--0
Nasty - Edited Version--0
Shine On - Album Version (Edited)--0
Daughters - Edited Version--0
Daughters - Album Version (Edited)--0
The Don - Album Version (Edited)--0
Daughters (Edited Version)--0
Salute Me (Inedit)--0
Hip Hop Is Dead (Edited Version)--0
Roses - Album Version (Edited)--0
Nasty - Album Version (Edited)--0
The Black Bond - Album Version (Edited)--0
Hope - Album Version Acappella (Edited)--0
Blunt Ashes - Album Version (Edited)--0
Testify - Album Version (Edited)--0
N.I.*.*.E.R. (The Slave and the Master) - Album Version (Edited)--0
Untitled - Album Version (Edited)--0
Sly Fox - Album Version (Edited)--0
America - Album Version (Edited)--0
Queens Get The Money - Album Version (Edited)--0
Breathe - Album Version (Edited)--0
Y'all My Ni**as - Album Version (Edited)--0
Black President - Album Version (Edited)--0
Where Are They Now - Album Version (Edited)--0
Hold Down The Block - Album Version (Edited)--0
Carry On Tradition - Album Version (Edited)--0
You Can't Kill Me - Album Version (Edited)--0
Like Me - Bonus Track (Edited)--0
Money Over Bullshit - Album Version (Edited)--0
The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch - Explicit Album Version--0
Remember The Times - Explicit Album Version--0
One Love (Unreleased)--0
Street Dreams (remix)--0
Sinful Living (Unreleased)--0
Nas Outro--0
The Unauthorized Biography of Rakim (Golden Era mix)--0
Thief's Theme (remix)--0
Nas Is Like (remix)--0
Find Your Wealth (Unreleased)--0
Life's a Bitch (Start From Scratch Harry mix)--0
Rewind (Mind Playing Tricks)--0
Queen's Finest (Hustla mix)--0
Poison (Harry mix)--0
Amongst Kings (Advanced Promo)--0
Deja Vu (Unreleased Pre-Illmatic)--0
The Second Coming--0
One Love / Hell on Earth (J.Period remix)--0
Hate Me Now (Blend)--0
Quiet Niggas--0
Like Me--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell (Large Professor remix)--0
Made You Look (JL remix)--0
My Will--0
Got Yourself a...--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell (Danger Mouse remix)--0
One Love (bucaneroestilo remix)--0
Live at the BBQ--0
The Message (Mafioso remix)--0
One Mic (Remix)--0
One Love (LG main remix)--0
Thiefs Theme (Cookin Soul remix)--0
Got Ya Self a Gun--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell (video day live version - Verse 1)--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell (remix - Verse 2)--0
The Flyest(featuring AZ)--0
I'm a Villain (Instrumental)--0
Nasty - Explicit Version--0
Zone Out (The Bravehearts)--0
Remember the Times (intro)--0
God Loves Us--0
N.Y. State of Mind, Part II--0
Star Wars - Explicit Album Version--0
The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch - Clean Album Version--0
Halftime - Explicit Album Version--0
Represent - Explicit Album Version--0
The Don - Don Dada Remix (Explicit Version)--0
I Can - iTunes Originals Live Version--0
One Love - iTunes Originals Live Version--0
One Mic - iTunes Originals Live Version--0
Come Get Me By--0
Life's Like a Dice Game--0
Black Zombies (Lights-Out remix)--0
Made You Look (original version) (clean)--0
The World Is Yours (Live)--0
Halftime (remix)--0
Made You Look (5 Borough remix)--0
Nas Is Like (original unreleased version)--0
Made You Look (original version) (dirty)--0
Made You Look (original version) (instrumental)--0
Nothin Lasts Forever--0
Everything Is Real--0
On the Real 2004--0
Secret Agent Man--0
2nd Coming (instrumental)--0
The Hardest Thing to Do Is Stay Alive--0
Thugz Mansion (N.Y.) (Explicit Version)--0
One Love (Live)--0
As We Entertrad0
Made You Look (Remix)trad0
Thief's Themetrad0
Loco-Motive (ft. Large Professor)trad0
The Dontrad0
Hate Me Now (feat.- Puff Daddy)--0
One Time 4 Your Mind--0
The World Is Yours--0
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)--0
Bye Babytrad0
One Lovetrad0
No One Else In The Room (feat Maxwell)trad0
Sekou Storytrad0
Live Nowtrad0
Rest Of My Life (feat Amerie)trad0
These Are Our Heroestrad0
Nazareth Savagetrad0
American Way (feat Kelis)trad0
One Time 4 For Your Mindtrad0
The Makings Of a Perfect Bitchtrad0
Getting Marriedtrad0
Remember The Timestrad0
Virgo (feat Ludacris)trad0
You Know My Styletrad0
Suicide Bounce (feat Busta Rhymes)trad0
Black Girl Lost--0
Hip Hop Is Dead--0
Destroy & Rebuild (Clean)--0
Oochie Wally--0
Watch Dem Niggas--0
Just a Moment--0
Apa Yang Terjadi...?--0
N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. 2--0
Every Ghetto (Clean)--0
Hate Me Now (Mic Check)--0
Blunt Ashes--0
Every Ghetto--0
Thugs Mansion (remix)--0
Kepastian Cinta--0
Nas Is Coming--0
The Set Up--0
Hey Nas--0
Got Ur Self A...--0
No Introduction--0
Smokin' (Clean)--0
Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)trad0
Star Wars--0
Life's a Bitch--0
Rewind (Clean)--0
Surviving The Times--0
My Country--0
A Queens Story--0
Life’s a Bitch--0
The Genesis--0
If I Ruled the World--0
A Message To The Feds, Sincerely, We The Peopletrad0
Come Get Metrad0
Shoot 'Em Uptrad0
Last Words (feat Nashawn, Millennium Thug)trad0
Project Window (feat Ron Isley)trad0
Some Of Us Have Angelstrad0
Life We Chosetrad0
Family (feat Mobb Deep)trad0
God Love Ustrad0
The Outcome (feat Jessica Care Moore)trad0
Stillmatic (The Intro)trad0
The Set Up (feat Havoc)trad0
New Worldtrad0
Quiet Niggas (feat Bravehearts)trad0
Big Girltrad0
The Predictiontrad0
Nature Shines (feat Nature)trad0
Ghetto Prisonerstrad0
You Won't See Me Tonighttrad0
Favor For a Favor (feat Scarface)trad0
Small Worldtrad0
N.Y. State Of Mind Pt. IItrad0
Live Nigga Rap (feat Mobb Deep)trad0
I Want To Talk To Youtrad0
Dr. Knockboottrad0
Money Is My Bitchtrad0
Undying Love--0
Nas Is Liketrad0
Black Girl Lost (feat JoJo Hailey)trad0
Big Thingstrad0
Affirmative Actiontrad0
Got Yourself a Guntrad0
Black Zombietrad0
I Gave You Powertrad0
Drunk By Myselftrad0
Everybody's Crazytrad0
No Idea's Originaltrad0
Blaze a 50trad0
Get Downtrad0
Album Introtrad0
It Ain't Hard To Telltrad0
The G.O.D.trad0
Hey Nas (feat Kelis, Claudette Ortiz)trad0
Zone Out (feat Bravehearts)trad0
Made You Looktrad0
Last Real Nigga Alivetrad0
Nothing Lasts Forevertrad0
U Gotta Love Ittrad0
2nd Childhoodtrad0
One Mictrad0
Nas Is Coming (feat Dr. Dre)trad0
You're The Mantrad0
The Flyest (feat AZV)trad0
Braveheart Partytrad0
Doo Ragstrad0
My Waytrad0
Every Ghetto (feat Blitz)trad0
What Goes Aroundtrad0
My Country (feat Millenium Thug)trad0
The Black Bond--0
First Day Out--0
Purple (clean a cappella)--0
One on One--0
One Love (One L main mix)--0
One Love (LG main mix)--0
I'm a Villain--0
Thief's Theme (instrumental)--0
The World Is Yours - Explicit Album Version--0
N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. ll--0
One Mic - Explicit Album Version--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell (Nas Will Prevail remix)--0
The World Is Yours (Tip remix)--0
Affirmative Action (St. Denis Style remix)--0
Gangsta Tears--0
New York State of Mind (remix)--0
Triple Threat--0
Y'all My Niggas--0
Who Killed It?--0
Be A Nigger Too--0
The Don (album version) (explicit)--0
Life's a B****--0
Nasty [Explicit]--0
You Owe Me--0
U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)--0
The World Is Yours (remix)--0
The Rise and Fall--0
One Love (remix)--0
One Mic (Brainpower remix)--0
The General--0
Salute Me--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell - Remix--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell - The Stink Mix--0
The King--0
Sweet Dreams--0
No Idea's--0
Escobar ’97--0
Me & You (Dedicated to Destiny)--0
Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)trad0
The Outcome--0
The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show on WKCR October 28, 1993--0
The World Is Yours (Tip Mix)--0
Silent Murdertrad0
If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) (Live)--0
Purple (Explicit Version)--0
Halftime (Explicit Version)--0
Made You Look (Explicit Version)--0
Revolutionary Warfare (feat Lake)trad0
Don't Body Ya Self a.k.a. the MC Burial--0
Freestyle 96--0
N.Y. State of Mind (Explicit Version)--0
One Love (Official Nujabes remix)--0
One Love (iTunes Originals Live Version)--0
Firm Biz--0
No Idea's Original - Edit--0
Warrior Song (feat Alicia Keys)trad0
Pussy Killztrad0
Thugz Mirror Freestyletrad0
The Genesis (feat AZ, The Firm)trad0
Book Of Rhymestrad0
If I Ruled The World [Clean Mix]--0
I Can (Explicit Version)--0
U Wanna Be Me--0
Half Time (Butcher mix)--0
Memory Lane--0
It Ain’t Hard to Tell (remix)--0
Not Going Back--0
Can't Forget About You--0
Life's a Bitch (Arsenal mix)--0
N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave and the Master)--0
War Is Necessary--0
Last Real N***** Alive--0
Life's A Bitch - Explicit Remix--0
Stillmatic (The Intro) (Clean)--0
Hold Down the Block--0
NY State of Mind, Part 2--0
Black Republican--0
Live Nigga Rap--0
N.I.*.*.E.R. (The Slave and the Master)--0
The Season--0
Got Ur Self a Gun--0
Fried Chicken--0
Oochie Wally (Remix)--0
Ny State of Mind 2--0
In Too Deep--0
Destroy & Rebuild--0
Money Over Bullshit--0
N.Y. State of Mind (Central Park)--0
Carry On Tradition--0
On the Real--0
Sly Fox--0
N.Y. State Of Mind - Explicit Album Version--0
It Ain't Hard to Tell - The Laidback Remix--0
Last Words--0
Deja Vu--0
Good Morning--0
Favor for a Favor--0
I'm a Villian--0
One Mic - Remix--0
Dead Presidents II--0
American Way--0
Let There Be Light--0
Find Ya Wealth (Instrumental)--0
Rest of My Life--0
Thugz Mirror (freestyle)--0
Project Window (Raw remix)--0
Amongst Kings--0
Revolutionary Warfare--0
The World Is Yours (feat Pete Rock)trad0
Life's a Bitch (feat AZ The Visualiza)trad0
Braveheart Party(Featuring Mary J. Blige)--0
Zone Out--0
Honeymoon Is Over--0
Thugz Mansion--0
N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. II--0
The Flyest--0
Back When--0
Project Windows--0
Play On Playa--0
Thugz Mansion (N.Y.)--0
Still Dreaming--0
One Mic (Live)--0
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