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Paroles de Introspection

Interprète Paradox

Paroles de la chanson Introspection par Paradox lyrics officiel

Introspection est une chanson en Anglais

I been workin since Dwayne was on Carter 3rd
And when Ye and Jay gave a sermon, named watch the throne I observed it
Polished stone on the surface, underneath I was skippin
Women, bullies, and father were botherin all my circuits

Shit I thought I deserved it, kid who just found his purpose
Pissing on every person that ever made him feel worthless
Bitch I'm not Eminem, don't want them comparisons
He may be hot with the pen but them paradoxical verses

That I got are like earth wind, fire water can't hurt him
Drinkin like Irishmen can you see the red in my fur trim
Had to sea all these urchins, curve em like writing cursive
Cursing out any friend if their loyalty was imperfect

Boy I see the reflection, hypocrisy in my section
I never promised perfection, humans all need a surgeon
Puking no chloroseptic, stupid, stubborn and reckless
Assuming I love my ex though you know I don't Satan worship

Ayo Nick when you plan to bring in the hook?
I don't fish when I'm on a roll in the kitchen without a cook
My soul is the holy foot, I follow and let you look
If god never wrote the Bible I'm sure as hell we're the books

Been workin the evil serpent and writing on apple phones
Learning my left from right isnt easy as right and wrong
Either way ima fight like a patient already gone
Abouta come back to life yo doctor we goin home

Mountain moving it's prudent I keep improving
The student verse the illusion of losing learn to imbue it
I'm burning fuel out the Buick until it turns into music
You'll only care when I do it, Judas keep it a stack

Introducing the lucid dreamer more fluid than Aquafina
Effexor, Lexapro and Abilify by the liter
Caterpillar been eatin the box where he was trapped
Cardboard wings, you hear them flap when I rap
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Auteur: Nicholas McCurdy
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