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Paroles de Falsifying

Interprètes Paul WallChamillionaire

Paroles de la chanson Falsifying par Paul Wall lyrics officiel

Falsifying est une chanson en Anglais

Hold up these boys fronting
Like they moving blocks
Like big dope slangers on swaggers
Cruising drugs
I can't stand niggas rapping
Like they use them Glocks
You ain't no ball hog nigga
You ain't shooting up shots
Niggas claim to have stripes like a referee
But you ain't calling no shots nigga technically
This ain't a game this is life the only techs you'll see
Is not fouls just guns that reset your T I M E
Some niggas fake it til they make it
They tell lies then they wish that they could erase it
Face it there ain't no facts in none of ya statements
You ain't wearing guns like it's a fashion statement
I know you gone hate this talking to you mister
Smile when they with ya
And when they leave they diss ya
See niggas gone wish ya don't get no richer
I'll snap with no Kodak and hope that you get the picture
Now let's keep it real are you really a vulture
That'll make a nigga as stiff as a picture on a poster
Tell the truth if a hater get up and approach ya
Would you make that nigga wish he
Stayed seated like a sofa
Most of well let me say a large percent
Of these keeping it real niggas is fraudulent
I know you thought you had ya boy convinced
But you fake you phony you know the rest

Only us wait to swipe falsifying
Talking bout the paper stick
When you know they fucking pay
Only us wait to swipe falsifying
Sliping that drink when you hating

Calling your bluff
A lot of rappers claim to be tough
You bout as tough as toilet tissue full of that brown stuff
Your commode is about to erupt
You think you're hot dogging but ya ketchup is catching up
Tomorrow ya stuck
Ya rims cost more than ya truck
You a baller but you always wanna borrow a buck
My worst rap is better than ya best song
Ya'll boys faker than Li press ones
Rapping hard but the streets know lie bout drama
When ya dog died you went home and cried to ya mama
You'll get devoured in this game like a wildebeest
With your white gold chain and your silver piece
Please don't make me laugh
You slab when you rap but in real life you catching a cab
I saw you at the club with that fine chick you was hugging
Telling me it was your gal but it's really your cousin
You fake you phony you exaggerating
If you a mack why you always home masturbating
You ain't gotta lie to me about the cash you making
Quit acting and faking
For real

Only us wait to swipe falsifying
Talking bout the paper stick
When you know they fucking pay
Only us wait to swipe falsifying
Sliping that drink when you hating

Yeah there is no need to lie
You ain't sliping drink
You ain't smoking diss
You ain't got no in the pimp or you ride
Quit falsify
Quit falsify
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