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Paroles de N Luv Wit My Money

Interprètes Paul WallChamillionaire

Paroles de la chanson N Luv Wit My Money par Paul Wall lyrics officiel

N Luv Wit My Money est une chanson en Anglais

[Chorus: Chamillionaire]
Big Swangaz and Vouges
Them 20 inches sitting low
We Ball 24's 7's all that we know
Screens and neon lights are showin
When my trunk unlock pop and show
Ya already know
Paint dripping off the door
Not Engaged with no lady, fall in love with em no!
You may think I'm crazy never knew this type of love before
I'm love with my foreign, yes I'm married to my dough....
I'm in love with my money... mm mm

You can catch me squeezing grain
Sitting crooked on D's and swangs
Color changing lizard he's insane
Your woman's missing then he's to blame
Charge it to the game keep the change
Most marriages blossom and die...
When its over I'm telling her bye
But she acts like I'm telling a lie
While you falling in love with a she...
I rather be thugged an a G
Could you see me in a car that rhymes with rent me and starts with a be
Could you see a Bentley
Parked in the spot in ya hood
Candy coat on top of the hood
And my fist on top of the wood
Sparkling good
Say you ain't after my change I don't believe ya
If a skeeza ask me to feed her
With my visa then I'm gone leave her
I don't want you I don't need you
{ But I Love You } that's sweet
I rather be riding on glass feet
With leather up under my ass cheeks
Its not like I changed over night
Been acting like this since last week
Better Ask me my money stretched like an athlete at a track meet
Seen him last week in a Jag Jeep
But they don't even make them yet cousin OK, I'm lying I don't know what it was
But I swear that boy was sitting on buttons
I know you want a relationship with a balla but no thanks
Look I'd rather be shining my twankies much?
You must think this is a bank but it ain't
Money increase and never would shrank
Hoes that dyin even be fighting...
When I pull up on 20 inch titans
I got what them girls be liking
Them ...


[Paul Wall]
Hold on hold up a second man
I never mack to a metro dame
You better respect the game
See my gecko chain and correct ya brain
I love my car like it was my girlfriend I like to caress the grain
Followed the wheel and I got aroused
Swung in the ditch and I wrecked the frame
Broke up with my foreign car and fell in love with my cadillac
The Ringling Brothers made inquiries to how my trunk turns flips like an acrobat
I act a rat, cause I'm from the gutter
Ya girl stutter when I pull up next to ya
You been with the girl 6 months Paul Wall
Is the reason she won't give sex to ya
Why all that perplexing in you cause a german company made my rims
My big body's pregnant with twins I'm bout to induce a baby benz
Ya car was fly in the hood but my candy paint just wet ya flames
I'm sitting on 22 inch baby sitters justa threat ya name
Forgot to change the diaper so when I crept in the lane I left a stain
Every time it rains, paint drips It makes a mess and I get the blame
My TV's are the pet I tame I can make em roll over and play dead
My paint was blue on the freeway
But when I stopped at the light it changed to red
You better re arrange ya head thinking I trick my cash to a broad...
Go ahead and ask ya broad I got more green than the grass in a yard
And that's so raw It ain't hard for me to get the class to applaud
I shine like a blasting star, glass on a car more blacker than tar

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