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Petula Clark

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La Nuit N'en Finit Plus--95
C'est ma chanson--52
Marin (Enfant Du Voyage)--50
Coeur Blessé--42
L'Enfant Do--34
Talky, Talky, Talky--31
Je Me Sens Bien Auprès De Toi--25
I Never Do Anything Twice--19
La Gadoue--18
La Chanson D'Evita--13
Ciao ciao--12
Prends Mon Coeur--12
À London (allons donc)--12
Dans Le Temps - Downtown--10
Tout Le Monde Veut Aller Au Ciel--10
C'est Le Refrain De Ma Vie--9
Tout le monde veut aller au ciel mais personne ne veut mourir--8
Put Your Shoes On Lucy--7
Cœur blessé--7
Ya Ya Twist--7
Sauve Moi--6
Bleu, Blanc, Rouge--6
C'est Ma Chanson (This Is My Song)--6
La nuit n'en finit plus (Needles and Pins)--5
A London--5
Tennessee Waltz--5
Petite Fleur--5
Ne Joue Pas--5
Bye Bye Mon Amour--5
Un enfant--5
Chariot (I Will Follow Him)--4
La Seine et La Tamise--4
Hello Dolly--4
Il faut trouver le temps d'aimer--4
Elusive Butterfly (Performed Live On the Ed Sullivan Show 1/15/1967)--4
Que fais tu là Petula--4
Dans Le Train De Nuit--3
Bye Bye mon amour (Hello Marylou) [Remastered]--3
Darn That Dream--3
J'ai tout oublié (version alternative)--3
Don't Cry For Me Argentinatrad3
This Is My Song--3
O ô Sheriff--3
I Know a Place (Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 3/14/65)--3
Kiss Me Goodbye--2
Que Fais-tu Là, Petula ?--2
Bleu blanc rouge--2
I Will Follow Him--2
L'Agent Secret--2
Les Colimaçons--2
Cette Nuit La--2
Baby Lover--2
Don't Make Me Over--2
Suddenly There's a Valley--1
L'amour Viendra--1
Mon amour--1
There Goes My Love, There Goes My Life--1
Downtown (remix)--1
(Were Are You) Now That I Need You [Remastered]--1
The Little Blue Man--1
Il n'a chanté qu'un soir--1
San Francisco--1
Winchester Cathedral--1
Fortune Teller--1
Ceux qui ont un cœur--1
The Thirty First of June--1
Homeward Bound--1
Cerisier rose et pommier blanc--1
Entre nous il est fou--1
My Favourite Things--1
C'est Ma Chanson (This Is My Song) (Live)--1
Don't Give Up--1
Killing Me Softly--1
Tears of a Clown--1
My Love--1
Elle Est Finie (La Belle Histoire)--1
Coeur Blessé - Torture--1
Call Metrad1
If You Ever Go Away--1
A Tous Ceux Qui Ont Un Coeur--1
Wedding Song There Is Lovetrad1
Danse Avec Moi'--1
Love This Is My Song--1
Boy From Ipanema--0
I Want to Hold Your Hand--0
Lover Man--0
What Now My Love--0
Tell Me It's Not True--0
When You Get Right Down to It--0
I Could Have Given You More--0
Here for You--0
All Those Years Ago--0
Never on a Sunday--0
One More Sunrise--0
It's a Sign of the Times--0
In Love--0
Crying Through a Sleepless Night--0
Tell Me (That It's Love)--0
Las Vegas--0
Charlie My Boy--0
It Had To Be You--0
The Card--0
Cold, Cold Heart--0
Now That You've Gone--0
For All We Know--0
On the Path of Glory--0
I Will Wait for You--0
How Insensitive--0
Love Is Here--0
Il y a tellement de filles--0
A Foggy Day--0
Beautiful in the Rain--0
I Dreamed a Dream--0
Pierrot pendu--0
The Wedding Song (There is Love)--0
Two Rivers--0
Reach Out I'll Be There--0
Here, There and Everywhere--0
You Belong to Me--0
Downtown (New version)--0
Downtown (original version)--0
With All My Heart--0
Elusive Butterfly--0
As If We Never Said Goodbye--0
Baby It's Me--0
The Cat In the Window (The Bird In the Sky)--0
Look At Mine--0
Time for Love--0
Just Say Goodbye--0
Love Is a Long Journey--0
If I Were a Bell--0
The Little Shoemaker--0
Le Train des neiges--0
Calendar Girl--0
La Vie En Rose--0
Natural Love--0
The Wind of Change--0
Here We Are--0
American Boys--0
This Is Goodbye--0
Give It a Try--0
Strangers in the Night--0
My Friend the Sea--0
Sign of the Times--0
Color My World--0
Games People Play--0
My Funny Valentine--0
Mad About You--0
Look to the Rainbow--0
Downtown (1999 remix)--0
La Lumière a Dit--0
I'm Counting on You--0
Your Song--0
I'm Counting On You (Remastered)--0
Christmas Cards (Remastered)--0
Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul--0
Black Note Serenade--0
Silver Dollar--0
Clickety Clack--0
You Are My True Love--0
Mon Beau Sapin--0
Let It Be Me--0
Cut Copy Me - Jack & Joy Mix - Edit--0
Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant--0
Song of the Mermaid--0
Sleepy Eyes--0
Tell Me Truly--0
With All My Heart (Winter Wonderland Mix)--0
Ya Ya Twist (Remastered)--0
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love (Live)--0
It's Not For The Want Of Trying--0
Silver Dollars--0
Karaoke - Downtown--0
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love (Remastered)--0
I'll Always Love You--0
You're the Sweetest in the Land--0
cœur blessé (Remastered)--0
Tennesse Waltz--0
Away in a Manger - Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Remastered)--0
Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Remastered)--0
You Go to My Head (Remastered)--0
Music, Music, Music (Remastered)--0
Suddenly There's a Valley (Remastered)--0
With All My Heart (Bonus Track)--0
Yesterday (Live At The Royal Albert Hall, 1969)--0
Good Morning Starshine--0
Prends Mon Coeur (A Fool Such As I)--0
I'll Be Home for Christmas--0
Alles ist nun vorbei--0
Starting All Over Again--0
Maybe I'm Amazed--0
Dance On--0
The Ad--0
Wasn't It You--0
Love Me With All Your Heart--0
We Can Work It Out--0
These Are The Days Of Our Lives--0
The Cat in the Window--0
The Show Is Over--0
Thirty First of June--0
People Get Ready--0
The World Song--0
No One Better Than You--0
Overture (Live)--0
Once In Royal David's City--0
Away in a Manger / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing--0
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love (Re-recorded Version)--0
I Know a Place (Re-recorded Version)--0
Marin (Remastered)--0
Partir, Il Nous Faut--0
Va Toujours Plus Loin--0
Happy Together--0
Prends Mon Coeur (A Fool Such As I - French Version)--0
Il Faut Revenir--0
Tell Me It's Not True (From Blood Brothers) (Live)--0
Look To The Rainbow (From Finian's Rainbow) (Live)--0
You're the Only One--0
Monday, Monday--0
Christmas Cards--0
Come Rain or Come Shine--0
Fool on the Hill--0
Tu Ne Sais Pas, Tu Ne Sais Rien--0
Downtown (Re-Recording)--0
Seasons of Love--0
Afraid To Dream--0
Dans le temps--0
Roméo (French Version)--0
Ô ô sheriff--0
Wedding Song (There Is Love)--0
Danse Avec Moi--0
Don't Sleep in the Subway Darling--0
Please Don't Go--0
Couchés dans le foin--0
La Chanson d'Évita--0
Elle est finie la belle histoire--0
If Ever You're Lonely--0
The Windmills of Your Mind--0
Bang Bang--0
(Were Are You) Now That I Need You--0
Cara felicità--0
Aide toi, le ciel t'aidera--0
Neon Rainbow--0
Est ce l'amour qui veut ça--0
Vilaine Fille, Mauvais Garçon--0
Downtown (Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 3/14/65)--0
With All My Heart (Live)--0
Alone (Live)--0
My Love (Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 11/28/65)--0
Don't Sleep In the Subway (Performed Live On the Ed Sullivan Show 9/10/1967)--0
The Cat In the Window (The Bird In the Sky) [Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 9/10/67]--0
Color My World (Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 1/15/67)--0
A Sign of the Times (Performed Live On the Ed Sullivan Show 8/14/1966)--0
Starting All Over Again (Live)--0
Downtown (Live)--0
Where Are You (Now That I Need You)--0
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart--0
Am I That Easy to Forget? (Tu reviendras vers ta maison?)--0
Don't Sleep in the Subway (Live)--0
Tell Me It's Not True (Blood Brothers) (Live)--0
Sign of the Times (Live)--0
I Know a Place (Live)--0
Downtown '76--0
A Groovy Kind of Love--0
Kiss Me Goodnighttrad0
Mon Homme--0
CDouchés Dans Le Foin--0
Tu N'sais Pas, Tu Ne Sais Rien--0
San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair)--0
Don't Sleep in the Subway--0
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love--0
J'ai Deux Amours--0
My Guytrad0
Vilaines Filles, Mauvais Garçons--0
Mon Bonheur Danse--0
Les Incorruptibles--0
Never On Sundaytrad0
A Song For Youtrad0
Le Temps D'Aimer--0
You're The Onetrad0
Cut Copy Me--0
Downtown - Barclaycard--0
Quelli che hanno un cuore--0
The Windmills of My Mind--0
The Song of My Life--0
I Don't Know How to Love Him--0
Couldn't Live Without Your Love--0
L'Île de France--0
Love Me With All of Your Heart--0
Round Every Corner--0
A Sign of the Times--0
Downtown 2004 - Remix--0
I Know a Place--0
Love Me Tender--0
Downtown (64 Original Release With Petula Clark)--0
Colour My World--0
Hark the Herald Angels Sing--0
The Last Waltz--0
Away in a Manger--0
Sailor (Remastered)--0
The Boy from Ipanema--0
I Won't Care--0
Every Word You Say--0
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes--0
On the Atchinson,Topeka and the Santa Fe--0
There's a Small Hotel--0
He Loves and She Loves--0
Memories Are Made Of This--0
Downtown 88--0
Downtown (Re-Recorded)--0
Lost In You--0
Next To You--0
Never Enough--0
Just You, Just Me--0
All Through the Day--0
In the City--0
Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You--0
Fixing to Live--0
This Girl's in Love With You--0
Hey Jude--0
Who Am I--0
You'd Better Come Home--0
Happy Heart--0
Silver Spoon--0
Come to Me (For Love)--0
Elle Est Finie--0
I Couldt Live without your Love--0
When the Lights Are Low--0
What Would I Be--0
While the Children Play--0
Special People--0
Baby Lover (Remastered)--0
As Time Goes By--0
Alone (Remastered)--0
Band of Gold (Remastered)--0
Fascinating Rhythm (Remastered)--0
The Card (Remastered)--0
Cold, Cold Heart (Remastered)--0
Once in Royal David's City (Remastered)--0
Ne Joue Pas (Remastered)--0
Tennessee Waltz (Remastered)--0
Fortune Teller (Remastered)--0
Gonna Find Me a Bluebird (Remastered)--0
The Little Blue Man (Remastered)--0
There's a Small Hotel (Remastered)--0
Darn That Dream (Remastered)--0
With All My Heart (Remastered)--0
Who Needs You? (Remastered)--0
Memories Are Made of This (Remastered)--0
Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart (Remastered)--0
As Time Goes By (Remastered)--0
I've Grown Accustomed to His Face (Remastered)--0
Aide-toi, Le Ciel T'aidera--0
Long Before I Knew You--0
I Wish I Knew--0
Band Of Gold--0
Fascinating Rhythm--0
I've Grown Accustomed to His Face--0
Gonna Find Me A Bluebird--0
Who Needs You?--0
Downtown (German Version)--0
You Go To My Head--0
Music! Music! Music!--0
Downtown (Edit)--0
Downtown (Remastered)--0
Downtown (Re-recorded Version)--0
Smile (Remastered)--0
Chariot (Remastered)--0
Smile (Digitally Remastered)--0
The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener--0
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