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paroles officielles ♪ Bring The Noise ♪
Too black, too strong
Yo, Chuck

These alley trippers are still frontin' on us
Show 'em that we can do this
'Cause we always knew this, ha ha
Yeah, boy!
Bass! How low can you go?
Death row, what a brother know

Once again, back is the incredible
Rhyme animal, the incredible
D, Public Enemy number one
"Five-O" said, "Freeze!" and I got numb
Can I tell 'em that I really never had a gun?

But it's the wax that the Terminator X spun
Now they got me in a cell
'Cause my records, they sell
'Cause a brother like me said, Well

Farrakhan's a prophet and I think you ought to listen to
What he can say to you" What you ought to do
Is follow for now, power of the people, say
"Make a miracle, D, pump the lyrical"
Black is back, all in, We're gonna win

Check it out
Yeah, y'all, c'mon
Here we go again
Turn it up! Bring the noise!

Turn it up! Bring the noise!
Hey yo, Chuck, they're sayin' we too black, man

Yo, I don't understand what they're saying
But little do they know they can get a smack for that, man

Never badder than bad 'cause the brother is madder than mad
At the fact that's corrupt like a senator

Soul on a roll, but you treat it like soap on a rope
'Cause the beats in the lines are so dope
Listen for lessons I'm saying inside music
That the critics are all blasting me for

They'll never care for the brothers and sisters
Now across the country has us up for the war
We got to demonstrate, come on now
They're gonna have to wait 'til we get it right
Radio stations, I question their blackness

They call themselves black, but we'll see if they'll play
Turn it up! Bring the noise!
Turn it up! Bring the noise!
Hey yo, Chuck, they're illin', we chillin'

Yo, PE in the house, top billing
Yo, Chuck, show 'em what you can do, boy
Get from in front of me, the crowd runs to me
My DJ is warm, he's X, I call him Norm, y'know

He can cut a record from side to side
So what, the ride, the glide should be much safer than a

Soul control, beat is the father of your rock'n'roll
Music for whatcha, for whichin', you call a band, man
Makin' a music, abuse it, but you can't do it, y'know
You call 'em demos

But we ride limos, too
Whatcha gonna do? Rap is not afraid of you
Beat is for Sonny Bono
Beat is for Yoko Ono
Run-DMC first said a DJ could be a band

Stand on its own feet, get you out your seat
Beat is for Eric B. and LL, as well, hell
Wax is for Anthrax, still it can rock bells
Ever forever, universal, it will sell

Time for me to exit, Terminator X it
Turn it up! Bring the noise!

Turn it up! Bring the noise!
Yo, they should know by now that they can't stop this [?]
Word up, better keep tellin' me to turn it down

But yo, Flavor Flav ain't going out like that
Come on

Come on
Come on, now
Come on
From coast to coast, so used to being like a comatose
Stand, my man, the beat's the same with a boast toast
Rock with some pizzazz, it will last. Why you ask?
Roll with the rock stars, still never get accepted as
We got to plead the Fifth, you can investigate
Don't need to wait, get the record straight
Hey, posse in effect, got Flavor, Terminator
X to sign checks, play to get paid
You got to check it out down on the avenue
A magazine or two is dissing me and dissing you
Yeah, I'm telling you...
Hey yo, Griff, [?]
We got to handle this
We ain't goin' out like that
Yo man, straight up on the Columbo tip
We can do this, like Brutus
'Cause we always knew this
You know what I'm sayin'
There's just one thing that puzzles me, my brother
What's wrong with all these people around here, man...
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Public Enemy - Bring The Noise paroles
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