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Queen lyrics
Fiche de Queen


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Bohemian Rhapsodytrad999
[A Night at the Opera] / Bohemian Rhapsody (intro)--121
We Will Rock Youtrad120
Bohemian Rhapsody (Remastered)--117
We Are The Championstrad96
Don't Stop Me Nowtrad92
The Show Must Go Ontrad75
Love Of My Lifetrad51
I Want To Break Freetrad46
Killer Queentrad26
Bohemian Rhapsody - Live Aid--25
Somebody To Lovetrad24
We Will Rock You: We Will Rock You--23
Under Pressuretrad21
Flash Gordontrad19
We Will Rock You (Instrumental)--17
Princess of the Universe (“Highlander” alternative version)--16
I Want It Alltrad15
Another One Bites The Dusttrad14
Who Wants To Live Forevertrad13
Radio Ga Gatrad12
God Save The Queentrad11
Bohemian Rhapsody - Operatic Section / 2011 A Cappella Mix--11
Goin' Back (Freddie Mercury as Larry Lurex)--11
Fat Bottomed Girlstrad9
Now I'm Heretrad8
Show Must Go Ontrad8
Bicycle Racetrad8
Mother Lovetrad7
But I Still Love You--6
Who Wants to Live Forever (Highlander alternative version)--6
We Are the Champion--6
Bohemian Rhapsody (Instrumental)--6
You Take My Breath Awaytrad5
Somebody to Love (Live At the Montreal Forum)--5
Bohemian Rhapsodie--5
Crazy Little Thing Called Lovetrad5
Play The Gametrad5
The Miracletrad5
Is This The World We Created?trad5
Another One Bites The Dust - Live at Wembley '86--4
Crazy Little Thing Love--4
A Kind of Magic (Live At Wembley Stadium / July 1986)--4
We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions--4
Cool Cattrad4
A Kind of Magic (Demo / August 1985)--4
Let Me Live (banned version)--4
Under Pressure (Live) - Live at Wembley 86--4
Hangman (live)--4
Living On My Owntrad3
I Guess We’re Falling Out (demo)--3
'39 (Remastered 2011)--3
Bohemian Rhapsody (5.1 mix)--3
You Take My Breath Away (Remastered)--3
Hammer to Fall (Remastered)--3
We Will Rock You (alternate version)--3
Spread Your Wings (alternate version)--3
One Year of Love (extended version)--3
You're My Best Friendtrad3
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Remastered)--3
White Mantrad2
Don't Try Suicidetrad2
Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)trad2
These Are The Days Of Our Livestrad2
Too Much Love Will Kill Youtrad2
A Kind Of Magictrad2
Under Pressure (Demo Version feature David Bowie)--2
One Vision (Extended)--2
My Fairy King (Live)--2
Impromptu (Live, Wembley Stadium, July 1986)--2
Bohemian Rhapsody (taped introduction)--2
Princess of the Universe (reprise) (“Highlander” version)--2
We Are the Champions (feat. Robbie Williams)--2
Flash's Theme (1991 bonus remix by Mista Lawnge, 9.5)--2
Bicycle Race (remix)--2
Take Me Home--2
Another One Bites the Dust (instrumental)--2
Another One Bites the Dust (remix)--2
A New Life Is Born (demo)--2
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Live at Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 13th July 1985--2
I Want To Break Free (Single Remix)--2
Bohemian Rhapsody - Remastered 2011--2
White Queentrad2
The Great Pretendertrad2
Rock In Rio Bluestrad2
Who Wants To Live Forever (Live At Wembley Stadium / July 1986)--2
Bohemian Rhapsody (Live At the Montreal Forum)--2
Bohemian Rhapsody / Radio Gaga (Live at Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 13th July 1985)--2
The Song of the Millennium - Bohemian Rhapsody--2
Get Down, Make Love (Live)--2
Invisible Mantrad2
Big Spendertrad2
Medley: Bohemian Rhapsody / Killer Queen / The March of the Black Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody (Reprise) / Bring Back That Leroy Br--2
Is This the World We Created? (Live at Wembley)--2
Chinese Torture--2
In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited (live at Wembley Stadium, July 1986)--1
It's Late (alternate version)--1
I'm Going Slightly Madtrad1
Too Much Love Will Kill You (edit)--1
Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt--1
Emotion in Motion--1
Theme From Flash Gordon--1
Mary Lou--1
We Will Rock You (Zulu Scratch a Cappella)--1
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (with commentary)--1
I Want to Break Free (instrumental)--1
Action This Day (live in Tokyo, November 1982)--1
Lazy on a Sunday Afternoon--1
New York, New York (Highlander excerpt)--1
Love Of My Life - Remastered 2011--1
A Kind of Magic (Live)--1
Liar (John Luongo & Gary Hellman 1991 remix)--1
Invincible Hope (feat. Nelson Mandela) / 46664 TheCall (feat. Brian May) / The Show Must Go On (feat. Treana Chris Thompson)--1
In The Lap Of The Godstrad1
Thank God It's Christmastrad1
20th Century Fox Fanfare--1
Saturday Night's Alright For Fightingtrad1
Jailhouse Rock (Medley) (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London / 1975)--1
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live At The Montreal Forum)--1
It's a Hard Lifetrad1
Now I'm Here (Live At Wembley Stadium / July 1986)--1
Headlong (2011 Remaster)--1
Prophet's Song--1
Hammer To Fall - Live Aid--1
Heaven For Everyonetrad1
We Will Rock You (Remastered)--1
Brighton Rocktrad1
Bohemian Rhapsody - Live At The Montreal Forum / November 1981--1
Save Me (2011 Remaster)--1
Bohemian Rhapsody / Radio Ga Ga / [unknown]--1
Flick Of The Wristtrad1
Friends Will Be Friendstrad1
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boytrad1
Hammer To Falltrad1
Sweet Lady (2011 Remaster)--1
God Save the Queen (Live At Wembley Stadium - July 1986)--1
Bohemian Rhapsody ('Party at the Palace' live at Buckingham Palace, 2002)--1
Bohemian Rhapsody (2005 5.1 mix)--1
Seven Seas of Rhye (Live)--1
Jailhouse Rocktrad1
Keep Passing the Open Windows (2011 Remastered)--1
We Are the Champions (Live from Budapest in 1986)--1
We Are the Champions (Instrumental)--1
The Invisible Man (Demo)--1
Tie Your Mother Down (Live, Wembley Stadium, July 1986)--1
Seven Seas of Rhye (Live, Wembley Stadium, July 1986)--1
Now I'm Here (Live, Wembley Stadium, July 1986)--1
Now I'm Here (Live in Budapest in 1986)--1
No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)--1
Let Me In Your Heart Again--1
Las Palabras De Amor (The Words of Love)--1
Tavaszi Szel Vizet Araszt (Live in Budapest in 1986)--1
You're My Best Friend (Backing Track mix 2011)--1
A Dozen Red Roses for My Darling--1
Bicycle Race - Remastered 2011--1
In My Defensetrad1
The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)--1
Forever (piano version)--1
Under Pressure (Live At the Montreal Forum)--1
Somebody to Love (Live)--1
Ming's Theme (In The Court Of Ming The Merciless)--1
Long Awaytrad1
Made In Heaventrad1
The Millionaire Waltztrad1
Seven Seas Of Rhyetrad1
Love Of My Life - Live at Wembley--1
Put Out The Firetrad1
Let Me In Your Heart Again (William Orbit Mix)--1
One Year Of Lovetrad1
Another One Bites the Dust (Live At Wembley Stadium / July 1986)--1
I Want To Break Free (Live At Wembley Stadium / July 1986)--1
My Melancholy Bluestrad1
You Don't Fool Metrad1
Don't Try So Hard (Remastered 2011)--1
Keep Yourself Alive - Remastered 2011--1
My Life Has Been Saved - 1989 B-Side Version--1
My Life Has Been Saved - 1989 B-Side Version / Remastered 2011--1
I Want It All - Edit--1
Bohemian Rhapsody (Conclusion)--1
Untitled (Hidden Track)--1
Hello Mary Loutrad1
Guitar Solo (Live At the Montreal Forum)--0
Made In Heaven (Remastered)--0
One Vision (Live, Wembley Stadium, July 1986)--0
Heaven for Everyone (Remastered)--0
My Life Has Been Saved (Remastered)--0
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