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R. Kelly lyrics
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R. Kelly

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Trapped In the Closet (Chapters 1-5)--69
Prayer Changestrad27
3-Way Phone Calltrad20
I'm Your Angel (feat Celine Dion)trad16
I Believe I Can Flytrad16
Slow Wind - Remix featuring Sean Paul and Akon--14
Heaven I Need A Hug--13
The World's Greatest (instrumental)--12
Radio Messagetrad12
It's Your Birthdaytrad11
Rock Star (feat Ludacris, Kid Rock)trad10
Baby I Love You (feat. Jennifer Lopez)--10
Pregnant (feat. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream)--10
Crazy Sex--8
Ghetto Religion (feat. Wyclef Jean)--8
Pick Up the Phone--7
I Wish - Remix (To the Homies That We Lost) [Clean Version]--6
Love Is (feat. K. Michelle)--6
I Can't Sleep Babytrad6
Looking For Lovetrad6
I Believe--4
Sex In The Kitchentrad4
Gotham City--4
Sign Of a Victorytrad3
Ladies' Night (Treat Her Like Heaven)trad3
Real Talktrad3
(Sex) Love Is What We Makin'trad3
Homie Lover Friend (remix)--3
Feelin On Yo Booty (remix)trad3
Number One (feat. Keri Hilson)--3
When a Woman Loves--3
Not Gonna Hold Ontrad3
Ignition (remix)trad3
Showdown (feat Ronald Isley)trad3
I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)--3
Let Your Light Shine--2
The World's Greatest (Radio Edit)--2
Playa's Only (feat The Game)trad2
Sex Me (Part 1) / Sex Me (Part 2)trad2
Sign of a Victory (main)--2
I Wish (remix) (To the Homies That We Lost)--2
The Storm Is Over Nowtrad2
All I Really Wanttrad2
I Decidedtrad2
You Kept My Fire Burning--2
Pick Up the Phone (feat. Tyrese & Ludacris)--2
A Soldier's Hearttrad2
That's That (feat Snoop Dogg)trad2
Cookie (Oreo)--2
One Mantrad2
Burn It Up (Instrumental)--2
Fiesta (remix) (feat. Jay-Z) (street)--2
Best Friend (feat Keyshia Cole, Polow Da Don)trad2
Number One Hit--1
U Saved Metrad1
The Real R. Kelly--1
You Made Me Love Youtrad1
F*#$ing You Tonight--1
Ignition (remix) (album version)--1
Love Signalstrad1
Heaven, I Need a Hugtrad1
I Surrendertrad1
Thoia Thoing (Silk & The Peoples Choice remix)--1
Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 6 of 12)--1
I Like Love (Bonus Track)--1
Greatest Sex--1
Bad Mantrad1
Ignition (Slang "Chicago Sh?t" edit)--1
Ignition (remix) (instrumental)--1
It's All Good--1
Gigolo (remix)--1
Thoia Thong (R. Kelly, Silk & The People's Choice remix)--1
Hair Braider (clean version)--1
U Saved Me (Kenny Dope Remix Loud Vox)--1
Forever Moretrad1
(Sex) Love Is What We Makin--1
I Believe I Can Fly (instrumental)--1
Snake (remix)trad1
The World's Greatesttrad1
Thoia Thoingtrad1
Slow Windtrad1
Intro - The Sermon--1
Lost In Your Love--1
Just a Touchtrad1
Strip For Youtrad1
Untitled Song--1
Trade In My Lifetrad1
Sex in the Kitchen Album--1
Home Alone (feat Keith Murray)trad1
Shut Up--1
Don't You Say Notrad1
Trapped In the Closet Chapter 11--1
I Mean (I Don't Mean It)trad1
I Believe I Can Fly (LP version)--1
She's Loving Me--1
Fallin' Hearts--1
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Timetrad1
Don't Put Me Outtrad1
Take You Home With Me A.k.a. Bodytrad1
The Streetstrad1
When a Woman's Fed Uptrad1
When a Man Lies--1
I Believe I Can Fly - Radio Edit--1
I Can't Sleep Baby (If I) (remix)--1
You Bring Me Joy--1
Thoia Thong (album version)--1
Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)--1
I'm a Flirt (remix) (instrumental)--1
Love Is On The Way--1
Your Body's Callin' (LP version)--0
Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 12 of 12)--0
Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 6 Of 12) (Edited Version)--0
Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 11 of 12)--0
Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 9 of 12)--0
Be My #2 (Terry Hunter Remix)--0
Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 8 of 12)--0
Rise Up (R. Kelly Intro)--0
Feelin' On Yo Booty (Hypnosis Mix - No "Ass")--0
Fiesta (remix) (feat. Jay-Z) (clean)--0
Born Into The 90's--0
Tryin' to Get a Number (Explicit Version)--0
I'm Sending You My Love for Christmas--0
Down Low (Nobody Has to Know) (feat. Ronald & Ernie Isley)--0
Bump 'n' Grind (album version)--0
She's Got That Vibe - Radio Edit--0
Be Happy (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)--0
Bumpin' Grind--0
Chapter 12--0
Chapter 11--0
Bump & Grind (Old School remix)--0
Happy People (with DJ Skit)--0
Chapter 3--0
Sex Me, Pt. I - Radio Edit--0
Hey Love (feat. Mr Lee)--0
Trapped in the Closet, Part 8--0
Sex Me (Part II) - Extended Street Version - No Intro Version--0
Hypnotic (feat. Syleena Johnson & Fabolous)--0
Bump N' Grind (How I Feel It mix)--0
Your Bodies Calling--0
Down Low (Live to Regret It mix)--0
Rise Up (Virginia Tech Tribute)--0
Religious (explicit/dirty version)--0
Gotham City Remix (Clean Edit)--0
I'm A Flirt Remix - Pop Radio Edit--0
When a Woman Loves (remix)--0
Trapped In the Closet (Chapter 7 of 12)--0
Good Sex--0
Imagine Thattrad0
Trapped In The Closet Chapter 8 - Edited Version--0
In the Closet, Part 1--0
Trapped in the Closet, Part 7--0
You Remind Me--0
Fiesta (remix) (feat. Jay-Z and Boo & Gotti)--0
Ghetto Queen (Crucial Conflict)--0
What Do I Do--0
Baby Baby Baby...--0
Bump n' Grind (How I Feel It Mix - Extended)--0
More and More--0
U Saved Me (Radio Edit)--0
I Wish (To The Homies That We Lost) [Remix]--0
I Believe I Can Fly (Album/LP Version)--0
Sex Me (Part I) (Radio Edit)--0
If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time (album version)--0
Money Makes the World Go Round--0
Be Careful (feat. Sparkie)--0
You Save Me (live version)--0
Come to Daddy--0
Trapped In the Closet Chapter 9--0
Your Body's Callin' (His & Hers extended mix)--0
Space Jam: I Believe I Can Fly--0
Fiesta (Street)--0
Forever and Ever--0
Step in Name of Love--0
Slow Wine (remix) (feat. Sean Paul & Akon)--0
Crazy Night (feat. R. City)--0
Sex Me (Part I) - Street Radio Edit--0
Make You My Baby--0
I Wish - Remix (To The Homies That We Lost) - Uncensored Version--0
I Can't Sleep Baby (If I) - Radio Edit--0
Best At It--0
I'm a Flirt Remix (Clean Radio Version)--0
Down Low (Nobody Has to Know) (live to Regret It mix)--0
Far More--0
Trapped In the Closet Chapter 8--0
Who's That (Edited)--0
So Sexy, Part II (feat. Twista)--0
Half on a Baby (extended video version)--0
Sex Me, Part 1 (Street radio edit)--0
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