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If I Had Only Known--2
I Know I'll Have a Better Day--0
It's Another Silent Night--0
Hold On--0
Can't Even Get The Blues--0
Love Is Never Easy--0
I've Never Stopped Dreaming of You--0
Good Friends--0
You Can Take the Wings Off Me--0
I'll Believe It When I Feel It--0
I Can't Stop Now--0
Over, Under and Around--0
What Do You Know About Heartache?--0
Silly Me--0
I've Waited All My Life for You--0
Someone Else--0
What You Gonna Do About Me--0
I Don't Want to Mention Any Names--0
Just Across the Rio Grande--0
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)--0
Please Be the One--0
I Don't Want to Be Alone--0
The Stairs--0
I'd Say You--0
If You Only Knew--0
Why Can't He Be You--0
You Really Better Love Me After This--0
I've Still Got the Love We Made--0
One to One--0
One Thin Dime--0
Everything But My Heart--0
Don't You Believe Him--0
It's Not Over (If I'm Not Over You)--0
I Want to Hear It from You--0
New Love--0
That's What He Said--0
Before I Met You--0
He's Only Everything--0
Make Me Feel Like a Woman Wants to Feel--0
Rain Fallin'--0
Last Night, Ev'ry Night--0
You've Got Me (Right Where You Want Me)--0
(I Still Long to Hold You) Now and Then--0
Don't Say Goodnight, Say Good Morning--0
Glad I Waited Just for You--0
Long Distance Lover--0
If I Had It My Way--0
I Don't Think Love Ought to Be That Way--0
Tulsa Time--0
Don't Touch Me There--0
To Make That Same Mistake Again--0
My Turn--0
Look at the One (Who's Been Lookin' at You)--0
Sweet Dreams--0
Night Life--0
San Antonio Rose--0
Can't Stop Now--0
White Christmas--0
Silent Night--0
Why Not Tonight--0
Lookin' for a New Love Story--0
We're All Alone (feat. Josey Y. Durval)--0
When You're Not Trying To--0
She Wasn't Good Enough for Him--0
Nobody Dies From a Broken Heart--0
My Mind Is On You--0
No Such Thing--0
I Don't Want to Be a One Night Stand--0
A Cowboy Like You--0
Till You Love Me--0
I Wouldn't Wanna Be You--0
Till It Snows In Mexico--0
Read My Mind--0
You Keep Me Hangin' On--0
Never Had a Reason To--0
It Always Rains On Saturday--0
Just Looking for Him--0
She's Callin' It Love--0
State of Grace--0
Close to Crazy--0
Am I the Only One Who Cares--0
Somebody Up There Likes Me--0
A New Love--0
You're No Good--0
Little Girl--0
Say the Word--0
You Must Really Love Me--0
(There's Nothing Like the Love) Between a Woman and a Man--0
Right Time of the Night--0
She Came on Like Lightnin'--0
We'll Waltz in Love Tonight--0
Muddy Mississippi--0
Old Man River (I've Come to Talk Again)--0
Whoever's Watchin'--0
Indelibly Blue--0
Ease the Fever--0
All of You--0
I'll Take Your Heart--0
Love By Love--0
There Ain't No Love--0
Today All Over Again--0
Empty Arms--0
Suddenly There's a Valley--0
Tears on My Pillow--0
I'm a Woman--0
Invitation to the Blues--0
The Blues Don't Care Who's Got 'Em--0
I Can See Forever in Your Eyes--0
A Poor Man's Roses (or a Rich Man's Gold)--0
Lovin' You, Lovin' Me--0
Only You (and You Alone)--0
Small Two-Bedroom Starter--0
How Does It Feel to Be Free--0
Waitin' for the Sun to Shine--0
Runaway Heart--0
Angel in Your Arms--0
You're the First Time I've Thought About Leavin' (Live)--0
(Love Lift Us) Up Where We Belong (Live)--0
(You Lift Me) Up To Heaven (Live)--0
I'm Getting Over You (Live)--0
I'm Not That Lonely--0
Look At the One (Who's Been Looking At...)--0
Open Road (Hot Rod Guitar)(live)--0
What We Can't Have (Live)--0
Oh, How I Love Jesus--0
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder--0
Swing Low Sweet Chariot / Swing Down Chariot (Medley)--0
Don't Say Goodbye, Say Good Morning--0
Open Road (Hot Rod Guitar)--0
'Till Love Comes Again--0
Open Road--0
I Know I'll Have a Better Day Tomorrow--0
Sweet Dreams (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Respect (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Jolene (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Mama Tried (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Somebody up There Likes Me (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
San Antonio Rose (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
A Cowboy Like You - 1994 Oklahoma Girl Version--0
The Blues Don't Care Who's Got 'Em - 1994 Oklahoma Girl Version--0
She Came On Like Lightnin' - 1994 Oklahoma Girl Version--0
We'll Waltz In Love Tonight - 1994 Oklahoma Girl Version--0
Heart - 1994 Oklahoma Girl Version--0
Lovin' You Lovin' Me - 1994 Oklahoma Girl Version--0
My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own - 1994 Oklahoma Girl Version--0
Medley: Swing Low Sweet Chariot / Swing Down Chariot--0
How Great Thou Art--0
You Must Really Love Me - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Somebody Up There Likes Me - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Cathy's Clown - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Whoever's In New England - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Sunday Kind Of Love - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
I Know How He Feels - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
San Antonio Rose - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Mama Tried - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Respect - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Back To God (with Lauren Daigle) (Acoustic Version)--0
Sweet Dreams - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Jolene - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Night Life - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Can't Stop Now - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Little Girl - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Only You (Remastered) (Live)--0
Why Do We Want (What We Know We Can’t Have) (Remastered) (Live)--0
Today All Over Again (Remastered) (Live)--0
Sweet Dreams (Remastered) (Live)--0
Can't Even Get the Blues (Live)--0
Invitation To the Blues (Remastered) (Live)--0
Daddy (Remastered) (Live)--0
I Can See Forever In Your Eyes (Remastered) (Live)--0
Little Rock - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
New Fool At An Old Game - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
So, So, So Long - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Take It Back - Edit--0
(You Lift Me) Up To Heaven (Remastered) (Live)--0
You Must Really Love Me (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Cathy's Clown (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
If Only--0
Tell Me What's So Good About Goodbye--0
Every Second Someone Breaks A Heart--0
I'm Getin' Over You--0
You Are Always There for Me--0
Silver Eagle--0
Bad for My Own Good--0
Over You--0
Consider Me Gone (album version)--0
Nothing to Lose--0
Pink Guitar--0
Big Blue Sky--0
We're All Alone--0
Poison Sugar--0
We're So Good Together (album version)--0
Invitaion to the Blues--0
All This Time--0
Take Your Love Away--0
I Was Glad to Give My Everything to You--0
It Don't Matter--0
I Don't Want to B a One Night Stand--0
I'm In Love All Over--0
She's Single Again--0
I Don't Need Nothin' You Ain't Got--0
Don't Forget Your Way Home--0
Whose Heartache Is This Anyway--0
She's the One Loving You Now--0
Red Roses (Won't Work Now)--0
Til Loves Comes Again--0
Why I Haven't Heard From You--0
So, So, So Long (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
One Promise Too Late (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
The Christmas Song--0
Eight Crazy Hours--0
More Than Just Her Last Name--0
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire)--0
Let the Music (Lift You Up) (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Little Rock (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
I Know How He Feels (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Whoever's in New England (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Sunday Kind of Love (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Can't Stop Now (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Little Girl (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Promise Me Something--0
That's All She Wrote - Single Version--0
One Last Good Hand--0
He Wants to Get Married--0
Misty Blue--0
What Am I Gonna Do Without You--0
I'm Gonna Take That Mountain--0
Moving Oleta--0
For Herself--0
Will He Ever Go Away--0
Heart Hush--0
You're Gonna Be (Always Loved by Me)--0
Up and Flying--0
Lighter Shade of Blue--0
It's Gotta Be Love--0
They Asked About You--0
If You See Him, If You See Her--0
I'd Rather Ride Around With You--0
Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hands--0
(Love Lift Us) Up Where We Belong--0
Straight from You--0
Whatever Way It Hurts the Least--0
Mary, Did You Know--0
I'll Have What She's Having--0
Climb That Mountain High--0
Fallin' Out of Love--0
The Day She Got Divorced--0
The Heart Won't Lie (With Vince Gill)--0
Does He Love You (With Linda Davis)--0
I Want a Cowboy--0
Take It Back--0
All the Women I Am--0
When You Have a Child--0
I'd Really Love to See You Tonight--0
The Only Promise That Remains (With Justin Timberlake)--0
When You Love Someone Like That (With LeAnn Rimes)--0
I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus--0
Up on the Housetop--0
A Christmas Letter--0
Love Isn't Love ('Til You Give It Away)--0
My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own--0
Five Hundred Miles away from Home--0
Please Come to Boston--0
You Remember Me--0
He's in Dallas--0
But Why--0
Maggie Creek Road--0
I'll Still Be Loving You--0
If I Fell--0
Only in My Mind--0
Is It Really Love--0
Room to Breathe--0
Sky Full of Angels--0
Red Roses--0
The New Me (From "Malibu Country")--0
I Keep On Loving You--0
Going Out Like That (Bummerman Remix)--0
Look For the Light--0
The Christmas Guest--0
Do Right by Me--0
Have I Got a Deal for You--0
What If It's You--0
The Angels Sang--0
This Is My Prayer for You--0
All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go)--0
Buying Her Roses--0
Talking in Your Sleep--0
I'm Not That Lonely Yet--0
Love Will Find Its Way to You--0
New Fool at an Old Game--0
I'll Be Home for Christmas--0
Gonna Love Ya (Till the Cows Come Home)--0
Can't Even Get the Blues No More--0
How Blue--0
It's Your Call--0
(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven--0
The Last One to Know--0
On This Day--0
Does He Love You--0
You Lie--0
Is There Life Out There--0
What Do You Say--0
And Still--0
That's When I Knew--0
Love Somebody--0
Forever Love--0
I'll Go On--0
Starting Over Again--0
Because of You--0
Whoever's in New England--0
Somebody Should Leave--0
She Got Drunk Last Night--0
Consider Me Gone--0
Going Out Like That--0
Turn On The Radiotrad0
That Makes Two Of Ustrad0
I'm A Survivor--0
If I Were a Boy--0
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia--0
Until They Don't Love You--0
Back to God--0
Because of You (With Kelly Clarkson)--0
Just Like Them Horses--0
He Gets That From Me--0
Livin' Ain't Killed Me Yet--0
Walk On--0
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter--0
Pray For Peace--0
Love Land--0
The Heart Won't Lie--0
My Sister--0
You Lie - Single Version--0
Enough (featuring Jennifer Nettles)--0
On My Own--0
Sunday Kind Of Love--0
What Am I Gonna Do About You--0
One Honest Heart--0
What Am I Going to Do About You--0
She Thinks His Name Was John--0
One Promise Too Late--0
I Keep On Lovin' You--0
Promise Me Love--0
I'll Be--0
The Greatest Man I Never Knew--0
Somebody's Chelsea--0
For My Broken Heart--0
The Fear of Being Alone--0
Rumor Has It--0
How Was I to Know--0
Little Rock--0
Why Haven't I Heard From You--0
Cathy's Clown--0
Amazing Grace--0
Every Other Weekend (With Kenny Chesney)--0
If I Had Any Sense Left at All--0
Waiting for the Sun to Shine--0
Happy Birthday Jesus (I'll Open This One Just for You)--0
God And My Girlfriends--0
That Makes Two of Us (feat. Jacky Ward)--0
I'm Gettin' Over You--0
You're The First Time I've Thought About Leavin'--0
Everyday People (With Carole King)--0
These Broken Hearts (With Vince Gill)--0
Faith In Love (With Rascal Flatts)--0
Does the Wind Still Blow In Oklahoma (With Ronnie Dunn)--0
Love Lift Me Up--0
Good Doggie, No Bone!--0
Sing It Now--0
Oh Happy Day--0
What We Can't Have--0
She Can't Have Him (With Trisha Yearwood)--0
Good Doggie, No Bone! - Soundtrack--0
Night Life (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Nothing to Loose--0
New Fool at an Old Game (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
I'm Getting Over You--0
They Asked About You - 1993 Greatest Hits Version--0
There Is a God--0
One Promise Too Late - Live (1989 McCallum Theatre)--0
Jesus Loves Me--0
Up to Heaven--0
'Comfort From a Country Quilt' Forward Read by Reba McEntire--0
Sleeping With the Telephone (With Faith Hill)--0
I'm Not That Lonely Yet (Live)--0
This Picture--0
I Wouldn't Know--0
Waitin' for the Deal to Go Down--0
Lonely Alone--0
I Want a Cowboy (Dance Mix)--0
The Bridge You Burn--0
I'll Give You Something to Miss--0
One Child, One Day--0
He Broke Your Memory Last Night--0
Does He Love You (feat. Linda Davis)--0
Just A Little Love--0
'Til the Season Comes 'Round Again--0
Santa Claus Is Coming Back to Town--0
If You're Not Gone Too Long (feat. The Time Jumpers)--0
Islands In the Stream (Live)--0
Silver Eagle (Live)--0
He Broke Your Memory Last Night (Live)--0
Today All Over Again (Live)--0
Daddy (Live)--0
Can't Even Get the Blues no More (Live)--0
Every Second Someone Breaks a Heart (Live)--0
Red Roses (Live)--0
Pins and Needles (Live)--0
Islands In The Stream--0
Goodbye Looks Good On Me--0
There Ain't No Future In This (Live)--0
Just a Little Love (Live)--0
Poison Sugar (Live)--0
'm a Survivor--0
Baby's Gone Blues--0
Take Me Back--0
Let the Music Lift You Up--0
Where You End and I Begin--0
Back Before the War--0
'Til I Said It to You--0
I'm Not Your Girl--0
I Heard Her Cryin'--0
Everything That You Want--0
One Good Reason--0
Why do We Want (What We Know We Can't Have)--0
You're the First Time I've Thought About Leaving--0
What If--0
I Won't Stand in Line--0
We're So Good Together--0
By the Time I Get to Phoenix--0
A Little Want To--0
Now You Tell Me--0
When Love Gets a Hold of You--0
I Wish That I Could Tell You--0
Break Each Other's Hearts Again (With Don Henley)--0
If You See Him, If You See Her (With Brooks & Dunn)--0
That's All She Wrote--0
'Til Love Comes Again--0
I Won't Mention It Again--0
This Christmas--0
The Secret of Giving--0
I Wouldn't Go That Far--0
Pins and Needles--0
There Ain't No Future in This--0
With You I Am--0
I Like It That Way--0
Love Needs a Holiday--0
Love Revival--0
The Great Divide--0
You're Gonna Be--0
Just When I Thought I'd Stopped Loving You--0
She's Turning 50 Today--0
Myself Without You--0
Sweet Music Man--0
Once You've Learned to Be Lonely--0
Wrong Night--0
Eight Crazy Hours (In the Story of Love)--0
I Sacrificed More Than You'll Ever Lose--0
Nickel Dreams--0
You're the One I Dream About--0
I Know How He Feels--0
So, so, so Long--0
The Girl Who Has Everything--0
O Holy Night--0
Happy Birthday Jesus (I'll Open This One for You)--0
Wish I Were Only Lonely--0
Everytime You Touch Her--0
I've Seen Better Days--0
Mama Tried--0
Out of the Blue--0
Everything I'll Ever Own--0
Away in a Manger--0
Because Of You (feat. Kelly Clarkson)trad0
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