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Paroles de Divine

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Paroles de la chanson Divine par Rema lyrics officiel

Divine est une chanson en Anglais

Make nobody come against what me I believe in
If you come against my vision you know that its treason
It's been a long time I had this feelin' I was chosen
Situations that I came across made my heart frozen
Mama told me she was worried when I was in her belly
She said she had my brother and my sister okey-dokey
Then it took her four years before she even took in
Came a detox of blood that was a sign she was ready
She said I never kicked she said I never turned
She said I never caused her any discomfort
And she no dey at ease for like nine months
E be like say this pikin no wan gree comot
Say me I dey at peace I no even apply no force
And then she had the thought that maybe there might be a cause
Ooh yeah, she started worryin', worryin' about a lot
She went to the hospital without no remorse
And then she met a doctor (doctor)
Tell me what is happenin' to my son? (my son)
Am I bein' attacked by a rival? (by a rival)
It's not makin' sense, what do I do? (then what she say?)
She said, "Doctor, I'm not feelin' fine"
Tell me this could be a sign
And he said, "It is time", she gave birth and named me Divine

Divine, divine
D-d-divine, divine, d-d-divine
Divine, d-d-divine, yeah, divine, d-d-divine
Divine, d-d-divine yeah
Divine, d-d-divine
Divine, d-d-divine yeah
Divine, d-d-divine

Yunno, yunno
Nothin' fi come against my destiny
I fight battles wey nobody ever see
As I dey this industry with God company
Me I go kaku so make everybody see
Script wey God mark you wan cancel it
English no correct make nobody bother me
You can laugh at me talk down on me, God cover me
Ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye (yunno, yunno)
My mama dey steady cast and bindin'
I give her joy every single time
Na me dey make her dance like cocaina
As I dey grind, every single time na she dey my mind
She dey send me prayers wey dey keep me tight
I pity anybody wey follow me fight (follow me fight)
Ooh yes, I felt pain when I lost my father
Ooh yes, I felt pain when I lost my brother
Ooh yes, I felt weight stackin' on my shoulder
Omo it kept growin' as I got older
The voice in my head told me I'm a soldier
Then I remember the time mama named me Divine

(Yunno yunno)
Divine, divine
D-d-divine, yeah, divine, d-d-divine
Divine, d-d-divine, yeah, divine, d-d-divine (yunno, yunno)
Divine, d-d-divine, yeah
Divine, d-d-divine
Divine, d-d-divine, yeah
Divine, d-d-divine
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Auteurs: Divine Ikubor, Sarz
Copyright: CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Songtrust Ave, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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