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Now and Forever (live version)--3
Right Here Waitingtrad2
Take It to the Limit (live)--1
The Best of Me--1
Heaven Only Knows--1
Now and Forever--1
Nothing Left Behind Us--1
Too Early to Be Over--0
More Than a Mystery--0
Waiting on Your Love--0
Someone Special--0
Days in Avalon--0
Right Here Waiting (instrumental)--0
Straight From My Heart--0
The Edge of Forever--0
Power of You and Me--0
What's the Story--0
Talk to You Later--0
What's Wrong With That--0
Now and Forever (live)--0
To Shy to Say--0
The Image--0
You Never Take Me Dancing--0
Touch of Heaven--0
Baby Blues--0
My Confession--0
Fool's Game--0
Soul Motion--0
Hazard (edit)--0
That's My Job--0
Love Unemotional--0
Streets of Pain--0
On The Inside--0
And I Love Her--0
Wild Horses--0
Always On Your Mind--0
In This All Alone--0
Ordinary Love--0
I Get No Sleep--0
Big Boy Now--0
Nothing to Hide--0
Wait for the Sunrise--0
One Thing Left--0
Heaven's Waiting--0
What You Want--0
That Was Lulu--0
If You Don't Want My Love--0
Nothin' You Can Do About It--0
Your World--0
Too Late to Say Goodbye--0
Heart on the Line--0
Real World--0
One Man--0
The Other Side--0
Angelia (Acoustic)--0
One Thing Left (Acoustic)--0
Keep Coming Back (Acoustic)--0
Loved (Acoustic)--0
Should've Known Better (Acoustic)--0
Wild Life--0
Have Mercy (live)--0
Can't Lie To My Heart (live)--0
Eternity (live)--0
Another Heaven--0
Should’ve Known Better (live)--0
Introducción en Español--0
The Christmas Song--0
Keep Coming Back (album version - edit)--0
What's Wrong--0
Nothing Left Behind Me--0
Until You Come Back to Me--0
I Can't Help It--0
Chains Around My Heart (remix 1 edit)--0
Living in the Real World (LP version)--0
Your World (LP version)--0
Talk to Ya Later--0
Hazard (Edited)--0
White Christmas--0
Keep Coming Back (12" edit)--0
Keep Coming Back (Quiet Storm mix)--0
Hold on to the Nights (live)--0
When Your Gone--0
Miami 2017--0
I'll Never Fall in Love Again--0
Hazard (live)--0
Burning of the Heart--0
Whole World to Save--0
Ride With the Idol--0
Everything Good--0
To My Senses--0
Thunder and Lightning--0
Hazard (LP version)--0
Edge of a Broken Heart (live)--0
Flame in Your Fire--0
Come Running--0
Take You Back--0
Never Take Me Dancing--0
Should've Known Better 2009--0
Save Me--0
Through my Vein--0
You'll Never Be Alone--0
Heart of Own (もうすぐだ)--0
From The Inside--0
Better or Worse--0
Love Goes On--0
All Over Me--0
Now And Forever (VHI)--0
When You Loved Me--0
Children of the Night--0
Keep Coming Back--0
Nothing Left To Say--0
Can't Lie to My Heart--0
I Can't Helping Falling in Love With You--0
When You're Gone--0
Hold on to the Night--0
Wouldn't Let Me Love You--0
(It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall in Love Again--0
One More Try--0
The Way She Loves Me--0
Silent Scream--0
Calling You--0
To Where You Are--0
Surrender to Me--0
Right Here Waiting (edit)--0
Beautiful Goodbye--0
Can't Stop Crying--0
One More Time--0
Had Enough--0
Right Here Waiting (VHI)--0
Should've Known Better--0
Chains Around My Heart--0
Take This Heart--0
Now and Forever (Acoustic)--0
Until I Find You Again--0
Thanks to You--0
Right Here Waiting for You--0
Almost Everythingtrad0
Endless Summer Nights--0
Hold On To The Nights--0
This I Promise You--0
Angel's Lullaby--0
Don't Mean Nothing--0
Can't Help Falling in Love--0
Slipping Away--0
Now & Forever--0
Turn Off the Night--0
Through My Veins--0
When You Say Nothing at All--0
Right Here Waiting - Single Edit--0
This I Promise You (Acoustic)--0
Whatever We Started--0
Right Here Waiting (live)--0
Right Here Waiting (Acoustic)--0
Ready to Fly--0
Last Thing I Wanted--0
Eyes on Me--0
Forgot to Remember--0
Goodbye Hollywood--0
Endless Summer Nights (Acoustic)--0
Satisfied (live)--0
Until I Find You Again (live)--0
Over My Head--0
When November Falls--0
Done to Me--0
The Power Inside of Me--0
At The Station--0
Hazard (Acoustic)--0
Over My Head (Acoustic)--0
Endless Summer Nights (L.P. version)--0
Chains Around My Heart (CHR mix)--0
Should've Known Better (LP version)--0
Have a Little Faith--0
Your Goodbye--0
O Come All Ye Faithful--0
O Holy Night--0
What Child Is This--0
Silent Night--0
Part of Me--0
Little Drummer Boy--0
I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day--0
Christmas Mornings--0
Every Day of Your Life--0
Like Heaven--0
Christmas Spirit--0
Hold on the Nights--0
Endless Summer Nights (live)--0
Too Shy to Say--0
Like the World Is Ending--0
Everything I Want--0
Right Here Waitung for You--0
Rhythm of Life--0
The Flame of Love--0
Boy Next Door--0
Right Here Waiting (LP version)--0
Remember Manhattan--0
Have Mercy--0
Playing With Fire--0
Hands In Your Pocket--0
Lonely Heart--0
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face--0
parole traduction visites
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