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Paroles de Nobody's Off The Hook

Interprète Rufus Wainwright

Paroles de la chanson Nobody's Off The Hook par Rufus Wainwright lyrics officiel

Nobody's Off The Hook est une chanson en Anglais

Haven't fallen down in a while
Sitting here, walking the line
Well, that's okay; I ain't no book
'Cause nobody's off the hook

See you looking so sad
Trying to live your life in style
Well, that's okay; you ain't no crook
'Cause nobody's off the hook

I remember you when, looking like a teenager
How you have become a man with all the power
Running the moon aground
Who would ever have thought, hanging with a homo and hairdresser
You would become the one desired in every woman's heart
But you never will lose your heart with those little boys

Haven't fallen down in a while
Sitting here, walking the line
Well, that's okay 'cause I have looked
And nobody's off the hook

'Cause life will take that little heart and bring you to your knees
Threatening to break it for the final time
And you'll believe it
Yes, you will believe it

But look
Nobody's off the hook
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