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SAGA lyrics
Fiche de SAGA


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Don't Be Late8
Ode To A Dying People4
Wind Him Up2
Tomorrow Belongs To Me2
The Snow Fell1
Impossible Battles1
The Snow Fell (Live)1
Danger Whistle1
The Flyer1
On the Loose0
How Long0
Humble Stance0
Without You0
You're Not Alone0
Sick and Tired0
The One0
Sound Advice0
Don't Be Late (Live)0
Stay Alive0
The Cross #1 (2015) [Remastered]0
Son of Britain0
Green Fields of France0
Ode to a Dying People (Live)0
The Road to Valhalla0
Our Pride Is Our Loyalty0
Hail The New Dawn0
Gone With the Breeze0
Sleep Well My Brother0
Humble Stance (live)0
Na Luna0
Sick and Tired (Live)0
David Lane0
On My Own0
On the Loose (Remastered) (Bonus Track)0
These Moments0
Goodbye David Lane0
The Cross (Home #3)0
Black Bannered Legion0
The Nations Fate0
These Moments (Recorded live in Studio)0
One Nation Arise0
Careful Where You Step (Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013)0
Till the Well Runs Dry0
Ice Nine0
Nine Lives of Is Midi0
Don't Be Late (Chapter III)0
The Pitchman (Live)0
The Vendetta (Still Helpless) [Live]0
Social Orphan (Live)0
Intermission (Live)0
The Writing (Live)0
The Vendetta0
Social Orphan0
The Writing0
What's It Gonna Be Tonight? (Live)0
10,000 Days (Live)0
On the Air (Live)0
We've Been Here Before (Live)0
Odd Man Out0
Once Is Never Enough0
Anywhere You Wanna Go0
Show and Tell0
Lost for Words0
The Sound of Strangers (Live)0
Ball and Chain0
One of These Days0
Another Day Out of Site0
Spin It Again0
Anywhere You Wannna Go0
Six Feet Under0
Ice Nice (live)0
Always There0
God Knows0
Time Bomb0
Don't Be Late (Chapter 2) [live]0
Uncle Albert's Eyes0
Scratching the Surface (Live)0
The Perfectionist (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
On the Loose (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Hot to Cold (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
You're Not Alone (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Someone Should (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Don't Be Late (Chapter II) (Live)0
Keep It Reel (Live)0
No Stranger (Chapter VIII) (Live)0
No Regrets (Chapter V) (Live)0
Amnesia (Live)0
The Runaway (Live)0
See Them Smile (Live)0
Give 'Em the Money (Live)0
The Flyer (Live In Hamburg)0
Wind Him Up (Live In Hamburg)0
Careful Where You Step (Live in Hamburg)0
Humble Stance (Live In Hamburg)0
Ice Nice (Live In Hamburg)0
Scratching the Surface (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Time to Go (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Don't Be Late (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
The Security of Illusion (Acoustic Version)0
Don't Be Late (Chapter II)0
Without You (2015 Edition) [Remastered]0
Once Is Never Enough (2015 Edition) [Remastered]0
Wind Him Up (2015 Edition: Bonus Track) [Live]0
The Vendetta (Still Helpess) (Live)0
The Cross (Live in Munich)0
The Cross (Live)0
The Cross (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
The Cross (Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013)0
Moments (Live)0
The Flyer (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Wind Him Up (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Careful Where You Step (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Humble Stance (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Ice Nice (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Wildest Dreams (Hamburg 2015) [Live]0
Wildest Dreams (Live in Hamburg)0
Don't Be Late (Live in Hamburg)0
Time to Go (Live In Hamburg)0
Snake Oil (2015) [Remastered]0
The Learning Tree (2015) [Remastered]0
The 13th Generation (2015) [Remastered]0
Danger Whistle (2015) [Remastered]0
The Flyer (2015 Edition - Bonus Track) [Live]0
Odd Man Out (2015 Edition) [Remastered]0
Starting All Over (2015 Edition) [Remastered]0
Night Trains0
Cat Walk (Live)0
Piano Solo0
Brain Washer0
Don't Be Late (Chapter 2) [Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013]0
Wind Him Up (Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013)0
On the Loose (Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013)0
Humble Stance (Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013)0
Scratching the Surface (Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013)0
You're Not Alone (Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013)0
No Strings Attached (2015) [Remastered]0
Humble Stance (Bonus Track) [Live]0
Chances Are #10
Scratching the Surface (Live In Hamburg)0
On the Loose (Live In Hamburg)0
Hot to Cold (Live in Hamburg)0
You're Not Alone (Live In Hamburg)0
Someone Should (Live in Hamburg)0
Hand i hand (Instrumental)0
Wildest Dreams (Live)0
Time to Go (Live)0
Hot to Cold (Live)0
Someone Should (Live)0
The Victim0
No Strings Attached0
Snake Oil0
The Learning Tree0
The Cross0
The 13th Generation0
All Will Change (Goodbye and Good Luck)0
Mouse in a Maze (Live At Swr1 Rockarena 2013)0
Piano Solo (Live)0
Time to Go0
See Them Smile0
Wind Him Up (Live)0
Heaven Can Wait0
How Do You Feel0
Welcome to the Zoo0
Where's My Money0
The Sound of Strangers0
The Way of the World0
Snow Fell0
Wildest Dreams0
You and the Night0
Only Time Will Tell0
Starting All Over0
What Do I Know?0
Help Me Out0
Take It Or Leave It0
You're Not Alone '970
Time's Up0
The Interview0
No Regrets0
No Stranger0
Don't Be Late (Chapter 2)0
What's It Gonna Be?0
On the Loose (Live)0
You're Not Alone (Live)0
You Were Made For Me0
Gonna Give It To Ya0
Fantastically Wrong0
Pleasure And The Pain0
Careful Where You Step (Live)0
How Long (live)0
No Regrets (Live)0
A Brief Case (Live)0
Don't Be Late (Chapter 2) [Live in Munich]0
Framed (Live in Munich)0
On the Loose (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Wind Him Up (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Framed (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Don't Be Late (Chapter 2) (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Du (Instrumental version)0
Worlds Apart (Chapter 16) [live]0
Anywhere You Wanna Go (Live)0
Mouse in a Maze (Live)0
Humble Stance (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Tired World (Chapter 6) (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Mouse In a Maze (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Careful Where You Step (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
You're Not Alone (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Spin It Again (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
The Flyer (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Six Feet Under (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Time's Up (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Scratching the Surface (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Spin It Again (Live)0
Corkentellis (Live)0
The Flyer (Live in Munich)0
Six Feet Under (Live in Munich)0
Time's Up (Live in Munich)0
Scratching the Surface (Live in Munich)0
Tired World (Chapter 6) [Live in Munich]0
Humble Stance (Live in Munich)0
On the Loose (Live in Munich)0
Wind Him Up (Live in Munich)0
Corkentellis (Live in Munich)0
Spin It Again (Live in Munich)0
Six Feet Under (Live)0
Tired World (Chapter 6) [Live]0
Framed (Live)0
Anywhere You Wanna Go (Live in Munich)0
Mouse in a Maze (Live in Munich)0
Careful Where You Step (Live in Munich)0
The Perfectionist (Live in Munich)0
You're Not Alone (Live in Munich)0
Anywhere You Wanna Go (Live At Muffathalle, Munich, Germany/2012)0
Too Much to Lose0
Time's Up (Live)0
Book of Lies0
Can't You See Me Now?0
More Than I Deserve0
10,000 Days0
It Never Ends0
That's As Far As I'll Go0
You Look Good To Me0
Keep It Reel0
The Human Condition0
Step Inside0
Hands of Time0
A Number With a Name0
Now Is Now0
Let It Go0
Crown of Thorns0
Back To the Shadows0
I'm Ok0
I'm Ok (Live)0
Can't You See Me Now (Live)0
Book of Lies (Live)0
The Perfectionist (Live)0
Drum Solo (Live)0
The Flyer (Live)0
Mind Over Matter (Live)0
The Security of Illusion (Live)0
That's As Far As I'll Go (Live)0
The Interview (Live)0
Time To Play0
My Friend0
It's Your Life0
Footsteps In the Hall0
Ice In the Rain0
You Were Right0
On the Other Side0
Scratching the Surface0
The Runaway0
Ice Nice0
Tired World0
Listen to Your Heart0
Take a Chance0
Nine Lives of Miss Midi0
Out of the Shadows0
Easy Way Out0
Give 'em the Money0
Careful Where You Step0
It's Time0
Slow Motion0
Hot To Cold0
Mouse In A Maze0
Climbing the Ladder0
Will It Be You0
Here I Am0
Streets of Gold (Chapter 14)0
The Blind Side of Your Heart0
Return to Forever0
Too Deep0
You Know I Know (Chapter 12)0
Rise and Shine0
Worlds Apart (Chapter 16)0
The Pitchman0
Hands Up0
Breathing Lessons0
Goodbye Once Upon a Time0
Don't Put Out the Fire0
Chase the Wind0
We've Been Here Before0
Don't Look Down0
How Are You?0
Someone Should0
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