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Just One Last Dancetrad3
Son of a Preacher Man--3
I’ll Find You in My Heart--2
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep) (feat. Wyclef Jean) (Buddha Groove mix)--2
Cold As Ice (PH Electro Remix)--1
Kommst Du mit ihr--1
Living to Love You (College radio version)--0
Teach U Tonite--0
Soothe My Soul--0
Get It Right--0
Your Precious Love--0
Living To Love You (78BPM mix)--0
From Sarah With Love (Kayrob Dance Mix)--0
Music Is the Key (feat. Naturally 7)--0
Skin on Skin (album version)--0
Skin on Skin (US College Radio version)--0
Skin on Skin (Kayrob Dance remix)--0
From Sarah With Love (Urban mix)--0
Skin on Skin (radio version)--0
One Nite Stand (feat. Wyclef)--0
From Sarah With Love (instrumental)--0
Love On a Two Way Street--0
Still Crazy in Love--0
Sexy as Hell--0
Beautiful View--0
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep) (feat. Wyclef Jean)--0
Fall Apart--0
Sexual Healing (original radio edit)--0
If It's Magic--0
If U Were My Man--0
Make My Day--0
One Day I'll Fly Away--0
Same Old Story (Same Old Song)--0
I Never Loved a Man (The Way That I Love You)--0
Part Time Love--0
I Wanna Touch U There--0
From Sarah With Love (album version)--0
Real Love (Radio Mix)--0
From Zero to Hero (I-Wanna-Funk-With-You Extended Album Remix)--0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas--0
French Kissing (radio/video)--0
French Kissing (Xtended version)--0
French Kissing (Divine dance remix)--0
From Sarah With Love (Full Version)--0
Sweet Is the Song (Inspired by "Süßer die Glocken nie klingen")--0
Be Thankful (Inspired by "Vom Himmel hoch")--0
1 + 1 = 2--0
Why Does It Rain (Inspired by "Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen")--0
Come Together (Inspired by "Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben")--0
From Zero to Hero (video version)--0
Watcha Wearing (interlude)--0
He´s Unbelievable (UK radio edit)--0
One Nite Stand (of Wolves and Sheep) (Buddha Groove mix)--0
From Sarah With Love (Urban remix)--0
Top of the World--0
Time 2--0
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep)--0
Why Does It Rain--0
That Girl--0
Where Did U Sleep Last Nite?--0
Stand Up--0
You're My Desire--0
He's Unbelievable (Kayrob video mix)--0
From Zero to Hero (I-Wanna-Funk-With-You-extendend version)--0
From Zero to Hero (I-Wanna-Funk-With-You-radio cut)--0
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves & Sheep)--0
He's Unbelievable (radio version)--0
Bounce (radio version)--0
The Impossible Dream (Gospel Fight Nite version)--0
Sweet Thang--0
Let's Get Back to Bed - Boy! (feat. TQ) (club remix) (main Part)--0
Bedingungslos (Achtabahn Remix Edit)--0
Part of Your World (Aus "Arielle, die Meerjungfrau")--0
Wenn Du da bist (Live)--0
Come Home--0
Cold As Ice (Radio Edit)--0
Let Us Come 2gether (Alternate Version)--0
One Nite Stand (Of Wolves and Sheep) (Video Version)--0
Kommst Du mit ihr (B-Case Extended Remix)--0
Kommst Du mit ihr (Dayne S Radio Mix)--0
Make U High--0
Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4)--0
From Sarah With Love (Saint Ken's Braxton mix)--0
I Can't Lie--0
Can't Get None--0
When I Dream--0
Let Us Come 2gether--0
Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy! (Gena B. Good-Remix)--0
Let's Get Back to Bed - Boy! (feat. TQ)--0
Kommst du mit ihr (Live 2016)--0
Bedingungslos (Live 2016)--0
Wie geht glücklich (Live 2016)--0
Somethings Gotta Hold On Me (Live 2016)--0
Mein König (Live 2016)--0
Sexual Healing - Radio Edit--0
Augen auf (Live 2016)--0
Das Leben ist schön (Live 2016)--0
From Sarah With Love (Live 2016)--0
Deutsches Liebeslied (Live 2016)--0
Halt mich (Live 2016)--0
Let's Get Back to Bed - Boy! (feat. TQ) (Sly's dub remix) (Chill Out)--0
Versprochen (Live 2016)--0
Mit vollen Händen (Live 2016)--0
Wenn du da bist (Live 2016)--0
Meine Insel (Live 2016)--0
Come Together--0
Tonight's the Night--0
Under My Skin (Club Remix)--0
Under My Skin (Delta Lab Mix)--0
Bounce (Jiggy Joint club remix)--0
Man Of My Dreams--0
Bounce (Kayrob radio mix)--0
Paradise (feat. Mr. Freeman)--0
French Kissing (Gena B. Good remix)--0
Bounce (Kayrob vs. Goldkind remix)--0
Bounce (original version)--0
He's Unbelievable (radio edit)--0
Under My Skin (Beatzarre Remix)--0
Let's Get Back to Bed - Boy! (feat. TQ) (club remix radio) (4play)--0
He's Unbelievable (album remix version)--0
Christmas in My Heart (single version)--0
Christmas in My Heart (Full Length version)--0
Christmas in My Heart (Soulful Xmas mix)--0
Keep Imagining--0
Ohhh (Private Party)--0
Quiero Encender Tu Piel--0
En Mi Piel--0
At the Station (Interlude)--0
De Sarah, Tu Amor--0
White Christmas--0
The Christmas Song--0
Sweet Is the Song--0
I Want Some of That--0
For the People--0
Where Did You Sleep Last Nite?--0
From Zero to Hero (extended album remix)--0
Bounce (Cool & Dre Urban remix)--0
Bounce (album version)--0
When Two Become One--0
My Intuition--0
Let's Get Back to Bed - Boy! (feat. TQ) (radio/video) (Klimax)--0
Are U Ready to Ride?--0
Deutsches Liebeslied (Live)--0
Let's Get Back to Bed Boy--0
The Best Side of Life--0
Die mit Dir lacht--0
Keiner ist wie du--0
Music Is the Key--0
I Feel Lonely (aus "Sing meinen Song")--0
From Sarah With Love (Radio Version)--0
Living to Love You (single version)--0
Miss U Too Much--0
Wait 'til You Hear From Me--0
Das Leben ist schön (Live)--0
The Impossible Dream (The Quest)--0
Sexual Healing--0
Close To Crazy--0
I'll Kiss It Away--0
Daddy's Eyes--0
Every Little Thing--0
Be Thankful--0
I'm Gonna Find You (Osla Suite)--0
One More Night (Part Two of the Osla Suite Trilogy)--0
Kommst Du mit ihr (B-Case Radio Remix)--0
Bedingungslos (Rico Bernasconi Remix Edit)--0
Augen auf (Live)--0
A Ride in the Snow--0
Soldier With a Broken Heart--0
Mein König (Live)--0
Keiner ist wie Du (Live)--0
From Sarah With Love (Live)--0
Bedingungslos (Rico Bernasconi Remix)--0
Cold As Ice--0
Better Man--0
Back From Your Love--0
Keiner ist wie Du (aus "Sing meinen Song")--0
Part of Your World--0
Deutsches Liebeslied--0
Christmas In My Heart--0
Halt mich--0
Mit vollen Händen--0
Mein König--0
Keiner ist wie Du (Aus Sing meinen Song - Das Tauschkonzert)--0
Augen auf--0
Living To Love Youtrad0
Under My Skintrad0
Love Is Color Blind (feat. TQ)trad0
Wie schön du bist--0
Das Leben ist schön--0
From Sarah With Love--0
French Kissing--0
Bedingungslos (Radio Edit)--0
Ich atme ein (Aus Sing meinen Song - Das Tauschkonzert)--0
Bedingungslos (Live)--0
Kommst Du mit ihr (Live)--0
Zuckerpuppen (aus "Sing meinen Song")--0
Every Moment of My Life--0
From Zero to Hero--0
You Are My Desire--0
Wie schön du bist (Live)--0
Wie schön du bist (Leyk & Lockvogel Mix)--0
Real Love--0
Meine Insel--0
Wenn Du da bist--0
Love Is Color-Blind--0
Wie geht glücklich--0
Unlove You--0
Ich atme ein--0
A New Kingdom--0
Are You Ready to Ride?--0
Halt mich (Live)--0
Anorak (Live)--0
Meine Insel (Live)--0
Mit vollen Händen (Live)--0
Turn Off the Lights--0
Call Me--0
I Just Started Being Bad--0
Just One Last Dance (feat. Natural)--0
Bounce (Jiggy Joint radio remix)--0
Thank You--0
You're the Kinda Man--0
Dolce Vita--0
Happy Anniversary--0
Somethings Gotta Hold On Me (Live)--0
Bedingungslos (Achtabahn Remix)--0
Whatcha Wearing (Interlude)--0
Can't Get Over You--0
Skin On Skintrad0
Real Love (Lexland Radio Mix)--0
I´ll Kiss It Away (Acoustc Version)--0
Real Love (Lexland Studios Remix)--0
The Christmas Song (aus "Sing meinen Song")--0
Warum Du--0
I Feel Lonely--0
I Feel Lonely (Aus Sing meinen Song - Das Tauschkonzert)--0
One More Night (Osla Suite) Pt. 2--0
Anorak (Live 2016)--0
Wie schön du bist (Live 2016)--0
Keiner ist wie du (Live 2016)--0
In My House--0
One Nite Stand--0
Leave With a Song--0
Carry Me Home--0
Love Is Colorblind (bonus Track) (feat. TQ)--0
Break My Chains--0
It Only Hurts When I Breathe--0
This Is What It Feels Like--0
From Zero to Hero (single version)--0
Keep the Fire Burnin--0
Nicht von dieser Welt (aus "Sing meinen Song")--0
Ich atme ein (aus "Sing meinen Song")--0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (aus "Sing meinen Song")--0
Still Crazy in Love (Osla Suite Trilogy, Pt. 3)--0
Just One Last Dance (Kayrob Dance Remix)--0
One More Night--0
¡Hasta la Vista!--0
In Love Alone--0
He's Unbelievable--0
Act Like You--0
See You Later--0
I Believe in You--0
Your Love Is Dangerous--0
Form Sarah With Love--0
Ave Maria--0
Under My Skin (T.S.O.B. Mix)--0
Where Do We Go From Here--0
I've Got to Use My Imagination--0
Wait 'til U Hear From Me--0
The Loving Permission--0
Put Your Eyez on Me--0
That's the Way I Am--0
One Night Stand (feat. Wyclef Jean)--0
Bounce (US Radio Version)--0
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