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Sarah McLachlan

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Prayer of Saint Francis (Traditional)--30
Prayer of St. Francis--9
I Will Remember Youtrad8
In the Arms of an Angel--7
Possession (instrumental)--3
Loving You Is Easytrad2
Full of Grace (Live)--2
Better Than Ice Cream--1
Shall Be Released (feat. Phish & Neil Young)--1
Ice Cream--1
Turn the Lights Down Low--1
The Long Goodbye--1
Angel (City of Angels)--1
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day--0
Witness (live)--0
Silence (Fade Sanctuary mix - edit)--0
Hold On (radio remix)--0
Dirty Little Secret (live)--0
Adia (Live)--0
The First Noel (DJ Shah remix)--0
In the Bleak Mid-Winter--0
Sweet Surrender (MusiquePlus Studios, Montreal 2.4.98)--0
Drawn to the Rhythm (Halifax 18.4.97)--0
Adia (acoustic)--0
Big Yellow Taxi--0
I Love You (BT remix)--0
World on Fire (remix)--0
Building a Mystery (clean version)--0
Fallen (Dan the Automator remix)--0
World on Fire (radio remix)--0
Hold On (Live)--0
Vox (Tom Middleton Cosmos remix)--0
The Waiting--0
Building a Mystery (Live On Radio 2)--0
The Path of Thorns--0
Stupid (Dusted mix)--0
Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden remix)--0
Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Anti-Gravity remix)--0
Silence (DJ Tiësto in Search of Sunrise remix) (Wise Buddha edit)--0
Possession (acoustic)--0
Possession (John Fryer mix)--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy / Possession (piano version)--0
World On Fire (Junkie XL Club Mix / GM Edit)--0
Ice (Dusted Mix)--0
Sweet Surrender (Roni Size remix)--0
Sweet Surrender (Uberzone remix)--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstacy (Junior Boys mix)--0
Answer (Talvin Singh Mix)--0
Vox (Tom Middleton Mix)--0
Possession (Version II)--0
Possession (Version I)--0
Mary (live studio)--0
Sweet Surrender (Boilerhouse remix)--0
Adia (Intro)--0
Possession (Intro)--0
Sweet Surrender (Intro)--0
Hold On (Intro)--0
Prayer of Saint--0
World on Fire (Solarstone Afterhours remix)--0
Fear (Janes mix)--0
What Lies Beyond (Two Birds Flying)--0
Sad Clown (CBC session)--0
Loving You Is Easy (acoustic)--0
Love Come--0
The First Noel / Mary Mary--0
Sweet Surrender (Uberzone 7" remix)--0
Black (CBC Session)--0
Aida (live)--0
Sweet Surrender (Saturday Night Live)--0
Shelter (live)--0
Building a Mystery (acoustic)--0
Answer (live)--0
Angel (Dusted mix)--0
Stupid (Mark Bell mix)--0
World on Fire (Junkie XL remix)--0
Good Enough (album remix)--0
Good Enough (live version)--0
Good Enough (single version)--0
Building a Mystery (Special Alice studio version)--0
Sweet Surrender (Jazz version)--0
Fear (edit)--0
Sweet Surrender (Roni Size mix V2)--0
Possession (Rabbit in the Moon remix)--0
Vox (Extended Remix)--0
Into the Fire (extended remix)--0
Vox (extended mix)--0
Vox (instrumental)--0
Hold On (Solo Piano)--0
Possession (Solo Piano)--0
Possession (Live)--0
Solsbury Hill (live)--0
Steaming (radio version)--0
Stupid (Hyper remix)--0
World On Fire (Marius de Vries Mix)--0
Sweet Surrender (album version)--0
Sweet Surrender (Tom Lord-Alge remix)--0
Ice Cream (live)--0
I Will Remember You (full version)--0
Push (Live)--0
I Will Remember You (radio edit)--0
Sweet Surrender (Roni Size vocal remix)--0
Sweet Surrender (Roni Size dub remix)--0
I Love You (BT mix edit)--0
Solsbury Hill--0
I Will Not Forget You (live)--0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas--0
Sweet Surrender (Uberzone vocal remix)--0
World on Fire (Junkie XL club mix)--0
Stupid (radio mix)--0
Drawn to the Rhythm (live acoustic)--0
Mary (early demo)--0
World on Fire (Marius Devries mix radio edit)--0
Silence (Michael Woods mix)--0
Angel (Dusted Remix - edit)--0
Sweet Surrender (Boilerhouse Boys mix)--0
Good Enough (live studio)--0
Interview (part 2)--0
Mary (early version)--0
Black (live)--0
A Little Love in Your Heart--0
Fumbling Toward Ecstasy--0
Black and White--0
Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiësto remix edit)--0
Angel - Live From ETown--0
Wait (From "Afterglow Live")--0
Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Anti-Gravity Mix / GM Edit)--0
Don't Give Up On Us (Radio Edit)--0
Lost (Live)--0
Fear - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Vox - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Letting Go--0
Wait (live)--0
Good Enough - Live Mirrorball--0
I Will Remember You - Live Mirrorball--0
Hold On - Live Mirrorball--0
Building A Mystery - Live Mirrorball--0
Home (Live)--0
Adia - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Mary - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Go Tell It on the Mountain--0
Huron Carol--0
A: Sarah & Her Fans--0
Q: The Video (DVD)--0
Full of Grace (Solo Piano)--0
Ice (live studio)--0
Her World--0
Heartbreak - for Canada only--0
Wait - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Ice - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Fear (Live)--0
Ice - Live--0
Push - Live From ETown--0
Adia - Live Mirrorball--0
I Love You - Live Mirrorball--0
Vox - Live Mirrorball--0
Into The Fire - Live Mirrorball--0
Elsewhere - Live Mirrorball--0
Mary - Live Mirrorball--0
I Will Not Forget You - Live Mirrorball--0
The Path Of Thorns - Terms Live - Live Mirrorball--0
White Christmas--0
Fallen (Alternate Mix)--0
Possession 2--0
The Christmas Song--0
Possession 1--0
Fallen (Mix)--0
River (EPK Version)--0
Ice - Live Mirrorball--0
Wait - Live Mirrorball--0
Possession - Live Mirrorball--0
Sweet Surrender - Live Mirrorball--0
Fear - Live Mirrorball--0
The Path Of Thorns - Terms Live Mirrorball--0
Do What You Have To Do - Live Mirrorball--0
Ice Cream - Live Mirrorball--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Live Mirrorball--0
Plenty - Live Mirrorball--0
Witness - Live Mirrorball--0
Possession - Live; Bonus Track--0
Fear - Live; Bonus Track--0
Angel - Live Mirrorball--0
ホエン・シー・ラヴド・ミー [トイ・ストーリー2]--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Junior Boys Mix)--0
Fallen (Live / Sessions @ AOL Version) - Live/Sessions @ AOL Version--0
Black and White (Live)--0
Answer (Live Acoustic)--0
Building a Mystery (Live Acoustic)--0
Fallen (Live Acoustic)--0
Angel (Live Acoustic)--0
Building a Mystery - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Plenty - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Witness - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
I Love You - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Do What You Have to Do - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Good Enough - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Hold On - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Possession - Hidden Track--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Live)--0
River - Live From ETown--0
Wintersong - Live From ETown--0
Building a Mystery - Live From ETown--0
Broken Heart - Commentary--0
Vox (radio edit)--0
As the End Draws Near (extended remix)--0
Fumbling Toward Ecstasy - Live--0
The Path Of Thorns (Terms) [Live]--0
Sweet Surrender (Live)--0
I Love You (Live)--0
Good Enough (Live)--0
Perfect Girl - Live--0
I Will Not Forget You - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
The Path of Thorns (Terms) - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Sweet Surrender - Afterglow Live Version--0
Stupid - Afterglow Live Version--0
Building a Mystery - Afterglow Live Version--0
Train Wreck - Afterglow Live Version--0
Answer - Afterglow Live Version--0
Angel - Afterglow Live Version--0
Dirty Little Secret - Afterglow Live Version--0
I Will Remember You (From "The Brothers McMullen")--0
The First Noel/Mary Mary (DJ Shah Remix)--0
U Want Me 2 (In Studio Performance W/Interview Introduction)--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (Bonus Track)--0
Ice - Freedom Sessions--0
Vox - Instrumental Dub Mix--0
Witness - Afterglow Live Version--0
I Will Remember You - Afterglow Live Version--0
Ice Cream - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Sweet Surrender - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Possession - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Into the Fire - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Elsewhere - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Angel - Live Mirrorball: Legacy Edition--0
Hold On - Afterglow Live Version--0
Perfect Girl - Afterglow Live Version--0
World On Fire - Afterglow Live Version--0
Fallen - Afterglow Live Version--0
Angel (Stadt der Engel)--0
World on Fire (Solarstone Afterhours mix)--0
Dear God--0
[data track]--0
Winter Wonderland--0
Happy Xmas {War Is Over}--0
Angel (Live)--0
The Sound That Love Makes--0
Little B--0
Flesh and Blood--0
Love Come (Piano Version)--0
I Will Remember You (original version)--0
Possession (Piano Version)--0
Angel (soft drum mix)--0
I Will Remember You (Lifebeat Showcase '95)--0
Last Dance--0
Angel (radio mix)--0
What's It Gonna Take--0
Surrender and Certainty--0
Love Beside Me--0
The Path of Thorns (Terms)--0
Silence (DJ Tiësto's in Search of Sunrise Remix)--0
Toy Story 2: When She Loved Me--0
U Want Me 2 (Radio Mix)--0
When She Loved Me (From Disney/Pixar's ''Toy Story 2'')--0
When She Loved Me (From "Toy Story 2")--0
Angel (Acoustic Version)--0
Uphill Battle--0
Path of Thorns--0
Sad Clown--0
Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiësto mix)--0
Find Your Voice--0
I Will Remember You (Theme From "The Brothers McMullen" - edit)--0
Building a Mystery (live)--0
Drawn to the Rhythm--0
Unchained Melody--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstacy--0
Back Door Man--0
Gloomy Sunday (live)--0
World on Fire (Junkie XL mix)--0
Fallen (Album Mix)--0
Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiësto Remix)--0
O Little Town of Bethlehem--0
I Will Remember You (studio version)--0
Don't Let Go--0
Forgiveness (Live Acoustic)--0
Angel (Live at Lillith Fair)--0
The Rainbow Connection (From the Sony Wonder Album "Return to Pooh Corner" LT/LK 57674)--0
Adia (Live Acoustic)--0
Brink of Destruction--0
Full Of Gracetrad0
Good Enoughtrad0
One Dreamtrad0
Do What You Have To Dotrad0
World On Firetrad0
Song For a Winter's Nighttrad0
I Will Not Forget Youtrad0
Just Like Metrad0
Rainbow Connectiontrad0
Train Wrecktrad0
Ordinary Miracletrad0
Hold Ontrad0
Perfect Girltrad0
I Love Youtrad0
Sweet Surrendertrad0
U Want Me 2trad0
When She Loved Metrad0
Building a Misterytrad0
What Child Is This--0
Black & Whitetrad0
Dirty Little Secret--0
Broken Heart--0
I Will Remember You (Theme from "The Brothers McMullen")--0
Bring On the Wonder--0
When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2)--0
Angel (acoustic)--0
Adia - Live From ETown--0
Dirty Little Secret (Thievery Corporation Mix)--0
The Rainbow Connection--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy--0
Silent Night--0
In Your Shoes--0
Illusions Of Blisstrad0
Don't Give Up On Ustrad0
Christmas Time Is Heretrad0
Into The Firetrad0
Beautiful Girl--0
Song For My Father--0
I Will Remember You - Live--0
Building a Mystery--0
Gloomy Sunday--0
Fallen (live)--0
Prayer of Saint Francis--0
Sweet Surrender (Tiësto remix)--0
Angel (Blank & Jones ambient remix)--0
Happy Christmas (War Is Over)--0
When She Loved Me (instrumental version)--0
Sweet Surrender (Überzone vocal mix)--0
Sweet Surrender (Überzone dub mix)--0
Stupid (Dusted remix)--0
Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Remix)--0
Drawn to the Rhythm (live 1992)--0
Steaming (dance version 1989)--0
Good Enough (album version)--0
Good Enough (live studio version)--0
Good Enough (single remix)--0
Sweet Surrender (Roni Size dub mix)--0
Sweet Surrender (Roni Size vocal mix)--0
Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix) [Edit]--0
World On Fire (JXL Club Edit)--0
Elsewhere (Live)--0
Elsewhere (Live Acoustic Version)--0
Dirty Little Secret (Thievery Corporation Remix)--0
Wintersong (Live)--0
When Somebody Loved Me--0
Answer (acoustic live)--0
Angel (chillout mix / DJ River edit)--0
World On Fire (Junkie XL Radio Mix)--0
World on Fire (original version)--0
When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2, 1999)--0
Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden's Anti-Gravity remix)--0
Happy Xmas (The War Is Over) (feat. The Outreach Childrens' Choir & Youth Choir)--0
Strange World--0
Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiësto mix edit)--0
Out of the Shadows--0
Ben's Song--0
Vox (extended)--0
Fear (Luna Sol remix)--0
Drawn To the Rhythm (Live)--0
Path of Thorns (Terms)--0
Hold On (BT Remix)--0
Fear (Lunasol mix)--0
Plenty (Fade mix)--0
Hold On (BT mix)--0
Push (iTunes Originals version)--0
Dirty Little Secret (iTunes Originals version)--0
Fallen (iTunes Originals version)--0
Ice Cream (iTunes Originals version)--0
Possession (iTunes Originals version)--0
Hold On (alternate version)--0
Mary (live)--0
Black (William Orbit mix)--0
Possession (Rabbit in the Moon mix)--0
I Love You (BT Mix)--0
Angel (Dusted Remix)--0
Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider mix)--0
Answer (Talvin Singh Remix)--0
Ordinary Miracle & Fantasy Ballet--0
Possession (piano)--0
Do What You Have to Do (Live)--0
Sweet Surrender (radio mix)--0
Train Wreck (Sly & Robbie Mix)--0
Wear Your Love Like Heaven--0
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy / Possession (acoustic)--0
Monsters (Radio Mix)--0
Adia - Afterglow Live Version--0
Ice Cream (Freedom session)--0
What Child Is This? (Greensleeves)--0
Just Like Me ( of the Black Eyed Peas Mix)--0
Angels We Have Heard on High--0
Silence (Niels Van Gogh vs. Thomas Gold remix radio edit)--0
Out of Tune--0
Angel (Live at Star Lounge)--0
Fallen (Dan the Automator mix)--0
Fallen (Satoshi Tomiie Interpretation)--0
Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Anti-Gravity mix)--0
Angel (radio edit)--0
Fallen (radio mix)--0
Rivers of Love--0
I'll Be Home for Christmas--0
U Want Me 2 (radio remix)--0
Ben's Song (Live)--0
Plenty (Live)--0
Forgiveness (Live Acousitc)--0
Rivers of Love (Live Acoustic)--0
Loving You Is Easy (Live Acoustic)--0
Loving You Is Easy (Dave Audé Club Mix)--0
Loving You Is Easy (Dave Audé Radio Mix)--0
Love Come (Live Acoustic)--0
Illusions of Bliss (Live Acoustic)--0
Dirty Little Secret (Live AOL Session)--0
When She Loved Me (Soundtrack Version)--0
World On Fire (Radio Mix)--0
Drawn to the Rhythm (Live) [Acoustic Version]--0
Fear (From "Afterglow Live")--0
Loving You Is Easy (Brad Walsh Remix)--0
Loving You Is Easy (Dave Audé Remix)--0
Fallen (Live Sessions @ AOL Version)--0
In a Bleak Mid Winter--0
World On Fire (Junkie XL Mix) [GM Edit]--0
Ice Cream (Freedom Sessions)--0
Plenty (Live) [Freedom Sessions]--0
Fear (Bonus Track)--0
Back Door Man (Live)--0
Loving You Is Easy (Dave Audé Radio Edit)--0
Loving You Is Easy (Dave Audé Club Dub)--0
The Path of Thorns (Terms) (album version)--0
The Path of Thorns (Terms) (radio edit)--0
The Rainbow Connection (From the Sony Wonder album "Return to Pooh Corner")--0
Shelter (violin mix)--0
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