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The Wind Beneath My Wings--6
Wolf & Raven (2008 version)--1
The Misery (Live In Finland)--1
Letter to Dana (Live In Oulu)--1
The Cagetrad1
Weballergy (Live)--0
Sing in Silence (Live)--0
Don't Say A Word (Live 2005)--0
Intro (Live)--0
San Sebastian (Live 2005)--0
Gravenimage (Live 2005)--0
My Land (Live 2005)--0
White Pearls, Black Oceans...--0
Misplaced (Live 2005)--0
FullMoon (Sonata Arctica Open Air II)--0
Tallulah (Sonata Arctica Open Air II)--0
8th Commandment (Sonata Arctica Open Air II)--0
Broken (Live 2005)--0
8th Commandment (Live 2005)--0
Last Drop Falls (Live)--0
Replica (Live 2005)--0
Kingdom For A Heart (Live 2005)--0
Shamandalie (Live 2005)--0
Black Sheep (Live 2005)--0
In the Dark (Bonus)--0
Blinded No More (Live Album Version)--0
Misplaced (Live Album Version)--0
Kindom for a Heart--0
Prelude for Reckoning--0
Broken (Live Version)--0
8th Commandment (Live Version)--0
Replica (Live Version)--0
Kingdom for a Heart (Live Version)--0
Shamandalie (Live Album Version)--0
The Cage / Vodka--0
Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night (Instrumental)--0
Caleb (Live In Finland)--0
Wolf & Raven (Live)--0
The End of This Chapter (Live)--0
Deathaura (Symphonic Version)--0
Juliet (Symphonic Version)--0
Mary-Lou (Bonus Track)--0
The Last Amazing Grays (Symphonic Version)--0
In the Dark (Symphonic Version)--0
Respect the Wilderness (Live)--0
Blank File (Live In Finland)--0
Everything Fades to Gray (Instrumental Version)--0
Only the Broken Hears (Make You Beautiful) (acoustic version)--0
Victoria's Secret - Live Album Version--0
I'm Haunted--0
Cloud Factory (Radio Edit)--0
The Wolves Die Young (Radio Edit)--0
The Cage (live)--0
Cloud Factory (Single Edit)--0
In My Eyes You're A Giant (Bonus Track)--0
In the Dark (orchestral version)--0
FullMoon (live)--0
My Land (live)--0
Replica (live)--0
The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me--0
Victoria's Secret (edited version)--0
As If the World Wasn't Ending (orchestral version)--0
Deathaura (orchestral version)--0
Replica (2006 remake)--0
Somewhere Close to You (Acoustic Reprise)--0
I Have a Right (acoustic version)--0
The Last Amazing Grays (Live In Finland)--0
Flag In the Ground (Live In Finland)--0
White Pearl, Black Oceans (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air)--0
Caleb (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air)--0
Juliet (Live In Finland)--0
Replica (Live In Finland)--0
Paid In Full (Live In Finland)--0
As If the World Wasn't Ending (Live In Finland)--0
My Land (Live Version)--0
Replica (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air)--0
8th Commandment (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air)--0
Replica (Live In Oulu)--0
The Last Amazing Grays (Live In Oulu)--0
Intro (Live In Oulu)--0
Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beatiful)--0
Blank File (Live In Oulu)--0
As If the World Wasn't Ending (Live in Oulu)--0
Don't Say a Word (Live In Oulu)--0
Caleb (Live In Oulu)--0
In Black & White (Live In Oulu)--0
In Black and White (Live In Finland)--0
Don't Say A Word (Live Album Version)--0
The Truth Is Out There (Symphonic Version)--0
As If the World Wasn't Ending (Symphonic Version)--0
The Cage / „Vodka / Hana Nagila„ - Sing A Long (Live 2005)--0
Victoria's Secret (Live 2005)--0
Misplaced (Live)--0
Blinded No More (Live)--0
The Last Amazing Grays (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
Flag in the Ground (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
The Cage / Vodka (Live)--0
Shamandalie (Live)--0
Instrumental Exibition - Live in Oulu--0
Wildfire - Wildfire, Town, Population: 0, Pt. 3--0
Replica - Live Album Version--0
Kingdom for a Heart - Live Album Version--0
8th Commandment - Live Album Version--0
Broken - Live Album Version--0
My Land - Live Album Version--0
Black Sheep - Live Album Version--0
Don't Say a Word (Live At Wacken 2013)--0
The Cage / Vodka Hava Nagila - Live Album Version--0
Gravenimage - Live Album Version--0
Juliet (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
Replica (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
Draw Me (Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air) (Live)--0
White Pearl, Black Oceans (Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air) (Live)--0
Caleb (Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air) (Live)--0
Tallulah (Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air) (Live)--0
Fullmoon (Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air) (Live)--0
The Wolves Die Young - Track Commentary--0
Only The Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful) [Acoustic Version]--0
The Wolves Die Young (edit)--0
Christmas Spirits - Radio Edit--0
Replica (Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air) (Live)--0
8th Commandment (Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air) (Live)--0
The Misery (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
Paid in Full (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
As If the World Wasn't Ending (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
Blank File (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
In Black & White (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
Letter to Dana (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
Paid in Full (Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air) (Live)--0
Don't Say a Word (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
Caleb (Live in Oulu) (Live)--0
It Wan't Fade--0
San Sebastian (original version)--0
Instrumental Exibition--0
Last Amazing Grays--0
Ain't Your Fairytale (edit)--0
In My Eyes You're A Giant (Exclusive Bonus Track)--0
Flag In the Ground (Symphonic Version)--0
Reckoning Day, Reckoning Night...--0
Broken (edit version)--0
UnOpened (live)--0
Wildfire, Pt. III - Wildfire, Town, Population: 0--0
Wildfire, Pt. II - One With the Mountain--0
Broken (Live)--0
The Cage / Vodka Hava Nagila (Live Version)--0
8th Commandement--0
Gravenimage (Live Version)--0
Black Sheep (Live)--0
Gravenimage (Live)--0
Shitload of Money (Radio Edit)--0
Flag In the Ground (Live In Oulu)--0
Flag In the Ground (Live in Oulu) [Edit]--0
8th Commandment (live)--0
Kingdom for a Heart (live)--0
The Last Amazing Grays (orchestral version)--0
My Dream's but a Drop Fuel for a Nightmare (instrumental version)--0
Draw Me (instrumental)--0
Don't Say a Word (single edit)--0
Flag in the Ground (orchestral version)--0
Juliet (orchestral version)--0
Flag in the Ground (video edit)--0
The Last Amazing Grays (single edit)--0
The Truth Is Out There (orchestral version)--0
The Cage / Vodka (Hava Nagila)--0
Intro (Prelude for Reckoning)--0
The End of This Chapter / Silent Jealousy--0
Land of the Free (live)--0
Blank File (live)--0
Revontulet / Solos--0
Unopened / 8th Commandment--0
End of This Chapter--0
Draw Me (instrumental version)--0
Black Sheep (Live Version)--0
Letter to Dana (2008 Version)--0
It Won't Fadetrad0
No Deam Can Heal a Broken Hearttrad0
In Black And Whitetrad0
...of Silencetrad0
Everything Fades To Graytrad0
My Dream's But a Drop Of Fuel For a Nightmaretrad0
The Truth Is Out Theretrad0
As If The World Wasn't Endingtrad0
The Dead Skintrad0
For The Sake Of Revengetrad0
The Last Amazing Graystrad0
Fly With The Black Swantrad0
The Harvesttrad0
In The Darktrad0
Flag In The Groundtrad0
The Vicetrad0
In My Eyes You're a Gianttrad0
Nothing Moretrad0
In the Dark (Bonus Track)--0
The Wolves Die Young--0
Running Lights--0
Wolf and Raven--0
Closer To An Animal--0
Till Death's Done Us Apart--0
Out In the Fields--0
No Dream Can Heal a Broken Heart--0
Wolf & Raven--0
I Have A Right--0
Victoria's Secret--0
The Miserytrad0
Full Moon (Jackal Queenston Remix)--0
White Pearl, Black Oceans...--0
Fade to Black--0
The Worlds Forgotten, The Words Forbiddentrad0
Blank Filetrad0
Wolf Raventrad0
8th Commandmenttrad0
Picturing The Pasttrad0
Kingdom For a Hearttrad0
Stronger Than Alltrad0
Blinded No Moretrad0
Full Moontrad0
My Selenetrad0
Don't Say a Wordtrad0
I Want Outtrad0
The Boy Who Wanted To Be a Real Puppettrad0
Letter To Danatrad0
My Landtrad0
White Pearl, Black Oceantrad0
Destruction Preventertrad0
Peace Makertrad0
Draw Metrad0
Still Loving Youtrad0
Playwrite's Miserytrad0
The Power Of Onetrad0
Paid In Fulltrad0
Jam (titre Caché)trad0
Good Enough Is Good Enoughtrad0
They Followtrad0
Under Your Treetrad0
Respect The Wildernesstrad0
Sing In Silencetrad0
False News Travel Fasttrad0
The Guntrad0
Dream Thievestrad0
The End Of This Chaptertrad0
Black Sheeptrad0
San Sebastiantrad0
Last Drop Fallstrad0
Land Of The Freetrad0
Among The Shooting Stars--0
Paid In Full (Live In Oulu)--0
Take One Breath--0
No Pain--0
In Black & White--0
FullMoon (edit)--0
"Vodka Song"--0
World in My Eyes--0
White Pearl, Black Oceans - Part II, "By The Grace Of The Ocean"--0
Kingdom for a Heart- Single--0
Fullmoon / White Pearl, Black Oceans...--0
Letter to Dana (live)--0
Don't Say A Word (Edit)--0
Still Loving You / Sonata Arctica--0
My Land (2006)--0
My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare (Instrumental Version)--0
Don't Say a Word (live)--0
Everything Fades to Gray (full version)--0
Everything Fades to Gray (instrumental)--0
Wrecking the Sphere--0
Don't Say a Word (single version)--0
Fullmoon (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air)--0
Draw Me (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air)--0
Tallulah (Live At Sonata Arctica Open Air)--0
The Misery (Live In Oulu)--0
Letter to Dana (Live In Finland)--0
As If the World Wasn't Ending (Live)--0
FullMoon (containing excerpts from White Pearl, Black Oceans) (Live Album Version)--0
False News Travel Fast (Live)--0
Blinded No More (Live 2005)--0
Juliet (Live In Oulu)--0
I Have a Right (Radio Edit)--0
Run to You--0
Victoria's Secret (Live)--0
Victoria's Secret (Live Version)--0
Paid in Full (Radio Edit)--0
I Can't Dance (Bonus Track)--0
The Wolves Die Young (Single Edit)--0
Wildfire, Part III: Wildfire Town, Population: 0--0
Somewhere Close to You (acoustic version)--0
Alone in Heaven (acoustic version)--0
Fly, Navigate, Communicate--0
Paid In Full (Sonata Arctica Open Air II)--0
Tonight I Dance Alone (Bonus Track)--0
Half a Marathon Man--0
Candle Lawns--0
We Are What We Are--0
San Sebastian (revisited)--0
Rise A Night--0
Champagne Bath--0
The Day--0
Larger Than Life--0
What Did You Do in the War, Dad?--0
To Create a Warlike Feel--0
Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited--0
Alone in Heaven--0
Losing My Insanity--0
Cloud Factory--0
Ain't Your Fairytale--0
Don’t Be Mean--0
X Marks the Spot--0
White Pearl, Black Oceans, Pt. II - "By the Grace of the Ocean"--0
Christmas Spirits--0
Somewhere Close to You--0
Shitload of Money--0
Wildfire, Part II: One With the Mountain--0
Die With Your Boots On (Iron Maiden)--0
Silver Tongue--0
Replica (2006)--0
I Can't Dance--0
Victoria's Secret - Letter to Dana - Victoria's Secret--0
Letter to Dana (Returned to Sender)--0
Two Minds, One Soul--0
Mary-Lou (acoustic version)--0
Paid in Full - Live at Sonata Arctica Open Air--0
The Ruins of My Life--0
Die With Your Boots On--0
Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)--0
False News Travels Fast--0
On The Faultline (Closure To An Animal)--0
Tonight I Dance Alone--0
My Land (2006 Remake)--0
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