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Sting lyrics
Fiche de Sting


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Desert Rose (avec Cheb Mami)trad130
Fragilidad (Spanish)trad66
Englishman In New Yorktrad40
Shape Of My Hearttrad32
Every Breath You Taketrad21
Message In a Bottletrad18
La Belle Dame Sans Regrets--13
A Thousand Yearstrad8
Ellas Danzan Solastrad8
Seven Daystrad6
How Insensitive--5
Dalam Diam Aku Mencintaimu--5
If I Ever Lose My Faith In Youtrad5
St. Agnes and the Burning Train--4
Fragile (Portuguese Version)--4
It's Probably Metrad4
The Dream of the Blue Turtles--4
My Funny Valentine--3
Come Down in Time--3
Fields of God--3
Angel Eyestrad3
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Edit)--3
Mariposa Libretrad3
Practical Arrangement (Full original Duet, feat. Jo Lawry)--3
Dead Man's Boots--3
Morning (Poem From the Movie Il Postino)--3
I Was Brought To My Sensestrad3
Driven To Tearstrad3
Can't Stand Losing Youtrad2
Sister Moontrad2
Set Them Free--2
You Were Meant for Me--2
King of Pain--2
Come Againtrad2
An Englishman in New York--2
Don't Stand So Close To Metrad2
Stolen Cartrad2
Desert Rose (Larkero’s Arabic mix)--2
Ocean Waltz--2
I'll Follow My Secret Heart--2
Synchronicity II--2
Prologue (If I Ever Lose My Faith in You)--2
If You Love Somebody Set Them Freetrad2
Moon Over Bourbon Streettrad2
The Empty Chair--1
The Bed's Too Big Without You (vocal Toast Performed by Ranking Roger)--1
So Lonely--1
One Fine Day--1
So To Speak--1
She Walks This Earth (Soberana Rosa)--1
Bring on the Night / When the World--1
Every Breath You Take (KHURSOR Remix)--1
The Police - Every Breath You Take--1
Windmills of Your Mind--1
Ellas danzan solas (Cueca sola)--1
Fragile (Signum Signal remix)--1
I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else--1
If You Ever See Me Talking To A Sailor--1
Cherry Tree Caroltrad1
Message In A Bottle - MTV Unplugged Version--1
50,000 ('17)--1
Sea Dreamer--1
Flow, My Tears (Lachrimae)trad1
Christmas At Seatrad1
The Book Of My Lifetrad1
Spread a Little Happiness--1
It's a Lonesome Old Town--1
The Pirate’s Bride--1
Fragile (live)--1
Now Winter Comes Slowly--1
Send Your Lovetrad1
Every Breath You Take (with Bruce Springsteen) (Live)--1
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (edit)--1
All Would Envy (Live)--1
Another Day (Live)--1
Down So Long (Live)--1
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Live In Paris)--1
Children's Crusade (Live Arnhem)--1
Down So Long (Live In Arnhem)--1
Walking On the Moon (MTV Unplugged Version)--1
Ain't No Sunshine--1
Flow My Tears--1
Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (radio version)--1
Fields of Gold (Live)--1
Send Your Love - Dave Aude Remix Edit Version--1
Everything She Does Is Magic--1
Saint Agnes and the Burning Train--1
What Say You, Meg?--1
All Would Envy--1
Si Estamos Juntostrad1
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilottrad1
Consider Me Gonetrad1
Rock Steadytrad1
Don't Crytrad1
Deep In The Meadowtrad1
Love Is Stronger Than Justice ( The Munificent Seven)trad1
All Four Seasonstrad1
This Cowboy Songtrad1
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magictrad1
Tea In The Saharatrad1
Walking On The Moontrad1
Bethlehem Downtrad1
Why Should I Cry For Youtrad1
I Burn For Youtrad1
The Secret Marriagetrad1
Island Of Soulstrad1
Seventh Son--0
You Know I Had the Strangest Dream--0
Brimstone & Treacle--0
Never Coming Home (Gonna Live My Life remix)--0
When Dolphins Dance--0
Fill Hep Up--0
The Soul Cages (live)--0
I Need You Like I Need This Hole in My Head--0
Fragile (radio edit)--0
If I Ever Loose My Faith--0
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (dance mix)--0
My Funny Friend & Me--0
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Cornelius mix)--0
Like a Beautiful Smile--0
Send Your Love (Dave Audé remix)--0
If You Love Somebody--0
Jellyfish Lake--0
I Need You Like This Hole in My Head--0
I Miss You Kate--0
The Wind Cries Mary--0
A Day in the Life--0
Brimstone 2--0
Rise & Fall--0
Fragile (Jupiter Jazz, Part 2)--0
This Cowboy Song (extended remix)--0
The Bed's Too Big Without You--0
Thruth Hits Everybody--0
Fall Out--0
Desery Rose--0
Brand New Day (Cornelius remix)--0
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Soulpower Deep dub)--0
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (Soulpower mix)--0
Stolen Car (radio version)--0
Fortress Around Your Heart (Hugh Padgham remix)--0
Walking on the Moon (live)--0
Natural High--0
The Mighty--0
Brand New Day (edit)--0
End of the Game--0
Mad About You (live)--0
This Cowboy Song (single reggae mix With Toast)--0
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (A&G remix)--0
Invisible Sun--0
Waters of Tyne--0
Beneath a Desert Moon--0
Me Ghile Mear--0
Tutti Frutti--0
Speech Behind Speech--0
Mack the Knife--0
Love Is Stronger Than Justice--0
Never Coming Home (2011 Mix)--0
Desert Rose / Roxanne (live, Super Bowl 2001)--0
Send Your Love (Dave Aude remix edit)--0
Sister Moon (live)--0
King of Pain (Live)--0
Jock the Singing Welder--0
The Snow It Melts the Soonest (Live At the Cherrytree House)--0
Heavy Cloud No Rain (2011 Remix) [Live At Irving Plaza]--0
Demolition Man (2011 Remix) [Live At Irving Plaza]--0
Message In a Bottle (2011 Remix) [Live At Irving Plaza]--0
Why Should I Cry for You? (Fields of Gold Remix)--0
Everybody Laughed But You (Bonus Track)--0
I Burn for You (2011 Remix) [Live]--0
Girl From the North Country--0
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Live)--0
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Live)--0
Brand New Day (Live)--0
Dienda (Live)--0
When We Dance (Live)--0
The Hounds of Winter (Live)--0
Tea In the Sahara (Live Arnhem)--0
Another Day - Live In Rome--0
I Burn For You - Live In Arnhem--0
One World (Not Three) / Love Is the Seventh Wave (Live In Paris)--0
The Dream of the Blue Turtles / Demolition Man (Live In Paris)--0
Driven to Tears (Live In Paris)--0
We Work the Black Seam (Live In Paris)--0
Consider Me Gone (2011 remix)--0
Heavy Cloud No Rain (live)--0
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