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Paroles de Perspective

Interprètes TFE ModdiOmari Downing

Paroles de la chanson Perspective par TFE Moddi lyrics officiel

Perspective est une chanson en Anglais

I got mad guilt, hurts to even laugh a little,

See I see things for what they are and not that happy s**t,

Lost my bro at 16, they want us to be happy look,

Lotta n****s switched teams now I'm on my Popovich,

Couple n****s TFE, other n****s counterfeits,

Scheming, moving tactical,

cnd we move with common sense,

When you see a body so cold it makes your palms sweat and I can't call my homie no more.. still got his contacts,

This used to be a passion I ain't proud of what I do tho,

It seems like every rapper in these towns is givin kudos,

Look I get on my Mickey, trust in no one call up toodles,

cnd I don't f**k wit n****s, ain't no need for making new bros

Tell you what I do know,

I don't f**k with you hoes,

Type to f**k and you know,

Where the f**k did you go?

Hold on, where my chain at?

She colder than a-

You thought you jus got lit, you got licked you shoulda knew though,

One time someone asked me what think, about life, what it's like in this world,

I look back, and I'm like, What is life in this world?

He just lookin at me he ain't had no answer,

Let me tell you something here the good get cancer,

Let me warn you now, they might shoot you with your hands up,

I could tell you how my friendships couldn't withstand much,

I could say that parents just never gon' understand us,

'Till you end up leavin or face 'em for what you stand for..

cnd that friendship s**t, I can't skip past that,
'cause it get like that..

They might cause some s**t, but do you get like that? Need respect like that? Just be direct like that..

'Cause once you switch, they gon' switch right back, or they been like that, and it's been like that..

See, 'cause in my life there wasn't too much highlights, and f**k if they respect me,

I'm just getting by like,

I don't got no time to be bitter I'm gettin mines and,

I just pray to God for forgiveness and send me signs,

Look once upon a time it was different I mean we f****d up but listen I only learned after trippin so many times and,

I know all them n****s was waiting on my decline, huh

Probably hurt their feelings to check up and hear I'm fine,

I know they don't talk bout my records but they rewind, if I didn't say I've taken L's then n***a I'd be lying,

But I took 'em like a boss then I turned into a champion,

Everything be 5 stars,

We ain't doin Hampton Inn,

Filet the steak with champagne,

They ain't wanna see us win, they just wanna be part of discussions they just can't be in,

They gon' say it's my fault,

If it is then give me time because right now, I'm just focusing my flaws,

I need me some time off, I been stressing out, I could rock with me and mines, bouta drop this and then sign off..

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