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Rebel for the hell of it, hella rich
Never have to sell a brick again, must I tell a bitch again
The bullshit I'm addressin', check I'm on some next level
Never been fucked in the game I'm celibate

Rarely out my element, barely out the ghetto with
One foot out and one foot in, intelligent as fellas get
Listen let's settle this, be clear I could fall back 7 years
Still it ain't no one ahead of me

Consider it a blessin' if you get to stand next to me
Five star general, O.G. veteran
Caked like Entenmann's, blowin' that celery
Stack that cash like the U.S. treasury

Every single thing I ever did was done heavily
Rap until you're 70, still ain't no catchin' me
Put it on my pops, Big Phil, Aunt Beverly
Be standin' on the top still after they bury me

Nose in the air so stuck up arrogant
Ain't got long hot songs, best cherish it
Cool when I drop mine that's over, finito
You payin' for your foul like a free throw, baow

Now how could a nigga think that he could see me
Other than the magazine covers or the TV?
Know I sold mo' mixtapes than your CD
You're waitin' on your big break prayin' you could beat me

You ain't made it far as D.C., on the low
I been all around the globe like a God how they treat me
Broads hit they knees, eyes closed when they greet me
Mouth wide open just beggin' me to skeet, skeet

You in a deep sleep, stop dreamin'
I'm 6 albums in for 10 years I been 5 hot steamin'
The limelight's mine, I'm gleamin', beamin'
That's why I say I'm king bitch, I got my reasons

Wrist so frosty, neck so chilly
All on my mind is to get more millies
Niggaz talk shit that's silly
Shawty he ain't 'bout that really, is he?
Nigga, I'm illy

Ay, I run this city clearly
Tell 'em get lost, I'm busy, really?
Nigga, I'm illy

Where niggas get off? Piss off
Me and mine aughta take time to pop a lid off
Shit all, over the whereabouts of me, is y'all
Sick in you' fuckin' mind, you figurin' I'ma fizz off

Never cooled off, Tip scorchin'
Minimal injury thought they wishin' me maximum misfortune
Number one hand down, flows paint portraits
Everybody thinks you stink like horse shit

House full of chicks on some 'Girl Next Door' shit
A king who once sell 30 mil' out the store quick
Of course this case lost all my endorsements
Tripled up on real estate, still buyin' more shit

But Tip bankrupt accordin' to your sources
I'm still caked up along with more reinforcements
Tore shit up from the lab to the rooftops
Officially the hottest nigga rappin' since 2Pac

'Fore you rap 'bout me, best ask 'bout me
I'm out my fuckin' mind, need counselin'
Please don't doubt me, trust me, drama ain't nothin'
It's all fun and games 'til somebody start butsin'

'Member my discussion when rappers be battlin'
I find out about it, better get to skedaddlin'
Pack your family's bag, move 'em out to Seattle and
We ever cross paths, you'll need ambulance and bandages

Live life glamorous, so extravagant
Mandarin, oriental worldwide travelin'
Hip hop champion for real dough
You couldn't fuck with me with a Brazil hoe nigga
But still though

Wrist so frosty, neck so chilly
All on my mind is to get more millies
Niggaz talk shit that's silly
Shawty, he ain't 'bout that really is he?
Nigga, I'm illy

Ay, just remember I do this shit
When I want to nigga, it's me nigga

Ay, I run this city, clearly
Tell 'em get lost, I'm busy, really?
Nigga, I'm illy

Wrist so frosty, neck so chilly
All on my mind is to get more millies
Niggaz talk shit that's silly
Shawty, he ain't 'bout that really, is he?
Nigga, I'm illy

I don't wanna hear shit 'bout I can't rap like this
When I ain't did it that way nigga, fuck you partner

Ay, I run this city, clearly
Tell 'em get lost, I'm busy, really?
Nigga, I'm illy

Yeah, this the king, bitch
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T.I. - I'm Illy paroles
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