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Paroles de Hey yea

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Paroles de la chanson Hey yea par Tana lyrics officiel

Hey yea est une chanson en Anglais

Hey yea, hey yea, hey yea, yea yea, aye yea

She came around she asked where the racks at
556 and it got kick back, I take your stuff
You can't get it back, When I got
Older ima be a rich man, I got
A big Glock on my hip
I got a 223 at your lip
Percocets make a body flip, Young cr did
It of the rib, If you came with beef your on
Your own, rocking Vlone, but
I ani't come alone
Cop you a feat you want me on
Your song, woke up to news boy you a clone
We smoking x0 right
Out the zip lock bag, hating on
Me better get you a bag
Money in my pants but I won't sag
Mixing And pop us a tag

Hеy yea, hey yea, hеy yea, yea yea, aye yea

I wasn't go do plug but I had to do it, She
Said she like my music, back
Then I was going through
Back now and im back
In to, told her put her back into it
Hit the bank and im
Laughing to it and i got a
Dream so ima push through
Time to put some act into it

Hey yea, hey yea, hey yea, yea yea, aye yea
Hey yea, hey yea, hey yea, yea yea, Aye yea
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