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Love Storytrad33
Blank Spacetrad16
Shake It Offtrad7
Clean (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--7
Love Story Oooh Baby Just Say Yes--6
Wildest Dreams (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--4
Welcome To New York (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--4
I Did Something Badtrad4
I Knew You Were Troubletrad4
How You Get the Girl (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--4
I'm Alrighttrad4
Love Story (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--4
I Know Places (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--3
Lady Gaga Vs Taylor Swift Alejandro's Song ( DJ Mashup)trad3
Red (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--3
Look What You Make Me Dotrad3
You Belong With Metrad3
Look What You Made Me Dotrad3
Teardrops On My Guitar (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--3
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Neon NiteClub Remix)--2
Blank Space (Voice Memo)--2
Style (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--2
Love Story (Pop Mix)--2
This Love (Karaoke Version)--2
A Place In This Worldtrad2
Begin Again (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--2
Out of the Woods (Voice Memo)--2
A Perfectly Good Hearttrad2
Sparks Fly (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--2
Holy Groundtrad1
This Love (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
Everything Has Changed Feat. Ed Sheerantrad1
Girl At Hometrad1
Shake It Off (Karaoke Version)--1
Our Song (radio single version)--1
Love Story (Digital Dog Remix)--1
Getaway Car--1
I'm Only Me When I'm With You (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
Invisible (Karaoke Version)--1
Tim McGraw (radio edit)--1
Love Story - US Album Version--1
I Want You Back (Live from Indianapolis 2011)--1
Should've Said No (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
Shake It Off: The Ballerinas Scene--1
All Too Well (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
Bad Bloodtrad1
I Knew You Were Trouble.--1
Welcome Distraction--1
White Horse (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
Mean (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
Speak Now (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
CMT’s Unplugged at 330 Sessions Video Performance of "Picture to Burn"--1
Safe and Sound--1
Should've Said No (Karaoke Version)--1
End Game (feat Futur & Ed Sheeran)trad1
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things--1
This Lovetrad1
Wildest Dreamstrad1
You Are In Lovetrad1
Bad Blood Feat. Kendrick Lamartrad1
All You Had To Do Was Stay (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
Holy Ground (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--1
Should've Said No - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--1
... Ready For It ?trad1
Tim McGrawtrad1
Our Songtrad1
Forever And Alwaystrad1
The Best Daytrad1
White Horsetrad1
Last Kisstrad1
Picture To Burntrad1
Jump Then Falltrad1
Teardrops On My Guitartrad1
Come In With The Raintrad1
The Outsidetrad1
Cold As Youtrad1
Stay Beautifultrad1
Cold As You - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
Should've Said No - US Album Version--0
Mean (Live from Chicago/San Jose 2011)--0
Love Story (Karaoke Version)--0
Our Song (Pop mix)--0
Our Song (Karaoke Version)--0
Sad Beautiful Tragic (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Stay Beautiful - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
Mary's Song (Oh My My My) - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
"On The Set": Behind the Scenes "Mine" Music Video (part 1)--0
GAC Short Cuts Series "A Place in This World"--0
Tied Together With A Smile - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
Begin Again (Karaoke Version)--0
GAC New Artist Special--0
All Too Well (Karaoke Version)--0
The Outside - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
Cold As You (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
You Belong With Me (Radio Mix)--0
Tied Together With a Smile (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
A Perfectly Good Heart (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Mine (Karaoke Version)--0
Tim McGraw (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Haunted (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Blank Space (guitar/vocal)--0
Dear John (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Starlight (Karaoke Version)--0
Our Song (Bonus Track)--0
Umbrella (live iTunes SoHo Sessions)--0
Speak Now (Live from Chicago/San Jose 2011)--0
Sparks Fly (Live from Chicago 2011)--0
Fifteen (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Fearless (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
I Know Places (piano/vocal)--0
Riptide (Vance Joy cover)--0
Teardrops On My Guitar - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
Teardrops On My Guitar (Acoustic)--0
Treacherous (Karaoke Version)--0
Style (Neon NiteClub Remix)--0
I Wish You Would (track/vocal)--0
Back To December (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Back to December / Apologize / You're Not Sorry (Live from Chicago/San Jose 2011)--0
White Horse (Karaoke Version)--0
Tim McGraw - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
"On The Set": Behind the Scenes "Mine" Music Video (part 3)--0
Picture To Burn - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
You Belong With Me (single)--0
Drops of Jupiter (live 2011)--0
A Place In This World - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
"Tim McGraw" Video--0
Wonderland (Karaoke Version)--0
22 (Karaoke Version)--0
White Horse (On the Set Behind the Scenes)--0
Last Kiss (Live 2011)--0
Style (Karaoke Version)--0
Out of the Woods (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
The Lucky One (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
You're Not Sorry (CSI Remix)--0
You Are In Love (Karaoke Version)--0
Shake it Off (Neon NiteClub Remix)--0
I Know Places (Karaoke Version)--0
Till Brad Pitt Comes Along--0
Medley: Back to December / Apologize / You're Not Sorry (live 2011)--0
Sparks Fly (Live 2011)--0
Love Story (Digital Dog mix)--0
All You Had To Do Was Stay (Karaoke Version)--0
Fearless (Karaoke Version)--0
Back To December/Apologize/You're Not Sorry - Live/2011/Medley--0
New Romantics (Karaoke Version)--0
Should've Said No (Live)--0
Treacherous (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Our Song (Live)--0
Drops of Jupiter (Live)--0
You Belong With Me (Karaoke Version)--0
White Horse (Behind the Scenes)--0
Never Fade--0
Picture to Burn (radio edit)--0
Enchanted (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
I Want You Back (Live)--0
I'm Only Me When I'm With You - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
How You Get the Girl (Karaoke Version)--0
I Wish You Would (Karaoke Version)--0
"Teardrops on My Guitar" Video Behind the Scenes--0
Fifteen (pop mix)--0
Invisible - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
State of Grace (Karaoke Version)--0
This Here Guitar--0
Fifteen (Karaoke Version)--0
Enchanted - Live/2011--0
You Belong With Me (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Our Song - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
Fifteen (album version)--0
Love Story (J Stax Full mix)--0
Bette Davis Eyes (Live)--0
Home Movies--0
State of Grace (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Brand New World--0
Teardrops on My Guitar (pop radio mix)--0
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Karaoke Version)--0
I Almost Do (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Bette Davis Eyes (Live 2011)--0
A Perfectly Good Heart - Instrumental w/ BG vocals--0
Clean (Karaoke Version)--0
Mine (Live)--0
Fearless Tour 2009 First Show Behind the Scenes--0
Fearless Tour 2009 Photo Gallery--0
Untouchable (Luna Halo)--0
Making of "Picture to Burn"--0
America's Sweetheart--0
Dear John (Karaoke Version)--0
Speak Now (Karaoke Version)--0
Innocent (Karaoke Version)--0
Sweeter Than Fiction - From "One Chance" Soundtrack--0
First Grand Ole Opry Performance of "Tim McGraw"--0
Haunted (Karaoke Version)--0
Invisible (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Stay Beautiful (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Tim McGraw (iTunes SoHo Sessions)--0
Never Grow Up (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Simon Mayo's Drivetime Live Session)--0
Better Than Revenge (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
The Outside (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Exclusive! In the Studio With Taylor and Colbie Caillat Recording "Breathe"--0
Mary's Song (Oh My My My) [live iTunes SoHo Sessions]--0
Long Live (Karaoke Version)--0
Forever & Always (Karaoke Version)--0
The Way I Loved You (Karaoke Version)--0
You're Not Sorry (Karaoke Version)--0
Picture to Burn (Karaoke Version)--0
Tell Me Why (Karaoke Version)--0
Change (Karaoke Version)--0
Fifteen (Pop Mix Edit)--0
Love Story (Digital Dog edit)--0
Picture to Burn (rock version)--0
Love Story (J Stax edit)--0
Last Kiss (Karaoke Version)--0
Ours (live 2011)--0
Long Live (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Picture to Burn (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Umbrella (Live from SoHo)--0
Rehearsals of the Speak Now World Tour--0
A Place In This World (iTunes Live from SoHo)--0
Should've Said No (iTunes Live from SoHo)--0
Hey Stephen (Karaoke Version)--0
The Best Day (Karaoke Version)--0
"Mine" Music Video--0
I Want You Back (live 2011)--0
Yahoo! Music Performance of "Tim McGraw"--0
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (DJ REN MIX)--0
Long Live (live 2011)--0
Haunted (live 2011)--0
Dear John (live 2011)--0
The Outside (Karaoke Version)--0
Drops of Jupiter (Live from San Jose 2011)--0
Better Than Revenge (Karaoke Version)--0
I Almost Do (Karaoke Version)--0
Enchanted (Karaoke Version)--0
Never Grow Up (Karaoke Version)--0
Sparks Fly (Karaoke Version)--0
The Story of Us (Karaoke Version)--0
Sad Beautiful Tragic (Karaoke Version)--0
Teardrops On My Guitar (Cahill Radio Edit)--0
Ours (Live from Denver/Atalanta 2011)--0
Last Kiss (Live from Chicago 2011)--0
Tell Me Why (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Breathe (Instrumental Only, No Background Vocals)--0
Hey Stephen (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Tim McGraw (Karaoke Version)--0
Long Live (Live from San Jose 2011)--0
Mean (live 2011)--0
Mine (UK mix)--0
Mine (live 2011)--0
Haunted (Live from Chicago 2011)--0
Enchanted (Live from Chicago/San Jose 2011)--0
Mine (US mix)--0
Better Than Revenge (live 2011)--0
Love Story (edit)--0
Taylor’s Performance on the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tour 2007--0
Speak Now (live 2011)--0
Behind the Scenes "Mine" Music Video--0
Speak Now - World Tour Live Concert (live 2011)--0
Audio Interview Piece--0
The Story of Us (Live from Chicago/San Jose 2011)--0
Mine (Live from Chicago 2011)--0
Mine (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Innocent (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Mary's Song (Oh My My)--0
Taylor’s Home Movie--0
Exclusive! Watch the Recording Session of "Change"--0
Last Kiss (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Love Story (Digital Dog dub)--0
Stay Stay Stay (Karaoke Version)--0
The Best Day (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Back to December (Karaoke Version)--0
Mary's Song (Oh My My My) [Instrumental With Background Vocals]--0
A Place In This World (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Yahoo! Music Performance & Interview Feature of "Tim McGraw"--0
"Our Song" Video Behind the Scenes--0
You're Not Sorry (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
The Way I Loved You (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Cold As You (Karaoke Version)--0
Tied Together With a Smile (Karaoke Version)--0
Stay Beautiful (Karaoke Version)--0
Should've Said No (Bonus Track)--0
A Place In This World (Karaoke Version)--0
Change (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Bette Davis Eyes (Live from Los Angeles 2011)--0
Dear John (Live from Chicago/San Jose 2011)--0
Better Than Revenge (Live from San Jose 2011)--0
Forever & Always (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Love Story (J Stax Club Mix)--0
Teardrops On My Guitar (Bonus Track)--0
The Lucky One (Karaoke Version)--0
Umbrella (iTunes Live from SoHo)--0
Love Story (Stripped)--0
Picture to Burn (iTunes Live from SoHo)--0
The Story of Us (live 2011)--0
The Story of Us (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
A Perfectly Good Heart (Karaoke Version)--0
Mary's Song (Oh My My My) [Karaoke Version]--0
Holy Ground (Karaoke Version)--0
Mean (Karaoke Version)--0
I'm Only Me When I'm With You (Karaoke Version)--0
Our Song (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Teardrops On My Guitar (Karaoke Version)--0
Tell Me--0
State Of Gracetrad0
Begin Againtrad0
Perfectly Good Hearttrad0
Taylor's 1st Phone Call With Tim McGrawtrad0
I Almost Dotrad0
Sad Beautiful Tragictrad0
The Last Time Feat. Gary Lightbodytrad0
The Moment I Knewtrad0
The Lucky Onetrad0
Stay Stay Staytrad0
All Too Welltrad0
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Togethertrad0
Barnyard Songtrad0
Check Out This Viewtrad0
Look At You Like Thattrad0
Who I’ve Always Beentrad0
Missing You Feat. Tyler Hiltontrad0
Didn't Theytrad0
Don't Hate Me For Loving Youtrad0
There's Your Troubletrad0
Both Of Ustrad0
Eyes Opentrad0
Safe & Sound (Hunger Games B.O.)trad0
Fall Back On Youtrad0
Come Back...Be Heretrad0
Call It What You Wanttrad0
Don't Blame Metrad0
We Belong Outsidetrad0
New Romanticstrad0
Shake It Off (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Can I Go With You--0
Forever & Always--0
New Romance--0
...Ready For It?--0
Come Back... Be Here--0
Blank Space (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Everything Has Changed--0
I Know Placestrad0
How You Get The Girltrad0
One Thingtrad0
Long Time Comingtrad0
By The Waytrad0
Sweeter Than Fictiontrad0
Better Offtrad0
Spinning Aroundtrad0
Wait For Metrad0
All You Had To Do Was Staytrad0
I Wish You Wouldtrad0
Welcome To New Yorktrad0
Out Of The Woodstrad0
What Do You Saytrad0
This Is Really Happeningtrad0
Ten Dollars And a Six Packtrad0
Tell Me Whytrad0
The Way I Loved Youtrad0
Sparks Flytrad0
You're Not Sorrytrad0
Hey Stephentrad0
Your Facetrad0
Beautiful Eyestrad0
Oh My My Mytrad0
Today Was a Fairytaletrad0
Thug Story (feat T. Pain)trad0
Am I Ready For Lovetrad0
Our Last Nighttrad0
Your Anythingtrad0
Permanent Markertrad0
I'm Only Me When I'm With Youtrad0
Last Christmastrad0
Mary's Song (Oh My My My)trad0
Should've Said Notrad0
I'd Lietrad0
Tied Together With a Smiletrad0
Christmases When You Were Minetrad0
Santa Babytrad0
I Hearttrad0
White Christmastrad0
Christmas Must Be Something Moretrad0
Silent Nighttrad0
The Other Side Of The Doortrad0
We Were Happytrad0
Sweet Tea & God's Gracestrad0
Dark Blue Tennesseetrad0
Monologue Song (La La La)trad0
Mean (Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow)trad0
Writing Songs About Youtrad0
The Diary Of Metrad0
Never Mindtrad0
American Boytrad0
Stupid Boytrad0
Being With My Babytrad0
Brought Up That Waytrad0
My Curetrad0
Closest To a Cowboytrad0
Here You Come Againtrad0
Lucky Youtrad0
Long Livetrad0
Better Than Revengetrad0
Back To Decembertrad0
Speak Nowtrad0
Never Grow Uptrad0
The Story Of Ustrad0
American Girltrad0
What To Weartrad0
If This Was a Movietrad0
Dear Johntrad0
Back To December - Acoustic--0
"Our Song" Video--0
I Used To Fly--0
That's When--0
Back to December / Apologize / You're Not Sorry (Live)--0
You Belong With Me (Behind the Scenes)--0
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Shake It Off: The Band, the Fans & the Extras Scene--0
Love Story (On the Set Behind the Scenes)--0
The Story of Us (Live)--0
Forever and Always ((Originally Performed By Taylor Swift) [Karaoke Version])--0
You Don't Have To Call Me--0
Love Story (pop edit)--0
smokey black nights--0
Red (demo)--0
Shake It Off: The Twerkers & Finger Tutting Scene--0
Welcome To New York (Karaoke Version)--0
Mine (Pop mix)--0
A Place In This World (Live)--0
22 (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Shake It Off (Voice Memo)--0
Taylor’s 1st Phone Call With Tim McGraw--0
Teardrops on My Guitar (radio single version)--0
You Belong With Me (On the Set Behind the Scenes)--0
Enchanted/Wildest Dreams (Live)--0
You Belong With Me (Pop Mix)--0
Teardrops On My Guitar (Live)--0
Fearless/I'm Yours/Hey, Soul Sister--0
Should’ve Said No (alternate version)--0
Our Song (album version)--0
Bad Blood (Karaoke Version)--0
State of Grace (acoustic)--0
"Teardrops on My Guitar" Video--0
Picture to Burn (album version)--0
Love Story (Behind the Scenes)--0
Treacherous (demo)--0
Picture to Burn (Live)--0
Shake It Off: The Modern Dancers Scene--0
Out of the Woods (Karaoke Version)--0
Sweeter Than Fiction (From "One Chance")--0
Tim McGraw (Live)--0
Starlight (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Made Up You--0
Stay Stay Stay (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Thirteen Blocks (Can't Call It Love)--0
Umbrella (Live)--0
Should've Said No (album version)--0
Should’ve Said No (2008 ACM Awards Performance)--0
Back to December / Apologize / You're Not Sorry (Live 2011)--0
Mean (Live)--0
Who I've Always Been--0
Thug Story (CMT Awards)--0
Shake It Off: The Animators Scene--0
Ours (Live)--0
Red (Karaoke Version)--0
Shake It Off: The Ribbon Dancers Scene--0
Blank Space (Karaoke Version)--0
Just South Of Knowing Why--0
I Wished On A Plane--0
Wildest Dreams (Karaoke Version)--0
Haunted (Live)--0
King of My Heart--0
Dancing With Our Hands Tied--0
Story of Us--0
Mine (US version)--0
State of Grace" (acoustic version)--0
Everything Has Changed(Feat.Ed Sheeran)--0
I Heart ?--0
New Year's Day--0
So It Goes...--0
Better Than Revenge (Live)--0
Never Mind (Studio Demo)--0
Sparks Fly (Live)--0
Haunted (acoustic version)--0
I Wish You Would (Voice Memo)--0
Back to December (acoustic version)--0
You Belong to Me--0
The Story of Us (US version)--0
Bad Blood (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
You R in Love--0
Forever & Always - Piano Version--0
Wildest Dreams (R3hab Remix)--0
Haunted - Acoustic--0
Back to December (US version)--0
Shake It Off (Music Video)--0
Red (original demo recording)--0
I Wish You Would (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
I Know Places (Voice Memo)--0
We Are Never Getting Back Together--0
I Knew You Were Trouble. (Instrumental With Background Vocals)--0
Love Story (US Pop Mix)--0
Mary's Song (Oh My My My) [Live]--0
Bette Davis Eyes--0
Blank Space (Music Video)--0
I Heart Question Mark--0
Need you Now--0
I Want You Back--0
Ain't Nothing 'Bout You--0
Last Kiss (Live)--0
Shake It Off: The Cheerleaders Scene--0
I Know What I Want--0
Speak Now (Live)--0
Sweet Tea And God's Graces--0
Viva La Vida--0
Drive all night--0
Treacherous" (original demo recording)--0
Best night--0
Teardrops on My Guitar (acoustic version)--0
Drops of Jupiter--0
The Last Time--0
Teardrops On My Guitar (Pop Version)--0
Back to December/Apologize/You're Not Sorry--0
Teardrops On My Guitar - Radio Single Remix--0
Enchanted (Live)--0
Dear John (Live)--0
I Knew You Were Trouble (Karaoke Version)--0
Miss Invisible--0
Love Story (US)--0
Love Story (Digital Dog radio mix)--0
parole traduction visites
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