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Paroles de Too Much ( Feat Kutt Calhoun )

Interprètes Tech N9neKutt Calhoun

Paroles de la chanson Too Much ( Feat Kutt Calhoun ) par Tech N9ne lyrics officiel

Too Much ( Feat Kutt Calhoun ) est une chanson en Anglais

Ain't nobody better we comin' clever than ever goin' head up with competitors and levelin' a,
We put em through the shredder we got the lever to sever any bretheren who steppin' with the devil an a,
I'm sick of everybody thinkin' they ready for the work of a killa and fillin' they illin' not sayin a thing,
Gotta get it up the skill is incredible death is inevidable if you got trouble obeying the king,
I guess when I bust I'm too much for ya,
I cuss when I must I'm too rough for ya,
Tecca Nina when I'm flowin It's a rush for ya,
Other rappers on the planet you a customer,
'cause you buy it and bite on me put your recorder right on me 'cause you really ain't no shit and you stuck in debris,
Now the people got the light on me I'm about to fight on the mic and you knowin' ain't nobody fuckin' with me,
Automatically haters be mad at me when I be rippin' it niggas get to trippin' 'cause I'm livin' it up,
Got the industry in the palm of my hand and I promise I can?t offend a fan when I say I'm not givin a fuck. when I sing I'm not givin a fuck,
I'm 'bout the music and doin' it when the people they ruin it when the listen it be drivin' me crazy,
I'm different people they call me evil and devil Imma let 'em see the level of animal it made me,
'cause I don't give a fuck I just bust your crew up,
Leave 'em in the dust n must chuck the juice up,
Nina, Krizz and Kutt we upchuck the new stuff,
Never can ya touch or crush us we TOO MUCH,
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