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Stop Desire--4
I Know I Know I Knowtrad3
I Can't Take Ittrad1
Burn Your Life Downtrad1
Goodbye, Goodbyetrad1
Back In Your Head (Demo)--0
Are You Ten Years Ago (Demo)--0
Like O, Like H (Demo)--0
Nineteen (Demo)--0
Soil, Soil (Demo)--0
Hop a Plane (Demo)--0
I Was Married (Demo)--0
Relief Next to Me (Live)--0
Call It Off (Live)--0
Divided (Live)--0
The Ocean (Live)--0
Knife Going In (Live)--0
The Con (Demo)--0
Dark Come Soon (Demo)--0
Not With You (Live)--0
Knife Going In (Demo)--0
Closer (Davey Badiuk Remix)--0
Closer (Yeasayer remix)--0
Closer (Bradley Hale remix)--0
Closer (Until the Ribbon Breaks remix)--0
Closer (Walla remix)--0
Closer (Damian Taylor remix)--0
Dark Come Soon (live)--0
Closer (C-Ro & Sofa Tunes remix)--0
Closer (Ted Gowans remix)--0
Closer (Sultan & Ned remix)--0
Closer [Morgan Page's "Talk Is Cheap" Remix]--0
Closer (DJ Vice Remix)--0
Night Watch (Live)--0
Come On Kids (Bonus Track)--0
Closer (Apparent Motion Remix)--0
Closer (Daddy's Groove Remix)--0
Closer [Morgan Page Remix]--0
The First (Live)--0
Closer (Florian Picasso Remix)--0
Call It Off (Demo)--0
Alligator (Bill Hamel Dub)--0
Closer (The Slow Waves Remix)--0
You Wouldn't Like Me (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
I Was a Fool (VBND Remix)--0
Closer (Diamond Rings Remix)--0
Closer (Young Galaxy Remix)--0
Closer (Bee's Knees Remix)--0
Closer (The Young Professionals Remix)--0
Closer (Faustix & Imanos Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Osinachi Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Murge Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Sombear Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Gazzo Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Chuck Inglish Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Austin Leeds Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Ellingson Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Make + Model Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Apparent Motion Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Anand Greenwell Remix)--0
Closer (Andy Dixon Remix)--0
Closer (Martin Volt & Quentin State Remix)--0
Alligator (Mad Decent 1 Remix) [Bonus Track]--0
Alligator (Kevin St. Croix Remix) [Bonus Track]--0
Alligator (Morgan Page Remix) [Bonus Track]--0
Alligator (Josh Harris Club Remix) [Bonus Track]--0
Alligator (Hamel Remix) [Bonus Track]--0
Alligator (Mad Decent K.K.S. Remix)--0
I Know, I Know, I Know (Daytrotter session)--0
Alligator (Automatic Panic Extended Remix)--0
Alligator (Holy F*** Remix)--0
Wrists (Bonus Track)--0
Closer (Denny Berland & Andrea Corelli Extended Mix)--0
Closer (Roscoe Santos Remix)--0
Closer (IDestiny Remix)--0
Back in Your Head (RAC mix)--0
I Take All the Blame (EP Version)--0
Back In Your Head (Bill Hamel & Kevin St. Croix Remix)--0
Don't Confess (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)--0
Back In Your Head [Pretty Violent - Michael Skype Remix]--0
Alligator (Live)--0
Burn Your Life Down (Live)--0
Back in Your Head (Josh Harris club remix)--0
Back in Your Head (Zoned Out remix edit)--0
Back in Your Head (Bill Hamel & Kevin St. Croix remix edit)--0
Back in Your Head (Josh Harris dub)--0
Back in Your Head (Bill Hamel and Kevin St. Croix remix)--0
Back in Your Head (Dangerous Muse remix)--0
Back in Your Head (Zoned Out remix)--0
Back in Your Head (Morgan Page remix)--0
Back in Your Head (Morgan Page remix edit)--0
Back in Your Head (Josh Harris remix edit)--0
Downtown (live)--0
Speak Slow (Live)--0
So Jealous (live)--0
This Is Everything (Live)--0
Walking With the Ghost (live)--0
Monday Monday Monday (DVD)--0
You Wouldn't Like Me (live)--0
Living Room (Live)--0
I Hear Noises (Acoustic)--0
Speak Slow (take 1)--0
Call It Off - Live From Spotify NYC--0
Walking With A Ghost - Live From Spotify NYC--0
Back In Your Head - Live From Spotify NYC--0
Back In Your Head (Album Version)--0
Turnpike Ghost--0
Walking With a Ghost (DVD)--0
Burn Your Life Down (Demo)--0
One Second - EP Version--0
Closer - Live From Spotify NYC--0
Where Does The Good Go - Live iTunes Version--0
Light Up - Non-Album Track--0
Wrists - Non-Album Track--0
Relief Next to You--0
The Con - Live iTunes Version--0
Nineteen - Live iTunes Version--0
Burn Your Life Down - Live iTunes Version--0
Back In Your Head - Live iTunes Version--0
Not Tonight (live)--0
Monday Monday Monday (Live)--0
Alligator (Murge remix)--0
Alligator (Four Tet remix)--0
Alligator (Doveman remix)--0
Alligator (Ra Ra Riot remix)--0
Alligator (Automatic Panic remix)--0
Alligator (Sara's demo)--0
Alligator (Dave Sitek remix)--0
Alligator (Hi-Deaf remix)--0
Alligator (VHS or Beta remix)--0
Alligator (Toro y Moi remix)--0
I Know I Know I Know (take 1)--0
I Was a Fool (Drop the Lime Remix)--0
Nineteen (Live)--0
Back in Your Head (live acoustic)--0
Alligator (Holy Fuck remix)--0
Alligator (Passion Pit Remix)--0
The First (featuring Dallas Green) [Live]--0
Alligator (Mad Decent remix)--0
Alligator (Morgan Page remix)--0
Alligator (Kevin St. Croix remix)--0
This Is Everything (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
Downtown (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
Speak Slow (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
Walking With a Ghost (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
Living Room (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
I Hear Noises (Live)--0
I Bet It Stung (Live)--0
Walking With a Ghost (Morgan Page Bootleg remix)--0
Where Does the Good Go (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
So Jealous (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
I Bet It Stung (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
Alligator (Hamel remix)--0
Alligator (Josh Harris club remix)--0
I Know I Know I Know (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
I Hear Noises (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
Not Tonight (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
Monday Monday Monday (Live at the Phoenix: 2005)--0
The Con (Live)--0
Fade Out--0
Missing Youtrad0
When I Get Uptrad0
Our Treestrad0
More For Metrad0
Come Ontrad0
Now I'm All Messed Uptrad0
I'm Not Your Herotrad0
Buried Alivetrad0
Days And Daystrad0
I Take All The Blametrad0
Give Chasetrad0
Feel It In My Bonestrad0
Clever Mealstrad0
City Girltrad0
Monday Monday Mondaytrad0
You Went Awaytrad0
Not Tonighttrad0
Terrible Stormtrad0
Living Roomtrad0
I Hear Noisestrad0
Time Runningtrad0
Not With Youtrad0
Welcome Hometrad0
This Is Everythingtrad0
The Firsttrad0
All You Gottrad0
My Numbertrad0
Feel It In My Bones Ft Tiëstotrad0
Back In Your Headtrad0
The Contrad0
Fix You Uptrad0
Relief Next To Metrad0
Call It Offtrad0
I Was Marriedtrad0
Hop a Planetrad0
Like O,Llike htrad0
We Didn't Do Ittrad0
Wake Up Exhaustedtrad0
Where Does The Good Gotrad0
Take Me Anywheretrad0
I Bet It Stungtrad0
I Won't Be Lefttrad0
Speak Slowtrad0
So Jealoustrad0
Walking With a Ghosttrad0
Knife Going Intrad0
Soil, Soiltrad0
Night Watchtrad0
The Curetrad0
Paperback Headtrad0
Sentimental Tunetrad0
The Oceantrad0
Red Belttrad0
On Directingtrad0
Are You Ten Years Agotrad0
Dark Come Soontrad0
Don't Rushtrad0
And Darlingtrad0
Want To Be Badtrad0
Back In Your Head (Live)--0
Closer (Morgan Page Talk Is Cheap remix)--0
Walking With a Ghost (Live)--0
There's Still Time--0
Empty in Between--0
I Hear Voices--0
And Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)--0
I Run Empty (Bonus Track)--0
Closer (The Knocks remix)--0
Closer [Sultan Ned Shepard Remix]--0
When I Get Up (Live)--0
Just Me--0
I Was a Fool (Speak Remix)--0
Sentimental Tune (Live)--0
Back in Your Head (Tiësto remix)--0
Closer (Twice As Nice Remix)--0
Here I Am--0
Falling Asleep--0
I've Got You--0
Not Tonight (Acoustic)--0
One Second--0
Floorplan (Demo)--0
The Chipmunk Song [Christmas Don't Be Late]--0
I Was a Fool (Monsieur Adi Remix)--0
I Was a Fool (Matthew Dear Remix)--0
You Wouldn't Like Metrad0
Back in Your Head (Tiësto remix edit)--0
I Know I Know I Know (Live)--0
Star Money--0
Painting Songs--0
Rebel Rebel--0
Guilty As Charged (Bonus Track)--0
Shudder To Think--0
Love They Saytrad0
I Couldn't Be Your Friendtrad0
How Come You Don't Want Metrad0
Shock To Your Systemtrad0
Guilty As Chargedtrad0
I Run Emptytrad0
Drove Me Wildtrad0
I Was a Fooltrad0
Love Type Thingtrad0
Come On Kidstrad0
Don't Confesstrad0
Like O, Like htrad0
It Was Midnighttrad0
Light Uptrad0
That Girltrad0
Hang On The The Nighttrad0
Don’t Rush--0
I Won't Be Left (Live)--0
Monday, Monday, Monday--0
Dancing in the Dark--0
When You Were Mine--0
Fool to Cry--0
Where Does the Good Go (Live)--0
Hang on to the Night--0
White Knuckles--0
Everything Is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island)--0
Don't Find Another Love--0
Dying to Know--0
Faint of Heart--0
Everything Is Awesome!!!--0
I Was a Fool (Mirror Machines Remix)--0
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