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The Clash

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Should I Stay Or Should I Gotrad15
Should I Stay or Shoud I Go--12
Guns Of Brixtontrad4
Should I Stay--3
Junco Partnertrad3
Car Jammingtrad3
Brand New Cadillactrad2
Rockers Galore… UK Tour--2
Should I Stay or Should I Go (Live)--2
Should I Stay or Should I Go - Remastered--2
Dirty Punktrad2
Ghetto Defendanttrad2
I Fought The Lawtrad2
Police On My Backtrad2
One More Dubtrad1
Charlie Don't Surftrad1
Every Little Bit Hurtstrad1
The Call Up--1
Somebody Got Murderedtrad1
Louie Louie--1
Stay Freetrad1
Rebel Waltztrad1
London Callingtrad1
Jail Guitar Doors (live at the Lyceum)--1
Time is Tight--1
Robber Dub--1
Police And Thievestrad1
Career Opportunities (Live)--1
Junco Partner (Live)--1
The Magnificent Seventrad1
Mustapha Dance--1
Career Opportunitiestrad1
What's My Nametrad1
Kosmo Vinyl Introduction--0
Cheapskates (live at the Lyceum)--0
Stay Free (live at the Lyceum)--0
Clampdown (recorded at Lewisham Odeon, 1980)--0
London’s Burning (recorded at Beaconsfield Studios, 1977)--0
This Is Radio Clash / Radio Clash--0
Paul’s Tune--0
1977 (recorded at Beaconsfield Studios, 1977)--0
Complete Control (recorded at The Music Machine, London, July 1976)--0
The Magnificent Seven (Return)--0
Tommy Gun (recorded 1978)--0
Straight to Hell (extended mix)--0
I Fought the Law (Live)--0
English Civil War (live)--0
Capital Radio One--0
Career Opportunities (demo)--0
Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice) (live)--0
Red Angel Dragnet (edited version)--0
Revolution Rock (instrumental)--0
Stay Free 2--0
Straight to Hell (unedited version)--0
Ghetto Defendant (edited version)--0
Janie Jones (demo)--0
The Magnificent Dance--0
Return to Brixton (SW2 mix)--0
White Riot (take 2)--0
White Riot (take 1)--0
Rock the Casbah (Soulwax re-edit)--0
Overpowered by Funk (demo)--0
English Civil War (live at the Lyceum)--0
The Cool Out--0
Rock the Casbah (J. Mark Andrus mix)--0
London Calling (2012 instrumental mix)--0
Rock the Casbah (Bob Clearmountain 12″ mix)--0
This is Radio Clash (Different Lyrics)--0
The Magnificent Seven (Live)--0
Train in Vain (Live)--0
(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais (Live)--0
Kosmo Vinyl Introduction (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
London Calling (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
Rock the Casbah (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
Magnificent Seven (Return) (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
Armagideon Time (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
Police on my Back (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
The Magnificent Seven (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
I’m So Bored With the U.S.A. (Beaconsfield Film School session)--0
Tommy Gun (Live)--0
Police On My Back (Live)--0
Kosmo Vinyl Introduction (Live)--0
Radio Clash (Live)--0
The Magnificent Seven (Return) [Live]--0
Spanish Bombs (Live)--0
Garageland (Live)--0
Police and Thieves (Live)--0
Police & Thieves (Live)--0
Clampdown (Live)--0
Career Opportunities (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
Spanish Bombs (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
King of the Road--0
Midnight to Stevens (outtake)--0
(In The) Pouring Rain--0
Rock the Casbah (Bob Clearmountain Mix)--0
Idle in Kangaroo Court (outtake)--0
Ghetto Defendant (extended unedited version)--0
1977 (Polydor Demos)--0
1977 (Beaconsfield Film School session)--0
Straight to Hell (extended unedited version)--0
Sean Flynn (Extended 'Marcus Music' Version)--0
Idle in Kangaroo Court--0
Janie Jones (Live)--0
City of the Dead (Live)--0
Capital Radio (Live)--0
Clash City Rockers (Live)--0
English Civil War (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
Armagideon Time (Live)--0
The Guns of Brixton (Live)--0
Drug-Stabbing Time (Live)--0
Straight to Hell (Live)--0
Know Your Rights (Live)--0
City of the Dead (live at the Lyceum)--0
Movers & Shakers--0
Koka Kola, Advertising & Cocaine--0
Lonesome Me--0
4 Horsemen--0
Shepherds Delight--0
Mensforth Hill--0
The Police Walked in 4 Jazz--0
Up-Toon (instrumental)--0
Career Opportunities - Remastered--0
Magnificent Seven (Return)--0
Working and Waiting--0
Where You Gonna Go (Soweto)--0
The Magnificent Dance (Sandinista dub)--0
Rudie Can’t Fail (Dutch 7″)--0
White Riot (take 1) (Mickey Foote demos Jan 1977)--0
Capital Radio (Manchester 15 Nov 1977 So It Goes broadcast)--0
Prisoner (Autumn 1977)--0
London’s Burning (Beaconsfield Studio 28 Apr 1977)--0
White Riot (take 2) (Mickey Foote demos Jan 1977)--0
Outside Broadcast--0
Armagideon Time (Kick It Over version)--0
Innoculated City--0
Bored With the U.S.A.--0
Radio 5--0
Bankrobber - Remastered--0
I Fought the Law - Remastered--0
Sex Mad Roar--0
White Man (Busking)--0
White Riot (recorded at Beaconsfield Studios, 1977)--0
London Calling (video)--0
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (Glasgow 4 Jul 78 SBD)--0
1-2 Crush on You (The Roundhouse 5 Sept 1976 Audience)--0
First Night Back in London (edited)--0
Atom Tan (edited)--0
Listen (edit)--0
Walking the Slidewalk--0
White Riot (Polydor Demos)--0
Career Opportunities (Polydor Demos)--0
Jail Guitar Blues--0
Garage Band (Live)--0
This is England - Remastered--0
Straight to Hell - Extended Unedited Version (Remastered)--0
White Riot (Beaconsfield Film School Session)--0
The Beautiful People are Ugly Too (Outtake)--0
Listen / Interviews--0
White Riot (Beaconsfield Studio 28 Apr 1977)--0
1977 (Beaconsfield Studio 28 Apr 1977)--0
Working for the Clampdown--0
Armagedeon Times--0
Rudie Can’t Fail (demo)--0
Lightning Strikes--0
Complete Control (Live)--0
Straight to Hell / Police & Thieves (live, 1978-10-16: Le Stadium, Paris, France) / Blitzkrieg Bop (live, 1978-10-16: Le Stadium--0
The Magnificent 7--0
Do It Now--0
The Magnificent Seven (reprise)--0
Bankrobber (dub version)--0
First Night Back in London (original)--0
The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too--0
The City of the Dead--0
Capitol Radio--0
Return to Brixton (SW2 Dub)--0
Return to Brixton (extended mix)--0
I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)--0
One More Time (Live)--0
Groovy Time--0
Julie's Been Working for the Drun Store--0
Janie Jones (take 1 instrumental)--0
The Magnificent Seven (album version)--0
The Magnficent Seven--0
Tommy Gun (live from Shea Stadium)--0
The Magnificent Seven, Part 2--0
Armageddon Time--0
(In the) Pouring Rain (live)--0
Clampdown (live from the Lewisham Odeon)--0
Guns of Brixton (Live)--0
Capital Radio (Leicester 28 May 1977 SBD)--0
White Riot (Beaconsfield Studio 26 Apr 1977)--0
Police & Thieves (Birmingham 1 May 1978 SBD)--0
Clash City Rockers (demo)--0
White Riot (Alternate Demo Mix)--0
English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)--0
Radio One--0
Janie Jones (instrumental)--0
1977 (demo)--0
Rudie Can’t Fail (Vanilla Tapes version)--0
Justice Tonight (UK 12″)--0
Clampdown (US promo 12″)--0
Straight to Hell (edited version)--0
The Magnificent Dance (UK 12″)--0
One More Time (US promo 12″)--0
The Card Cheat (US promo 12″)--0
Return to Brixton--0
I’m So Bored With the USA (Glasgow 4 Jul 78 SBD)--0
Cool Under Heattrad0
Are You Readytrad0
We Are The Clashtrad0
Movers And Shakerstrad0
This Is Englandtrad0
North And Southtrad0
Play To Wintrad0
Three Card Tricktrad0
48 Hourstrad0
Death Or Glory--0
Card Cheattrad0
Right Profiletrad0
Lost In The Supermarkettrad0
Janie Jonestrad0
I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.trad0
Protex Bluetrad0
Hate And Wartrad0
Life Is Wildtrad0
Overpowered By Funktrad0
Something About Englandtrad0
Ivan Meets G.I. Joetrad0
Version Pardnertrad0
Silicone On Sapphiretrad0
One More Timetrad0
Look Heretrad0
Corner Soultrad0
Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)trad0
Crooked Beattrad0
Living In Fametrad0
Version Citytrad0
Death Is a Startrad0
Inoculated Citytrad0
Sean Flynntrad0
Atom Tantrad0
Midnight Logtrad0
Kingston Advicetrad0
Junkie Sliptrad0
Lose This Skintrad0
Spanish Bombstrad0
Rudie Can't Failtrad0
Rock The Casbahtrad0
Know Your Rightstrad0
This Is Radio Clashtrad0
Magnificent Seventrad0
London's Burningtrad0
Capital Radiotrad0
Straight To Helltrad0
Armagideon Timetrad0
City Of The Deadtrad0
Hitsville U.K.trad0
Call Uptrad0
Clash City Rockerstrad0
Complete Controltrad0
Remote Controltrad0
White Riottrad0
White Man In Hammersmith Palaistrad0
Tommy Guntrad0
Train In Vaintrad0
English Civil Wartrad0
Jail Guitar Doorstrad0
Midnight To Stevenstrad0
Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)trad0
Washington Bulletstrad0
Red Angel Dragnettrad0
Street Paradetrad0
One Emotiontrad0
Julie's In The Drug Squadtrad0
Safe European Hometrad0
Cool Confusiontrad0
Groovy Timestrad0
1-2 Crush On Youtrad0
Pressure Droptrad0
Gates Of The Westtrad0
Justice Tonight/Kick It Overtrad0
Long Time Jerktrad0
First Night Back In Londontrad0
Stop The Worldtrad0
Let's Go Crazytrad0
If Music Could Talktrad0
Should I Stay or Should I Go (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
Clampdown (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
What's My Name (Live)--0
Train in Vain (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
I Fought the Law (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
I Fought the Law (live at the Lyceum)--0
Should I Stay or Should I Go? (recorded at Shea Stadium, October 1982)--0
London's Burning - Live--0
Bank Robber / Robber Dub--0
Rock in the Casbah--0
Tommy Gun (Live at Shea Stadium)--0
Julie's Bee Working for the Drug Squad--0
The Leader--0
What’s My Name (Music Machine 27 July 1978)--0
Heart & Mind--0
The Right Profile--0
The Equaliser--0
Drug-Stabbin’ Time--0
The Sound of Sinners--0
The Crooked Beat--0
Capital Radio Two--0
Radio Clash--0
The Guns of Brixton - Live at Shea Stadium--0
Janie Jones - Remastered--0
The Man in Me--0
Rock the Casbah (Live)--0
Justice Tonight / Kick It Over--0
Are You Red..y--0
Julie’s Been Working for the Drugs Squad--0
Drug‐Stabbing Time--0
Let’s Go Crazy--0
Train in Vain (Spanish 7″)--0
Rock the Casbah (Mustapha dance)--0
Clash City Rockers (original version)--0
White Riot (single version)--0
Hate & War--0
The Street Parade--0
In the Pourin’ Rain--0
Police on My Back (US 7″)--0
I’m So Bored With the U.S.A. (demo)--0
London’s Burning (Dutch 7″)--0
The Magnificent Seven (edit)--0
The Magnificient Seven--0
London Calling (Live)--0
In Hammersmith Palaistrad0
All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts)trad0
Drug Stabbing Timetrad0
London Calling - Remastered--0
The Guns of Brixton--0
Train in Vain - Remastered--0
The Prisoner--0
Rock the Casbah - Remastered--0
Guns On The Rooftrad0
Last Gang In Towntrad0
Wrong 'Em Boyotrad0
Jimmy Jazztrad0
Sound Of The Sinnerstrad0
Koka Kolatrad0
Lover's Rocktrad0
Revolution Rocktrad0
I'm Not Downtrad0
Four Horsementrad0
Train in Vain (Stand by Me)--0
Police & Thieves--0
London’s Burnin’--0
Police on my Back - Remastered--0
Safe European Home - Remastered--0
What’s My Name--0
Wrong ’Em Boyo--0
Bank Robber (Live)--0
Rudi Can't Fail--0
Julie’s in the Drug Squad--0
All the Young Punks--0
Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad--0
I’m So Bored With the U.S.A.--0
I’m Not Down--0
London Calling (2012 mix)--0
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais--0
Charlie Don’t Surf--0
Rock the Cashbah--0
London's Burning - Remastered--0
Police & Thieves - Remastered--0
The Magnificent Seven - Remastered--0
The Card Cheat--0
Magnificent Seven (Live)--0
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