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The Coral

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Willow Song--2
Chasing the Tail of a Dream--1
Being Somebody Else--0
Put the Sun Back (live)--0
When All the Birds Have Flown--0
She's Got a Reason--0
Rebecca You--0
Remember Me--0
In the Rain--0
Not So Lonely--0
Michael's Song--0
Far From the Crowd (live)--0
Calendars and Clocks (demo)--0
Dreaming of You (demo)--0
It's in Your Hands--0
Bye Bye Love (live)--0
Shadows Fall (instrumental)--0
Monkey to the Moon--0
Who's Gonna Find Me--0
Shes Got a Reason (live)--0
Return Her to Me--0
Cry of the City--0
Sweet Sue--0
Dressed Like a Cow (live XFM S)--0
Goodbye (live XFM session)--0
Not the Girl--0
Boy at the Window--0
Another Turn in the Lock--0
Teenage Machine Age--0
See-Through Bergerac--0
Tiger Lily--0
The Image of Richard Burton as Crom--0
She Sings the Mourning--0
Late Afternoon--0
It Was Nothing--0
Walking In the Winter--0
Arabian Sand--0
Leaving Today--0
The Operator--0
Come Home--0
Far From the Crowd--0
See My Love--0
Another Way--0
More Than a Lover (Acoustic)--0
Roving Jewel (Acoustic)--0
Walking In the Winter - Acoustic--0
Falling All Around You (Acoustic)--0
Being Somebody Else (Instrumental Version)--0
Who's Gonna Find Me (Instrumental Version)--0
The Watcher In the Distance--0
Nine Times the Colour Red--0
Jacqueline (Instrumental)--0
Depth of Her Smile--0
1000 Years (Acoustic)--0
North Parade (Acoustic)--0
Laughing Eyes--0
Two Faces (Radio Edit)--0
One Winters Day--0
Shadows Fall (Acoustic Version)--0
The Golden Bough--0
When Good Times Go Bad--0
I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better--0
When All the Birds Have Flown (Outtake from Last Album)--0
Shadows Fall - Original Version--0
View From the Mirror--0
The Second Self--0
Butterfly House--0
Coney Island--0
Roving Jewel--0
1000 Years--0
More Than a Lover--0
Keep Me Company--0
Dream in August--0
North Parade--0
Green Is the Colour--0
Remember Me - Live at ICA--0
She Sings the Mourning - Live at ICA--0
In the Rain - Live at ICA--0
Dreaming of You - Live Lounge--0
She's Got a Reason - Live at ICA--0
Jacqueline - Live at ICA--0
Coming Through the Rye--0
Into the Sun--0
Who's Gonna Find Me - Live at ICA--0
Two Faces--0
Why Does the Sun Come Up?--0
She Sings the Mourning (Live)--0
In the Rain (Live)--0
Fireflies (Live At Elevator Studios)--0
Pass It On (BBC Radio 1's Lamacq Live)--0
Remember Me (Live)--0
Jacqueline (Live)--0
The Curse of Love (Part 1)--0
Lover’s Paradise--0
Cripples Crown--0
Who's Gonna Find Me (Live)--0
Shadows Fall (BBC Radio 1's Lamacq Live)--0
Dreaming of You (BBC Radio 1's Lamacq Live)--0
The Cry of the City (New Track Recorded In Practice Room)--0
Far from the Crowd (Live from Elevator)--0
She's Got a Reason (Live from Elevator)--0
Return Her to Me (Outtake from Magic and Medicine)--0
Coney Island (Acoustic)--0
Arabian Sand (BBC Radio 1's Lamacq Live)--0
A Warning to the Curious (BBC Radio 1's Lamacq Live)--0
She Sings the Mourning (BBC Radio 1's Lamacq Live)--0
Something Inside of Me (BBC Radio 1's Lamacq Live)--0
Who's That Knockin'--0
It's You--0
A Warning to the Curious--0
Put the Sun Back--0
Pass It On--0
So Long Agotrad0
In The Morning--0
Miss Fortune--0
Wrapped In Blue--0
Secret Kiss--0
Bill McCai--0
Million Eyes--0
She Runs the River--0
You Closed the Door--0
It Was Nothing (From Help Album Charity Recording)--0
Falling All Around You--0
Something Inside of Me--0
Music at Night--0
Bye Bye Love (Live At Elevator)--0
Michael's Song (New Track)--0
Milkwood Blues--0
Eskimo Lament--0
Careless Hands--0
All of Our Love--0
In the Forest--0
Short Ballad--0
Answer Me--0
Follow the Sun--0
Dressed Like a Cow--0
Good Fortune--0
I Forgot My Name--0
Song of the Corn--0
Sorrow or the Song--0
Dreaming Of Youtrad0
Venom Cable--0
Precious Eyes--0
Travelling Circus--0
Run Run--0
The Ballad of Simon Diamond--0
Sheriff John Brown--0
Dreaming of You (Live)--0
Calendars and Clocks--0
Simian Technology--0
1000 Years (acoustic version)--0
From a Leaf to a Tree--0
Auntie’s Operation--0
Don't Think You're the First--0
Talkin’ Gypsy Market Blues--0
A Sparrow’s Song--0
Confessions of A.D.D.D.--0
She's Comin' Around--0
Skeleton Key--0
Time Travel--0
The Oldest Path--0
God Knows--0
Waiting for the Heartaches--0
Simon Diamond--0
Spanish Main--0
I Remember When--0
Shadows Fall--0
Grey Harpoon--0
parole traduction visites
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